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1850 square meters indoor playground design for Indonesia

Installation of 1850㎡ Indoor Playground In Indonesia

Good news! After about one month of installation, another indoor playground has been installed in Indonesia. Want to start an indoor playground business? Welcome to contact Beston Rides! Want to get more about this project? Follow us to get more … Read more

500 square meters indoor playground in Malaysia

Grand Opening of Indoor Playground In Malaysia

Great news! The 500-square-meter indoor playground project for our Malaysian client has had a grand opening and has been officially operating for some time now. It has received excellent feedback from numerous visitors in the surrounding area, praising both the … Read more

On-site installation of carousel ride in the Philippines

Comprehensive Park Project In The Philippines

The indoor and outdoor comprehensive children’s playground for our Philippine client has been delivered and operational for some time now. The project, from receiving the inquiry in May to completing the installation in October, lasted approximately six months. The project … Read more

Zoo Park Project In Indonesia

Successful Installation of Outdoor Park In Indonesia

Latest update! Our outdoor park project for another client in Indonesia has been successfully delivered! From receiving the client’s inquiry to completing the installation of all equipment and launching operations, the entire project lasted approximately six months. The project proceeded … Read more

Outdoor park design for Ecuador

Outdoor Amusement Park Project Solution In Ecuador

Latest News! Another outdoor amusement park project for a client in Ecuador has been successfully installed and put into operation. The client’s amusement park project has been open for some time now and has been warmly received by local tourists … Read more

On-site installation details of indoor playground in Malaysia

Installation of Ocean Indoor Playground In Malaysia

Recent news! The ocean-themed indoor playground for our Malaysian client has been successfully installed and is set to commence operations in July. The client is highly satisfied with our design, product quality, and service. If you want to start business … Read more

Trackless train final design

40 Seats Customized Tourist Train to the USA Park

Latest News! The 40-seat sightseeing train customized by American clients has been operational for some time and has been well-received by vacationers at the resort. The inquiry from the client was received on July 29, 2022, with the equipment transported … Read more

Final design for Kazakhstan customer

1000㎡ Indoor Playground In Kazakhstan

If you lack knowledge and experience in amusement equipment and operations, you can still successfully launch an indoor amusement park project because Beston Rides provides customers with one-stop indoor project solutions. Let’s take a look at the client cooperation process … Read more

2D Park Project Design for Chile Client

Completion of Chile Outdoor Park Project

Great news! The outdoor playground project in Chile has been successfully delivered, and the client’s amusement rides are now open for business! Congratulations to the client on their successful venture. The project began with receiving an inquiry from the client … Read more

Singing Contract On the Exhibition

Successful Installation of the Music Bar Ride In Belarus

Latest news: The installation of the Music Bar amusement ride, exported to Belarus, has been completed. The client has also sent us feedback images and videos, expressing their satisfaction with both our equipment and service! This order was initiated through … Read more

Customized drop tower ride for Yemen

Drop Tower Ride Customized By Yemen Customer

Good news! The custom-designed drop tower ride for our Yemen customer has been successfully shipped and is set to be installed recently. This drop tower ride, tailored to the specifications of our Yemen client, is a small indoor amusement ride … Read more

Eagle amusement park installation details

Installation of Eagle Park Project In Nigeria

Great news! Another success story in Nigeria – the Eagle Amusement Park has been operational for some time now. The entire amusement park project, from installation to opening, took approximately a year. Currently, with over a year of operation, everything … Read more

Wild mouse roller coaster ride - customer feedback

Successful Installation of Outdoor Park In Russia

Latest News! The Tambov Outdoor Park project for our Russian client has been successfully installed and delivered. The project is located in Tambov, Russia, with the primary purpose of providing leisure and entertainment for the local residents. Consequently, the chosen … Read more

Design of 36 seater chair swing ride

36 Seats Swing Rides to El Salvador

Great news! The custom-made 36-seat swing for our client in El Salvador has been successfully installed and is now in smooth operation. Since its launch, the daily visitor count has been consistently high, with queues of excited guests forming regularly. … Read more

Project Design for Turkey Indoor Playground

Customized Indoor Playground Project In Turkey

Beston Rides, as a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, provide one-stop project solution and different types of amusement rides for indoor and outdoor use. We had built more than 1000 different types of indoor and outdoor park projects … Read more

Algeria bumper car funfair solution

Successful Delivery of Algeria Outdoor Park Project

The latest update: the outdoor park project in Algeria has been successfully delivered. The client is very satisfied with our company’s project design, including bumper car park design, pirate ship, samba balloon, bumper cars, and other amusement equipment in terms … Read more

Park design solution for Nigeria customer

Completion of Park Project in Nigeria

Great news! Another outdoor comprehensive amusement project in Nigeria has been in operation for about 6 months now. The outdoor playground project in Nigeria has been operational for six months. Customers are highly satisfied with the quality of our equipment … Read more

Customer Feedback from Russia

Double Decker Carousel Installation Case In Russia

Good news! The customized 68-seat double-decker carousel for our Russian client is now in operation. As per the client’s request, we have made upgrades to the existing equipment, primarily focusing on the design of the eaves. Since its launch, the … Read more

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