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Opening Details of Vietnam Indoor Playground Business

Indoor Playground Project In Vietnam

Latest news, our indoor playground project in Vietnam has been installed. The customer has opened, and there are a lot of traffic in this indoor playground, it is loved by many tourists. From the receipt of the customer inquiry on … Read more

Comprehensive Project In the Philippines

Congratulations on the successful delivery and on-site installation of the Philippines amusement project. Everything is going on in an orderly manner, and I look forward to the smooth operation of the customer’s indoor and outdoor projects. This is a large … Read more

Indoor Playground Equipment On-site Installation At Qatar Airport

Great news, the installation of the indoor playground equipment at Qatar Airport will be completed soon! It is expected to complete the whole installation process of two set of indoor playground equipment before November 30. Want to learn more about … Read more

Project Solution for Nigeria Dream World Amusement Park

Good news, the installation of the Nigeria customer’s amusement park has been finished, and it will enter the testing and operation stage of the equipment immediately. The customer is very satisfied with our service throughout the installation process and sent … Read more

10 Meters Custom Drop Tower Ride for Customer

Inspection On Drop Tower Ride for Yemen Customer

Good news, the 10-meter drop tower ride for Yemen customer has completed the production process and entering the factory on-site testing stage. Before the delivery of the rotary drop tower ride , we will carry out several strict equipment loading … Read more

Beston Double Decker Carousel Ride

Double-decker Carousel Sold to the Philippines

We had received the 46 seats double-layer carousel ride order from the Philippines customer. Now the equipment is in the tense production stage, after the production is completed and the equipment has undergone a series of quality inspections, we will … Read more

Customized Indoor Playground Installed at Malaysia

Hello, everyone, welcome to this page to know more about Beston cases in Malaysia. Here is the customized indoor playground equipment for Malaysia customer. It has been shipped to our customer on December 22, 2021. Now it has been arrived … Read more

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