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If you want buy some new fairground rides and change your old amusement parks rides, purchase amusement rides from here in Beston – A reliable amusement equipment company from China. We supply numerous amusement park rides for sale: thrill rides for sale, kiddie rides for sale, carnival rides for sale, park rides for sale, water rides for sale and fairground bumper cars for sale. Here are some popular amusement rides is in favored price from Beston factory. Water bumper boasts for sale, paddle boats water rides for sale, amusement park train for sale and paratrooper ride (double flying rides) for sale and hot-sell carousel for sale for kids, etc. If you want more information about Beston amusement rides for sale, please click our official website right now!

  • Beston Pirate Ship for Sale
    Beston Pirate Ship for Sale

Popular Rides From Our Factory:

Popular high return amusement park rides for sale in Beston. If you are asked about what can you remember when you are in amusement park, many people will say roller coaster, carousel, bumper cars, amusement park trackless trains and pirate ship rides. These rides are very famous and popular in amusement parks, fairground, theme parks and some indoor entertainment centers. If you are looking for some amusement park rides for sale with best quality and affordable price, you can find what you need here in Beston. Welcome to buy our carnival park rides for sale in favored price! Leave your inquiry on our website.

6 Cup Coffee Cup Ride

Tea Cup Rides For Sale

Tea cup ride, also called cup and saucer ride, is a kind of amusement rides for kids. It is a ...
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QLFS-6S Amusement park human gyroscope ride for sale

Human Gyroscopes For Sale

Recently, there appears a popular thrill ride, we call it the human gyroscope ride, it is a ride for all ...
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Small Trackless Train Ride For Sale

Beston Amusement Park Trains For Sale

Beston supply different kinds of amusement park train for sale with high quality in affordable price. What can you remember ...
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Beston Bumper Cars For Sale

Bumper Cars, also called dodgems, were invented by Max and Harold Stoehrer nearly a hundred years ago. This kind of flat ...
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Buy amusement rides for sale with best quality and discount price here in Beston! Beston is one of the largest amusement rides manufacturer and supplier in China. All of our amusement equipment are made from high quality and durable material and the cost of our products are in affordable price. With more than 20 years’ experiences of manufacturing amusement park rides, Beston has become a famous brand in amusement park rides industry. Recent years, we have successfully exported our high quality amusement park rides for sale to many other counties, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Korea, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brazil etc. And Beston received many good feedback and comments from our customers and built a long time relationship with our clients.

Thrill Rides:

Thrill rides is one of the most important part in amusement parks. This ride is especially manufactured for thrill seekers and adults. People will have different experiences when they play one this kind amusement park rides. Most of these rides are designed in large size with high speed, passengers will release their pressure when they are playing on this rides. If you want to run an amusement parks or carnival parks, Beston supply many different kinds thrill rides for sale with good quality. Please contact us right now!

Top Spin for Sale

Top Spin for Sale

Do you want buy top spin for your amusement parks? Welcome to purchase high quality top spin for sale from ...
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Amusement Breakdance Ride For Kids

Breakdance Ride For Sale

Breakdance amusement ride is a kind of popular thrill ride which is designed in 1985 by one of the famous ...
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Cartoon double kids flying ride in our factory

Paratrooper Rides For Sale

Paratrooper rides or parachute rides is one of the thrill and carnival ride in the amusement parks which is designed ...
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Octopus ride for sale

Octopus Ride For Sale

Find Quality And Novel Design Octopus Ride From Professional Ride Manufacturer Octopus ride is a kind of large flying tower ...
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Kids 4 face drop tower ride

Drop Tower For Sale

Drop tower is a big dropping tower, a type of thrill amusement ride which combine the big drop with a ...
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Amusement Park Tagada Ride

Tagada Ride For Sale

Tagada is an amusement ride which is popular among the amusement parks, carnivals and state fairs, it is also called ...
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Roller Coaster for Sale

Roller Coaster For Sale

Roller coaster for sale with best quality here in Beston.  Roller coaster is a kind of moving amusement ride, usually ...
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Carnival pirate ship

Pirate Ship Ride For Sale

A pirate ship ride is a type of pendulum amusement ride which can give you a different thrilling experience. The ...
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32 seat swing ride for sale

Swing Ride For Sale

Want a different sensation? Then try this! The swing ride, also called wave swinger, the swing carousel, yo-yo, Chair-O-Planes and more, is ...
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30- Seat Frisbee Ride

Beston Frisbee Ride For Sale

Frisbee, is always seen as a type of thrill ride and a kind of pendulum ride. We also call it ...
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Do best for clients and do best on manufacturing. This is Beston’s aim and faith. Beston also provide and offer best service for our customers. If you have any problems in purchasing and visiting our amusement parks rides, our professional engineer team will do our best to help you. In addition, Beston accept customized service on our carnival rides for sale. If you want change the color or appearance of funfair rides in Beston, we can manufacture the rides as your plan. Do you have interests on Beston amusement park rides for sale, leave your inquiry in here or Email us to get a free quote.

Kiddie Rides:

Kids take a large proportion in amusement parks visitors, so in many parks, fairground, large playground or indoor entertainment centers, you can always find kiddie rides easily. As a professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston provide many different kinds kiddie rides for sale. Such as kids playground equipment, trackless train, bumper cars, samba balloon rides and some self-control rides for children. If you want buy some kiddie rides for sale in your parks, please Email us and get a free quote now.

Plastic Garden Slide For Kids

Kids Slides Playground Equipment For Sale

Slide belongs to the integrated sports apparatus which mainly designed for kids. It is made up of three section which ...
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Quality Crazy McQueen Ride For Sale

Flying McQueen Car Ride For Sale

Mini flying car ride is a kind of amusement ride which is designed for kiddie who loves cars very much ...
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Beston Kids Mickey Mouse Le Bar Car

Le Bar Car Ride For Sale

Le Bar Car ride is a kind of new electric amusement ride for kids and adults, we also call it ...
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Samba Balloon Ride For Sale

Samba Balloon Ride-A New Paradise for Kids Brief Introduction: Samba balloon ride is a perfect small amusement equipment, it combine ...
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Little excavator for kids

Kids Excavators For Sale

Kids excavators for sale in Beston is selling hot now! As we all know, excavator is a kind of heavy ...
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Water laser bumper boat from Beston

Bumper Boats For Sale

Bumper boat, the wave shocker, is the dominated ride in water. Crashing in water and shooting water by the water ...
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Welcome to Beston Amusement Rides official website. As a reliable amusement ride manufacturer and supplier, all of our amusement park rides for sale have acquired international standard quality certifications. And Beston provide best after sell service for our clients. If you want cooperate with a reliable partner to start your amusement park business, find Beston Amusement Rides Company! We supply different carnival rides for sale in discount price with best quality. Contact us right now!