Thrill Rides for Sale

Thrill rides for sale are necessary attractions for medium and large amusement parks, they are designed to provide an intense and exhilarating experience for participants. These rides typically involve high speeds, sudden drops, sharp turns, and other exciting elements intended to evoke feelings of excitement, fear, and adrenaline. Thrill rides in Beston Rides come in various forms, including roller coasters, drop towers, pendulum swings, and spinning rides. Want to get price of our thrill amusement rides? Contact Beston Rides for details!

Category of Thrill Rides for Sale from Beston Rides

As a professional thrill rides manufacturer, there are many types of thrill amusement rides in our factory. Including roller coaster ride, disco ride, swing tower ride, drop tower ride, pendulum ride, pirate ship ride, tagada ride, top spin ride and etc. We have parts of them in stock, we also accept customized order which including color, logo and theme. Now let’s see more about our thrill rides:
Thrill Roller Coaster Ride

3 Popular Thrill Rides

Thrill Pendulum Rides
Thrill Pirate Ship Rides
Thrill Tagada Rides
Thrill Disco Rides

2 Thrill Tower Rides

Thrill Swing Tower Rides
Thrill Drop Tower Rides

Other Thrill Rides

Top Spin Rides
Thrill Rides On Customization

Thrill Roller Coaster Ride for Sale

Roller coaster ride is one of the most classic thrill rides. We are a professional roller coaster manufacturer, and our roller coaster equipment has passed a number of safety tests. We have a variety of roller coaster rides for sale, including 3-ring roller coasters, 4-ring roller coasters, 5-ring roller coasters and some other small children’s roller coasters.
Thrill rides - roller coaster for sale

Thrill Pendulum Rides

Beautiful in shape, scientific in structure, and majestic big pendulum ride has become a common amusement equipment in the amusement parks. It is a medium and large-scale exciting amusement equipment. In Beston factory, you can buy 23 and 30 large pendulum rides that can swing 180° or 360°. In addition to this, we also have small pendulum rides which mainly designed for children, with only 6 cockpits.
Thrill rides - pendulumm rides for sale

Thrill Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

The pirate ship amusement equipment is named because of its appearance imitating the ancient pirate ship and having the “pirate” shape as decoration. Pirate Ship is a classic thrill ride with horizontal axis reciprocating swing. Although it is a stimulation device, many children can also ride. In our factory, you can find many different types of pirate ship rides with 12 to 40 seat. Contact us to choose the model now!
Thrill rides - pirate ship rides for sale

Thrill Tagada Rides for Sale

Thrill tagada ride is a common amusement equipment that is available in many large amusement parks and theme parks. It is a large disc that can roll and turn to do more than ten kinds of movements. Tourists sit in a circle on the sofa on the big disc, accompanied by rhythmic music, the body moves with the disc. Beston can provide various models of disco turntables, including large capacity and mini disco turntables.
Thrill tagada amusement rides

Thrill Disco Rides

Disco ride is a gyro-type amusement equipment. It is like a big turntable that can rotate by itself and slide back and forth along the crescent-shaped track. After the equipment is started, the passengers are as exciting as flying at high speed in the sky with the lift and rotation of the turntable. We have two types of disco ride for sale in our factory. Contact us for details.
Thrill amusement disco rides

Thrill Swing Tower Rides

Thrill swing tower ride is a type of large-scale amusement equipment. It is based on the improvement of the classic swing chair ride. Its movement method is the circular disk rotates up or down around the column. The capacity of our swing tower rides is 40 and 52 seats. You can choose different number of cockpits according to your needs.
31 meters high swing tower rides for sale

Thrill Drop Tower Rides for Sale

Thrill drop tower ride has a strong degree of stimulation and a strong challenge journey. It is a favorite device for young people who love excitement. It is an amusement equipment which is based on a high tower with a central core. The seat is lifted to the top of the tall tower, and then dropped that attached to a mechanism on the tower.
The thrill drop tower ride

Top Spin Rides

Top spin ride is a large-scale thrill ride. When the equipment is running, it is very fast, and the 360-degree flip of the cockpit is more exciting. But for this amusement ride, its safety requirements are very strict. The top spin ride is a thrill amusement equipment that performs circular motion around the horizontal axis and the cockpit rotates with inertia in Beston. It can accommodate 20 people at one time.
Thrill top spin amusement ride

Customized Thrill Rides

In addition to the amusement equipment listed above, our company also sells more than ten other exciting amusement equipment, including flying chairs, crazy mice, rocket bungee jumping and so on.
Thrill swing chair rides for sale

Application of Extreme Thrill Rides

Thrill rides are large in size and thrill in riding feelings. They are popular used for theme parks, amusement parks, funfairs, carnivals and other large scale amusement park project. These thrill rides inject excitement into entertainment venues for these amusement center. Towering in size, these adrenaline-pumping attractions evoke intense sensations during the ride, captivating thrill-seekers of all ages. They serve as main attractions, drawing crowds to experience exhilarating loops, drops, spins, and twists. Though cost a lot during the investment, crazy thrill rides elevate the allure and appeal of large-scale amusement park projects, enriching leisure options and fostering memorable moments for patrons.

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Kiddie rides for city park

City Park

Amusement rides used in the Scenic Resort

Scenic Resort
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Working Videos of Beston Thrill Rides

When you want to get more information about the thrill rides, about the working details, design, color matching, etc. you may want to watch the videos of these rides.
Beston Rides offers an exhilarating array of thrill rides that promise adrenaline-pumping experiences for amusement park enthusiasts worldwide. Our videos showcase the thrill and excitement of these rides, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the adrenaline-fueled world of Beston Rides. Here is the video list of Beston thrill rides.

Latest Installation Cases of Our Thrill Rides

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, we are not only a manufacturer, we also provide other services for park investors, including design of different types of parks, our amusement equipment and parks have been seen in more than 80 countries in the world. Below are some recent success exporting cases of our thrill rides. If you want to learn more about our thrill rides project, welcome to send your inquiry to us.

Beston thrill roller coaster installed at Iraq

Large Thrill Roller Coaster Installed at Iraq
This is one of our roller coaster projects located in Iraq. The customer wants to install a large roller coaster equipment in their park. Our business manager provides the customer with a roller coaster for the customer to choose. After a period of communication, the customer finally chooses a roller coaster.

Large disco ride in Nigeria park

Thrill Disco Rides to Nigeria
This is a park project of a complex hotel in Nigeria. The client wants to build an entertainment area in their complex hotel for children to play. In addition to this big disco ride, the client also purchased a lot of other amusement equipment, from the design of the park to the procurement of equipment and installation.

big 36 seats swing ride installed at Kazakhstan

36 Seat Thrill Swing Rides to Kazakhstan
This 36-seat thrill swing ride was purchased by a customer in Kazakhstan and used for drainage in their mountaintop park. The customer’s request at that time was to purchase a large-capacity device. Our sales manager recommended this to the customer. After purchasing the 36-seat flying chair, the customer also purchased several other equipment.

Advantages of Beston Thrill Rides

High ROI
Our thrill amusement ride is more attractive and definitely a high ROI equipment.
Lower Maintenance Costs
Our thrill rides have superior performance and low failure rates. Can save a lot of maintenance costs.
Quality Guarantees
Our large thrill amusement equipment has more guarantees, and the quality is guaranteed.
Super Service
We provide professional pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service, and our after-sale service staff will answer your after-sale questions online 24 hours a day.
Operation Plan
We not only provide amusement equipment and amusement park design, we also provide customers with operation solutions to help customers return funds faster.
Lower Costs
We provide related wearing parts for the large stimulation equipment sold, which can save you a lot of later costs.

Top 6 Features of Our Thrill Rides

Variety Types
Beston thrill rides has many types and choices. It is a one-stop purchasing platform, where you can purchase a lot of amusement equipment you want.
Reliability and Safety
Our stimulant equipment goes through a number of safety tests before it goes out to ensure that the equipment will function properly when it arrives at your location.
Trustworthy Manufacturer
We have excellent product designers, professional technicians, and strict quality inspectors.
High Quality
We are a factory and offer more specific and competitive prices.
Product Customization
Our thrill amusement equipment accepts customized services, and customization is mainly reflected in colors, themes and logos.
Attractive to Visitors
Beautiful appearance, more attractive.

Price of Beston Thrill Rides for Sale

The size of exciting amusement equipment is generally large, and the cost is relatively high. But this is only one aspect. There are many factors that affect the stimulation equipment. For example, the price of the amusement equipment you want to purchase is different, and the price will vary greatly.
Kiddie Rides Cost
What we provide
We are factory = Beston thrill rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only amusement rides factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Customer Review for Beston Thrill Rides

Beston Rides has exported many sets of thrill rides to different countries, such as drop tower ride to Yemen, customized roller coaster to the Philippines, thrill rides to Uzbekistan, roller coaster to Pakistan, disco ride to Nigeria, swing rides to Russia, Pirate ship rides to Kazakhstan etc. We had got many positive feedbacks from these customers. Customer satisfaction is our aim. Now let’s learn more:
From Saudi Arabia
We received the amusement equipment purchased from Beston last month. We purchased 5 pieces of equipment in total. At present, this batch of amusement equipment is being installed and will be put into operation soon. Judging from the installed 3 pieces of equipment, the quality of the equipment, The performance and appearance are very in line with our requirements. We hope that this batch of equipment can bring us considerable benefits in the next operation.
5 Amusement Rides from Beston
From Kenya
I’m Michelle, a Purchasing Manager at Kenya Parks, 3 months ago, we just purchased 1 Sliding Dragon and 2 Inflatable Trampolines from Beston Amusement, this Sliding Dragon has been running for about 1 month and has not been out yet What’s the problem, I also received several wearing parts from their company for emergency use. Their sales manager, Joy is very responsible and careful.
Beston Dragon Roller Coaster

Thrill Rides and Kiddie Rides? Which One to Choose?

When investing in a park, purchasing thrill rides or small amusement equipment for kids is the most difficult choice for park operators.Here Beston Amusement will give you a brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of amusement equipment.

Analysis of Thrill Rides
The advantages of large-scale amusement equipment are exciting and eye-catching, suitable for young people to play. Tourists who want to feel the excitement in the playground are relatively large-scale equipment, because such amusement equipment is relatively more exciting than small and medium-sized ones. Playground Equipment. And if you get lost in the playground or can’t find a fun item, then large equipment comes in handy, because the characteristics of large equipment are large. So it is easy to make us feel very happy, giving visual and physical and mental impact.

Analysis of Kiddie Rides
The advantage of small amusement equipment is that there are many kinds. And the colors are also very bright, and the shapes are also diverse, and children are easily attracted by these bright colors. The naive dolls stop to play, allowing tourists to have a good time in the playground.

Make Decision
The disadvantage of the thrill rides is the shape, and amusement equipment such as roller coasters and large pendulums are very common in major amusement parks. Therefore, it is easy to cause visual fatigue when watching too much, but compared with other amusement equipment, it can still bring good benefits to dealers. And the downside of kiddie rides is that they carry relatively few passengers. Not very optimistic about revenue earnings. Which one will you choose?

Why Choose Beston Amusement Rides?

When you choose large-scale amusement equipment, you are not only concerned about the price, but also the scale and capacity of the manufacturer you choose. About Beston, we can provide you not only a single amusement equipment, but also park design and operation services. We are a large park investment manufacturer.

Beston Advantages

Beston Services
We have more than 20 years of experience in amusement equipment, integrating R&D, design, production, installation and after-sales.
Production Advantages
The production consists of three sections: machining, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and electronic and electrical installation. The production base reaches 67,000 square meters.
Product Exhibition Hall
The factory has a 5,000-square-meter spot exhibition hall, which can be used by customers for on-site experience.
Product and Service
We not only provide amusement equipment, but also provide planning of indoor and outdoor amusement projects
Guide Maintenance
We also guide maintenance for free to ensure the safe operation of equipment

FAQ for Beston Thrill Rides

What types of thrill rides does Beston offer?
Beston offers a diverse range of thrill rides including roller coasters, pendulum rides, spinning rides, drop towers, and more.
Are Beston thrill rides safe?
Yes, safety is our top priority. All Beston thrill rides undergo rigorous testing and adhere to international safety standards to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for riders.
Do Beston thrill rides require special maintenance?
Like any mechanical equipment, regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and safety. Beston provides maintenance guidelines and support to keep your thrill rides in top condition.
Does Beston offer after-sales support and customer service?
Absolutely, our dedicated team provides comprehensive after-sales support and responsive customer service to address any inquiries or issues promptly.
Do you offer installation for thrill rides?
Yes, we provide installation for our thrill rides. We have professional installation engineers. In addition, we also provide installation videos and manual for each equipment.
Can I see the thrill rides in action before purchasing?
Yes, we offer videos and virtual tours of our thrill rides to give you a firsthand look at their exhilarating features and capabilities.
Do you offer delivery?
Yes, all the amusement rides you purchased from Beston Amusement will be delivered to your place. We arrange the delivery.
Can I customize the design of a thrill ride for my amusement park?
Yes, all the amusement rides from Beston Amusement can be customized, such as color, theme and logo.

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