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As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer and supplier, we not only provide types of high-quality amusement equipment, but also have an experienced team of designers to provide you professional park design solutions. Beston Amusement has created many high-quality indoors and outdoor amusement projects all over the world, our designers can customize it for you, make your ideas come true, attract more tourists, and continue to make profits efficiently. If you have an idea to build a new park, please feel free to contact us for project solutions. Look forward to corporate with you soon! Fun & Magic Never Ends!

 Outdoor Park Project Solution

Park Solutions Available in Beston

Beston provides comprehensive park project solution services for customers! The service mainly include types of park design, indoor fun center design, amusement equipment customization and lighting project scheme.
Park Design

Theme Park Design

Amusement Park Design

Scenic Spot Park Design

Square Playground Design

Business District Park Design

Hotel Amusement Center Design

Farm Playground Design

Fun Center Design

Comprehensive Indoor Playground

Indoor Mechanical Funfair

Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Trampoline Park

Indoor Physical Explore

Virtual Reality Center

Indoor Role-playing

Product Customization

Christmas Theme Customization

Snow Theme Customization

Theme Customization for Country

Theme Customization for Festival

Equipment Logo Customization

Equipment Color Customization

Equipment Appearance Customization

Lighting Project

Amusement Park Lighting

Festival Activity Lighting

Building Nights-cape Lighting

Square Nights-cape Lighting

Equipment Lighting

Road Landscape Lighting

Commercial/Sightseeing Road Lighting

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    Park Design
  • 02

    Fun Center Design
  • 03

    Product Customization
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    Lighting Project

How to Manage Your Park Solution Better?

Consulting & Planning
Timely response and reasonable planning for the customer’s local market, venue and other resources.
Project Planning
Profit analysis and planning for land space, equipment, supporting facilities, etc.
Park Design
Include: Park Plan, Hand Draw Design, Aerial View Design, Visualization Design, Videos, etc.
Product Selection
Provide many types of amusement equipment to your park project.
Contract Signing
Protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers and provide high quality products and services.
Production & Test
Guarantee the quality and quantity of each amusement equipment’s production and tested!
Installation & Commissioning
Offer installation guidance and on-site commissioning to ensure reliable operation of each equipment.
Project Completed
We are committed to valuing our clients’ needs and completing projects on time.
After-sales Services
All-round after-sale service which including one-year warranty, operator training, maintenance, etc.
Park Operation & Management
Staff training, park promotion and other feasible suggestions.

Completed Park Solution Videos from Beston Amusement

We can provide different types of solutions according to the site needs of different customers. The following are case videos of some of our customers. If necessary, please contact us for customized solutions!

6000м² Suburban Park Design

Dream World Amusement Park in Nigeria

Beston Amusement Park in Moldova

Beston Amusement Rides in Indonesia

7000м² Motel Park Project

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