Suburban Amusement Park Project

6000 Square Meters Suburban Amusement Park Project

Suburban Amusement Park Project

· Project Type: Suburban Amusement Park Project
· Project Size: 6000м²
This is an amusement park project that is designed for suburban residents. The park is mainly used for the daily leisure and entertainment of residents. The design mainly includes some small and medium-sized leisure and amusement equipment suitable for adults and children to play together. So our designer mainly placed the samba balloon ride, carousel ride, tea cup ride, self-control plane ride, trackless train and a playground equipment for kids. Finally, the customer adopt this design and feel satisfied with this project design.
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Amusement Rides



Fun Park Design



Park Design Video



Profit Analysis Form


Beston Carousel rides
Carousel Rides
· Capacity: 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats and 68 seats double-layer carousel.
· Appearance: Simple carousel and grand carousel ( Customization on color and theme).
Self-control Plane Rides
· Capacity: 16 passengers with 8 arms.
· Features: Different shapes, suitable for kids and easy to operate.
Beston Trackless Train Desgin
Trackless Train Rides
· Capacity: 16 passengers, 27 passengers and 40 passengers.
· Application: Amusement park, funfair, theme park, square, shopping mall, etc.
Tea Cup Rides
· Capacity: 4 cups, 6 cups and 9 cups with 12, 24 and 36 passengers.
· Appearance: tea cup rides, coffee cup rides, follower cup rides, bear cup rides, etc.
Samba Balloon Rides
· Capacity: 6 cabins with 24 passengers
· Customization: Color, theme and logo.
Playground Equipment
· Age group: 3-15 years.
· Application: Squares, kindergarten, amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs and residential area.

Suburban Park Design Drawing

Park Design
Hand Drawing Design
Aerial View Design
Visualization Design
This is the final renderings for this project which is confirmed by our customer. Do you want to know more? Planning to start business on amusement rides?

Beston Suburban Park Design Video

Here is the 3D park design video for the suburban park project! Welcome to check it for details now!

6000м² Suburban Park Profit Analysis Form

This table is for reference only, please adjust the corresponding digital content according to your actual situation.
Profit Analysis - 6000м² Suburban Park Design
Charging ModeSingle chargeOperation Age8
Project OverviewSite OverviewSite Area
Site Rent
Effective Yearly Running Time (Day)Average Daily Running Time
(Hours / Day)
Average Consumption
Equipment OverviewAmusement Rides Number
Rated Capacity
Fully loaded Capacity
Power Consumption
Electricity Fees
Passenger Flow AnalysisWeekday Passenger Flow
(Person-time / Day)
Passenger Flow on Rest Days
(Person-time / Day)
Average Daily Passenger Flow
(Person-time / Day)
Staff Number
Average Wage
Operational CostsEquipment Investment
Personnel Salary
Electricity Bills
Publicity Expenses
Infrastructure Cost
Total Project Revenue3240000Total Fixed Cost1500000Total Operating Cost646400
Theoretical Limit Value
Peak Load
(Person-time / Day)
5120Maximum Daily Revenue (RMB)179200
Revenue AnalysisAverage Monthly Net Revenue200508.33333333Average Annual Net Revenue2406100Estimated Time of Return on Investment (Month)6.940160394818
Net Revenue of First Year

Tip: The table is theoretical calculation data for reference only. The specific operating budget varies according to the site location, facilities and operating costs.

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