Self-control Plane Ride for Sale

Self-control plane ride for sale is a kind of amusement equipment that can lift and rotate freely. It is a kind of plane ride that is safe enough for kids.Self-control plane ride are equipped with beautiful music, colorful, charming lights. It is more attractive to kids and will be one of the most popular kiddie ride in your park. Planning to buy a new kiddie plane ride? Welcome to contact Beston Rides for price now!

Different Types of Self-control Plane Rides

At present, there are various types of automatic control equipment with different shapes on the amusement rides market. There are 6 arms, 8 arms and 12 arms self-control plane ride which is divided by the quantity of the cabin. There are self-controlled plane ride, self-controlled flying car ride, self-controlled bee rides, self-controlled dinosaur ride which is divided by the theme. In Beston Rides, we have these following self-controlled kiddie ride for sale now.

16 Person Self-control Plane Ride for Sale

16 person self-controlled plane amusement ride is a kiddie plane ride that has a capacity of 16 persons with 8 arms. Each of the arm attached with a cabin, each of the cabin can be sit 2 person at the same time. This is one of the most classic self-control kiddie ride in Beston factory. Except for the 8 arms 16 seat kiddie plane ride, we also supply 12 arms 24 seat kiddie plane and 36 seaters kiddie plane rides. More special requirement on this equipment, welcome to contact Beston for details!
16 person self-control plane ride for sale

24 Person Self-control Plane Ride for Sale

The 24-person self-controlled aircraft is based on the theme of aviation fighters. It is a type of new self-controlled kiddie ride which is designed by Beston Amusement. During plane ride operation, the cockpit will rotates around the central flying saucer. Passengers can freely control the lifting and lowering while holding the aircraft operating lever during the flight. Just like soaring in space and fighting, and you can enjoy with a unlimited fun.
24 person self-controlled plane rides for kids

Spacecraft Ride for Sale

The spaceship is an amusement equipment with the theme of aerospace, and it is an upgraded version of the classic self-controlled airplane ride. Except the changes on appearance, a series of modern music and action modes such as sound and light are added to the original foundation. The spacecraft ride rotates 360 degrees during the rotation process. It is easy to operate, coupled with the cooperation of various sound effects and lighting, passengers will enjoy the game soon.
36 Seater Kiddie Plane Rides for Sale

Self-control Plane Ride Application

Self-controlled plane ride is an interactive ride for kids. Kids who siting in the cabin can control the height by themselves. During the operation, the cockpit rotates around the central rocket. Passengers can freely control the lift while holding the aircraft operating lever. With realistic sound effects, it is like flying in space and fighting, you can enjoy unlimited fun. The self-controlled plane ride is popular used in the amusement parks, funfairs, kiddie parks, city parks, scenic spot and other kiddie areas.

Amusement Park


Shopping Mall



City Park

Scenic Resort
Amusement Park
Shopping Mall
City Park
Scenic Resort

Beston Self-control Plane Ride Video

After knowing the using occasions of kiddie plane ride, do you want to see how does this ride work? Here Beston Rides show you the working video of Beston self-controlled plane ride and the feedback video from customers. For more videos about amusement rides that manufactured by Beston Amusement Rides, welcome to go to our youtube page.

Successful Cases

As one of the most popular kiddie ride, Beston self-controll plane ride has sold to many countries. Some of them are sold by single. Some of them are installed at the customer’s amusement park, as one of the amusement ride. Here is our successful case to the world.

Amusement Park Project In Nigeria

Amusement Park Project In Nigeria
This is the amusement park project that was designed and built by Beston Amusement in April, 2021. Nigeria customer want to build a new park in their city and they find Beston on the website. Soon, Beston team give them a design diagram and they choose more than 10 amusement rides from our product album.

Two Amusement Rides Installed at Philippines

Two Amusement Rides Installed at Philippines
Here is a successful case in the Philippines. The customer bought two set of new amusement rides from us which including a 24 seat carousel and a 16 seat self-controlled plane ride. This is an existing entertainment area, the customer want to get some new rides to refresh the park and attractive more visitors. Now two of the amusement rides has been installed and worked smoothly.

“Miracle City”Amusement Park Project in Moldova

“Miracle City”Amusement Park Project in Moldova
This is a amusement park project in Moldova, which includes a 16-seat self-controlled plane ride, but in addition to the kiddie plane ride, the customer also purchased a lot of amusement equipment from us, such as bumper cars, mini swing ride, mini ferris wheel ride, tea cup ride, octopus ride, etc. Beston helped build the amusement park.

6 Advantages of Installing a Self-control Plane to Investors

High ROI
High occupancy rate, a high-end, high-ROI equipment for your business.
Good Quality
Excellent material selection, first-class craftsmanship, service life can be as long as 8-10 years which will save your unnecessary expenses.
Easy to Operate
The overall structure design of kiddie plane ride is reasonable, the installation is simple, the control cabinet is controlled by the buttons, and the operation is convenient
Attractive to Visitors
Compared with products of the same type, under the same appearance, size and operating principle, the cost-effective ratio is preferred.
After-sale Services
Beston Amusement supply all-around after-sales service to solve your worries.
Fast Payback
The age span of passengers is large, and the passenger flow is large to ensure rapid income.

Features of Self-control Plane Rides

Colorful Cockpit
The cockpit and the surrounding area are equipped with colorful and changing lights, which are dazzling, realistic in shape and beautiful in color. They can be controlled by themselves when riding, which increases the user’s sense of control and participation.
High-quality Spray Paint
We use high-quality spray paint and baking technology, the color is beautiful, non-fading, safe and environmentally friendly.
Attractive Appearance
The image is vivid, the structure is mature, the maintenance is simple, and the safety is high.
Iron Parts
The iron parts are polished and derusted by a shot blasting machine, and then sprayed with primer and then topcoat. It is not easy to rust in relatively humid areas, and the product has high durability.
FRP Materials
FRP three sticks and two cloths, smooth and durable, and the paint color is bright.
Beautiful appearance, excellent craftsmanship, stable operation and high tourist comfort.
Customazition Service
We accept customized order about the self-controlled plane ride, such as color, appearance and etc.

Cost of Self-control Plane Ride

Self-control plane ride is a kind of kiddie ride which belongs to small amusement rides. So the price is not very high for investors. It is a high ROI ride for amusement parks and funfairs. But there exist a lot of models of self-controlled plane ride in the market. They comes with different prices. When you want to buy a new plane ride, you should be attention. The price difference mainly reflected on these aspect: shape, lighting, material selection.
Kiddie Rides Cost
What we provide for customer
We are factory = Beston kiddie plane ride Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution
02.Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Customer Reviews About Beston Kiddie Plane Ride

Beston self-controlled plan ride has been installed at many countries in the world, some of them are purcahsed seperately while others are purchased with other amusement park rides(used for new amusement park project). Most of clients are satisified with our amusement rides quality. Let’s see how customers evaluate Beston self-control plane ride:
From Nigeria
We build a new project last year and purcahsed more than 10 sets of amusement rides from Beston Amusement, they are slide worm roller coaster, self-control plane ride, disco ride, swing ride, pirate ship ride, etc. All of these rides are vivid in color and attractive in appearance which attractive many visitors to our project.
Park Project With Kiddie Plane Ride
From Philippines
Several months ago, we purchased some 2 set of kiddie rides from Beston, they are self-controlled plane ride and a carousel ride. Now these 2 kiddie rides had been installed and operation for more than one months. Two of them are working well and liked by many tourists.
Beston Self-controlled Plane Ride

Daily Maintenance for Beston Self-control Plane Ride

Do you know how to make the kiddie plane ride work smoothly for a long time? To ensure longevity and smooth operation of the Beston self-control plane ride, follow these maintenance tips: Regularly inspect for wear and tear, lubricate moving parts, tighten bolts, and perform electrical checks. More maintenance tips about self-control plane ride? Follow us to get more information now:

The appearance of the equipment is wiped daily, and the motor, slewing bearing and 8 cylinders are routinely inspected.

Moving Mechanical Parts
Every six months, thoroughly wipe the moving mechanical parts, add lubricating oil, replace the aging or severely worn wearing parts in time, and check whether the main stress parts and welding seams are normal.

Main Structural Parts
The main structural parts are fastened with screws, and check the electrical safety performance regularly.

Why Choose Beston?

Beston Amusement is a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China. We have different types of self-controlled plane ride for you to choose. We are factory, you can get the kiddie ride from Beston with a Competitive Cost. We are not only factory, we also supply whole project solution, customized service and park investment. Our amusement equipment and amusement park project has spread all over the world. You can find Beston is Nigeria, Kenya,Philippines, Russia, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and etc. Free free to contact Beston Amusement to start our first corporation now!

Beston Service

Beston Services
Production Service
1. Standardized production process to promise the high quality of the amusement equipment in our factory.
2. Short production cycle.
Test Service
1. After the main frame of the equipment is completed, the flaw detection test is carried out to ensure the welding strength.
2. After the production of the whole machine is completed, test the whole machine, including no-load, full-load partial load.
Delivery Service
1. The packaging is completely in accordance with the export packaging standard to ensure that the product is not damaged.
2. Secondary reinforcement in the container.
Installation Service
1. We will send two engineers to guide the installation on site (electrical engineer and mechanical engineer).
2. Installation training time is 15-20 days.
After-sale Service
1. Provide one-year warranty for kids plane ride, free replacement parts due to product quality during the warranty period.
2. Respond to problems within 12 hours and provide solutions within 72 hours.

FAQ for Self-control Plane Ride

After-sale Service for Kiddie Self-control Plane?
The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and the damaged parts are replaced free of charge and regularly visit the equipment operation and train operators.
Do You Help On Workers Training?
Yes, we provide self-control plane ride operators training.
Production time of your equipment?
Usually 40 working days.
Do You Offer Operation Plan?
Yes, Beston Amusement can provide our customer the Operational Analysis Form for the self-controlled plane ride. We can also make a special operation plan for our customer.
How does a Self-control Plane work?
The self-control plane revolves around the center rocket or other decorations, and freely controls the ascent. Passengers can lift up and down at will by holding the joystick during the flight, chasing and shooting each other. Each aircraft of the self-controlled plane ride has two rows of seats, front and rear. When rotating, passengers can press the operation button at any time according to their own wishes to make the aircraft rise, land or stop at a certain height. It is a high interacting ride for passengers.

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