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Customer Feedback from Russia

Double Decker Carousel Installation Case In Russia

Good news! The customized 68-seat double-decker carousel for our Russian client is now in operation. As per the client’s request, we have made upgrades to the existing equipment, primarily focusing on the design of the eaves. Since its launch, the … Read more

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1320㎡ Indoor Playground Installed At Saudi Arabia

Latest news, after about a month, the installation of the indoor playground of Bisha in Saudi Arabia has been completed. This is a 1320-square-meter ocean-themed naughty castle that is installed in a newly built shopping mall. It will be the … Read more

Inspection On Clown Trackless Train for Uzbekistan

Clown Train Inspection for Uzbekistan Customer

Latest news, the clown trackless train ride for Uzbekistan customers has been finished the installation process. Not too long ago, our sales manager went to the factory to inspect the train (the operation of the equipment and the detailed inspection). … Read more

36 seat swing chair ride to Tajikistan park project

Swing Ride has Installed at Tajikistan Park

Several days ago, we received the feedback from a Tajikistan customer that the swing ride has been installed at their amusement park. But other 4 amusement rides are still installing. We are look forward to having all equipment installed and … Read more

36 seat swing rides in Kazakhstan Park

36 Seats Swing Ride Installation Feedback

Good news, Beston 36 seats swing ride has installed at Almaty, Kazakhstan and has started operation in the koktobe park. After running for a period, we have received pictures and videos of the equipment that is running in the koktobe … Read more

Beston Customized Pirate Ship Rides for Kazakhstan

24 Seats Pirate Ship Ride Installed at Kazakhstan

Good news! The 24 seater customized pirate ship ride has been installed at the amusement park in Almaty in Kazakhstan. And it has been put into operation for a few days, everything goes well now. Beston Amusement has customized the … Read more

1500 Square Meter Indoor Playground In Uzbekistan

Good news! Another large scale indoor playground equipment has built in Uzbekistan! It covers an area of 1500 square meters and the installation process is expected to be completed in July 2022. The indoor playground equipment, climbing wall, trampoline park … Read more

“Miracle City”Amusement Park Project in Moldova

Good news! The amusement park“Miracle City” in Moldova was opened on June 5, 2021! The whole project is designed by Beston team and all the amusement rides are provided by Beston Amusement. It is an influential amusement park in the … Read more

Different types of amusement park rides in Uzbekistan

Urgench Amusement Park Project In Uzbekistan

Good new, the Urgench amusement park has been finished its installation and has been opened for a long time. Everything goes well! It is an amusement park project has been designed and built by Beston Amusement. We received the feedback … Read more

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