Project Solution for Nigeria Dream World Amusement Park

Good news, the installation of the Nigeria customer’s amusement park has been finished, and it will enter the testing and operation stage of the equipment immediately. The customer is very satisfied with our service throughout the installation process and sent us many installation photos. In addition to the Dream world amusement park project in Nigeria, we also have many amusement park projects, including Vinmilan Hotel Park, Bolaji Park, Kunle park, etc.
Project Introduction of Nigeria Dream World Park
The project is located in Nigeria, it is a new park project, the name is Dream world amusement park. At first, the client contacted us through our website contact form, we learned that the client wanted to build a park in Nigeria, and the project address has been confirmed, the funds have been ready, but they need a professional amusement rides company to provide a comprehensive park solutions, So customers contacted us after seeing the information displayed on our website.

Cooperation Details With Dream World Amusement Park

Amusement Park Solution
· Park Design Confirmation: After receiving the customer’s requirements about the park project, our company’s designers will work with the customer company’s park designer to determine the overall park solution, this will take about a week. During the one weeks’ communication, we revised the project plan with 5 times and confirm the final plan with the client at last.
· Beston Project Support: Beston Amusement provides customers with a full range of project solutions for indoor and outdoor amusement parks, funfairs, shopping mall, compound hotel, etc. We not only provide customers with park project solutions, but also provide different kinds of amusement equipment, equipment customization, and lighting project.
Equipment Selection
· Selection and Placement of Equipment: Before providing park solutions for customer, our team will look deep into the weather, culture and customs in Nigeria in advance. Based on the above information, we will provide customers with an optimal project solution.
· Amusement Equipment for Dream World Park: According to the park solution and customer’s requirement, the customer purchased 12 sets of amusement park equipment for the operation of the Dream World amusement park. These equipments can be divided into two types: thrill rides and kiddie rides.
·Thrill Rides: Disco ride, pendulum ride, pirate ship ride, top spin ride, swing ride.
·Kiddie Rides: Carousel, miami ride, ferris wheel ride, self-control plane ride, elephant train ride, double face mini ferris wheel ride, etc.
Production of the Equipment
· Production Details: In the production process of the equipment, we strictly control each steps, including cutting, welding, assembling, painting, etc., to ensure the efficient and smooth completion of the equipment. We have a full range of production workshops, including cutting workshops, welding workshops, machining workshops, assembly trial workshops, sheet metal polishing workshops, fiberglass workshops, painting workshops and strict quality control workshops.
· Waterproof Treatment: Waterproof treatment of equipment is suggested for customers based on the weather in Nigeria. Our sales manager has visited Nigeria many times, so he knows that Nigeria has a rainy day. For this reason, we recommend the customer to make waterproof treatment for the purchased amusement equipment. The client thought that this suggestion was very professional, which will reduce some maintenance costs for the later operation. Finally, they adopted our suggestion.
Equipment Installation
· Installation Details: After the production of the equipment was completed, we quickly arranged the shipment for the customer. When the customer receives the goods and installs the equipment, although our company provides installation services, after consideration, the customer chooses to install the amusement equipment by themselves. But during the installation process, our installation engineers provide customers with video installation guidance in time to ensure the installation process. Here are some photos of the installation feedback sent by the customer.
· Video Installation Guidance: During the installation process of the project, our installation engineers provide customers with video guidance in time to ensure the smooth installation of the equipment.
· Video Installation Feedback: During installation process of each amusement equipment, the customer also send us some installation videos.
Beston Service Team
Current Situation and Follow-up Arrangements for the Project
· Current Status of the Park:  At present, 80% of the amusement equipment in the Dream World park has been installed. The park is undergoing greening and construction work. After the equipment enters the operation stage and the customer sends the operation video to us, we will update more information about the Dream World park on this page. Beston wishes that everything will goes well with the Dream World park.
· Follow-up Arrangements: The customer management department from Beston Amusement Group will keep in touch with customers to provide necessary technical support for the operation of customers’ park equipment.

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