Pendulum Rides for Sale

Different types of pendulum rides for sale you can buy from Beston Rides. A thrill ride that is easy to install and operate that can be used for amusement parks and theme parks. Want to get a thrill ride for your amusement park? Contact Beston for more information about the pendulum ride now.

Different Types of Pendulum Rides for Sale from Beston

In Beston factory, you can find big pendulum rides and mini pendulum rides. Big pendulum rides belongs to the thrill rides, but mini pendulum rides belongs to the kiddie rides, it is much smaller than the big pendulum rides. For these two types of pendulum rides, you can find many models. Let’s see the details now!

Beston Customized Pendulum Rides Renderings

Beston accept customization orders about pendulum rides on color, size, capacity, theme, logo, etc. Are you looking for a new pendulum rides for your project? Welcome to contact us now!
Beston pendulum rides customized pictures

Application of Pendulum Amusement Park Rides

Pendulum rides, also called the Frisbee ride, is a type of thrill ride for sightseeing. There are big pendulum rides and mini pendulum rides in the amusement rides market. Big pendulum rides mainly used for amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, carnivals and other large parks. Mini pendulum rides, mainly used for kiddie parks.

Pendulum amusement ride for theme park

Theme Park

Pendulum amusement rides for fairground


Carnival use pendulum rides


Pendulum ride for amusement park

Amusement Park

Pendulum rides for square use


Pendulum ride for shopping center

Shopping Center

Pendulum rides can be used for city park

City Park
Theme Park
Amusement Park
Shopping Center
City Park

Beston Pendulum Rides Video

Beston pendulum rides has so many models. So there are so many video of our pendulum amusement rides. Here we will show you two of them, if you want to watch more videos about our pendulum rides, you can go to our YouTube page.

Successful Cases of Pendulum Rides

As a professional amusement ride manufacturer and supplier, Beston has sold many set of pendulum ride to different countries, such as Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc.

The big pendulum ride in Urgench Park

Big Pendulum Ride at the Urgench Park
Beston big pendulum ride has been installed at the Urgench park in Uzbekistan for more than 3 years now. It worked smoothly these years since the park open. Except the pendulum ride, we also install a flaming Phenix ride, a mini shuttle ride, a kangaroo jump ride, a dragon slide ride, a disco ride, a swing ride, a top spin ride and an octopus ride. We help them to build the Urgench park. Check for more!

Thrill pendulum ride in Indonesia park

Pendulum Rides for the Indonesia Customer
This is a whole project in Padang, Indonesia which is participated by Beston Amusement. Beston Amusement provide park designs for the customer, but also manufacturing the 23 seat big pendulum ride and other amusement rides which including a swing ride, a trackless train, self-control plane ride, carousel, roller coaster, pirate ship ride, tagada ride, etc. Check the case for more information.

6 seat mini pendulum ride in Turkmenistan

Feedback of the Rides from Turkmenistan
Here is a park project that is build by Beston Amusement in Turkmenistan. It include a 6 seat mini pendulum ride, a kiddie carousel, kiddie flying car ride and kids mini ferris wheel ride that is produced by Beston Amusement Equipment.

Advantages of Installing a Pendulum Ride

Lower Cost
The equipment fully considers the actual needs of transportation and installation and has high technology content, low operating costs.
Simple Operation
Simple equipment maintenance, safe and comfortable rides, and rich investment returns.
Competitive Cost
We offer factory direct, quality assurance and best price for our pendulum rides.
Attractive Design
Its design is more attractive which will attract more visitors than other amusement rides.
Installation Service
All round service for the pendulum rides that is purchased from Beston Company.
Park Operation
Beston also provide over-all park design and operation for customer who want to build a new park. Welcome to consult.

Features of Beston Pendulum Rides

Quality Materials
Beston pendulum rides are made of super thicker steel and FRP which is stable, corrosion-resistant, environmental.
Interesting Working Details
360° rotation, the operation is safer and the experience feels more comfortable. With its magnificent and magnificent shape.
Security Configuration
Assembled with automatic shoulder restraint and restraining belt for chairs to ensure the safety of passengers.
We accept customized order about the pendulum rides on the color, size and appearance.
Multiple Choices
We have more than 8 types of pendulum amusement rides available for customer to choose.
We are professional amusement rides manufacturer, we provide after sales service for our rides.

The Cost of Pendulum Rides

Price is one of the most important factor when buying a new pendulum ride. We have more than 6 types of pendulum rides for sale now, each of them have different price. And the price will be changing with the destination port and shipping details. You can contact our sales manager for details of the pendulum ride you’re interested.
Kiddie Rides Cost
4 Factors That Influence the Price
High Quality Product
Super Comprehensive After-sales Service
04.Warranty Time

Customer Reviews

Beston pendulum rides has been installed at many amusement parks, theme parks and funfair in the world. We had got many positive feedbacks from customer. Now let’s learn more
From Indonesia
The amusement park project has been finished now, all the amusement rides (including carousel, swing ride, trackless train, ferris wheel, pendulum ride and pirate ship ride) from Beston Amusement are working well.
Beston Park Project
From Philippines
Several weeks ago, we received 6 amusement rides from Beston Amusement, and we just finished the installation this week. Each of the amusement rides is working well now!
Beston Amusement Rides

What to Consider When Buying Pendulum Amusement Rides?

When you decide to buy pendulum rides, you can consider these 3 tips:

Capacity of Pendulum Rides
Before you want to buy pendulum rides, you should know your needs, whether you need a large-capacity pendulum ride or a small-capacity pendulum ride? Small capacity pendulum rides in our factory only suitable for 6 passengers at one time. They are suitable for kids. While big pendulum rides are suitable for more than 20 passengers, they are thrill for passengers.

Quality of Pendulum Ride
Quality of the pendulum ride is one of the most important factor that you should consider. When you want to purchase the pendulum ride, you should choose a professional manufacturer and supplier.

High quality is important, but we should also consider the cost of the pendulum ride. People always want to get product with high cost-effective. Buy pendulum rides from Beston Amusement, you will get more than what you expected.

Why Choose Beston to buy pendulum ride?

Beston Amusement has more than 20 years experience in manufacturing and exporting amusement rides to the world. Our pendulum rides have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, etc. We are amusement rides factory, we offer amusement rides to customers, but also provide amusement park design.

Beston Service

Beston Services
After-sales Service
We have professional after-sales team to guarantee the working conditions of the amusement equipment and the project of our customer.
Shipping Service
We offer the optimal packing solution saves unnecessary transportation costs for customers.
Installation Service
We can send installation team to customer’s side to finish the installation of the amusement equipment.
Maintain Service
Beston engineers will make return visits to provide training, maintenance and other value-added services regularly.
Park Operation Service
We can offer whole park operation plan for customer who are starter in this industry.

FAQ for Pendulum Amusement Rides

How does a pendulum ride work?
Its movement principle of the pendulum ride is caused by the pendulum, and the movement trajectory is also in the form of a pendulum. There is a disc under the arm. The disc keeps doing a turnover movement, and the tourists sitting on the raw noodles have a very strong centrifugal feeling. During the operation of the pendulum equipment, the tourists can also experience the feeling of weightlessness for 1~2 seconds, just like the astronauts in space.
Maintain Tips for Pendulum Rides
Correct use and reasonable inspection and maintenance can ensure the safe operation of the small pendulum amusement machine, give full play to the performance of the equipment, and prolong the service life.
Working time settings?
1-7.5 minutes adjustable by the customer.

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