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How to debug kiddie robot ride

Kiddie robot ride is one of the most popular kiddie ride in the amusement park, square, indoor playground. Do you know how to debug kiddie robot ride? When you want to get the ride debugged, in this page, Beston Rides … Read more

how to operate amusement park well

How to operate amusement park well?

Amusement parks are not just playgrounds for children. They’re also important places for family leisure and entertainment. A good amusement park should meet various conditions to cater to the entertainment needs of children, ensure their safety and health, and also … Read more

Safety Analysis of Swing Rides

The rocking chair swing ride is one of the styles of swing rides. As a common amusement ride in amusement parks, funfair and city parks, ensuring its safety is crucial alongside providing entertainment. So, what aspects should we focus on … Read more

amusement park ROI analysis

What to consider about the ROI for amusement park?

When considering an investment in an amusement park or scenic area, understanding how to evaluate the investment-return ratio is crucial. This process, while complex, holds the potential for significant returns. Several factors need to be taken into account, with some … Read more

Kiddie park project market Prospect Analysis

Kiddie Park Market Prospect Analysis

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the increasing emphasis on children’s education, the market prospects for children’s amusement parks are vast, becoming the focus of attention for many amusement park investors. Next, Beston Rides will analyse the prospects … Read more

How to install carousel ride

How to install carousel rides?

Installing a carousel ride can be an exciting project that adds joy and entertainment to a space. Whether you’re setting up a carousel for a carnival, amusement park, or any other event, careful planning and execution are crucial. Below are … Read more

How much does it cost to build a park in Oman

How to choose suitable amusement rides?

Choosing the right amusement equipment, whether for investing in a new park and amusement center or updating existing ones, is indeed a challenging task. The suitability of the amusement equipment plays a crucial role in determining the success of the … Read more

Main Steps for Investing In a New Funfair

When planning to invest in a new amusement park or funfair in your local place, in addition to sufficient funds, you will also need a comprehensive business plan that includes site selection, procurement of amusement park equipment, construction and decoration … Read more

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