“Miracle City”Amusement Park Project in Moldova

Good news! The amusement park“Miracle City” in Moldova was opened on June 5, 2021! The whole project is designed by Beston team and all the amusement rides are provided by Beston Amusement. It is an influential amusement park in the local place. Let’s learn more about this project now! This is the feedback video from Moldova customer, check the video for more details about this project, and you can get an overview of this amusement park project:

Introduction of This Project

This is an amusement park project which name is the “Miracle City” park. It is a park that covers an area of 200 square meters in Tiraspol, Moldova. Tiraspol is a fairy tale town for the whole family to play together. Our customer find us on the website, and we know that they want to build a new amusement park in this town. We help them design this park and supply all the amusement rides to the park. Welcome to go to this lovely amusement park to have fun with your family.

Design for the “Miracle City” Park

Final Design for Moldova Amusement Park Project
Final Design for Moldova Park Project
flat design drawing for Moldova park project
Flat Design Drawing for Moldova

Feedback and Overview of the Park

From designing to opening, Beston team are fully involved in the project. Our kiddie rides have got lots of praises and loved by kids who play in this amusement park. The construction process of this park gets more attentions from all communities in Moldova! Here is news about this park. Source: 02/02/2021 “News of Transnistria”

Except the amusement park design, we also supply more than 9 kiddie rides to this park. They are tea cup rides, watermelon swing chair rides, mini kids ferris wheel rides, small excavators, kiddie robot rides, electric happy car rides, bumper cars, self-control plane rides, octopus rides, etc. Here is a slide to view more about these kiddie rides:


Why Choose Beston

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 as part of Henan Golee Group (founded in 2010). We are amusement rides factory, you can get competitive cost from us. We are not only factory, you can get more values that what you expected.

4 Service We Provide

  • Whole project solution, including the park design and project operation.
  • Accept product customized service, including themes, appearance and colors customization, etc.
  • Keeping innovation
  • Specialized in park investment.

Planning to build a new outdoor or indoor amusement center? Welcome to send your inquiry to us now!

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