Teacup Ride for Sale

Variety shapes of teacup ride for sale from Beston Amusement, with factory price and high quality for you to buy. 8 to 36 seat available in our factory! Each individual cockpit can rotate with the platform. A strong participation kiddie ride with fast payback ride for the amusement parks. Want to purchase a new tea cup ride? Send your inquiry to us now!

Teacup Rides for Sale from Beston Group

There are various types of teacup rides in our factory with different shapes. Divided according to the number of cup seats: there are 4 cups, 5 cups, 6 cups and 9 cups tea cup ride for sale. According to the transmission structure, there are direct motor drive and tire force drive tea cup ride for sale in our factory. According to the configuration level: there are simple coffee cups, ordinary coffee cups, luxury tea cup ride. According to fixed/mobile points: there are fixed coffee cup, mobile coffee cup ride for sale. According to the theme, there are ordinary models, bear-turning cups, ocean-themed models, bee-shaped models, etc. Which types of tea cup ride are you looking for?

Common Teacup Rides for Sale

The tea cup amusement equipment adopts a novel coffee cup shape, which is safe, reliable and comfortable to ride. You can turn with the rhythm of the device, or you can control your own direction. With the revolution of the large disk, the rotor cup also rotates in the opposite direction around the center line of the small disk. Ordinary shape of the rotating cup is generally 6 cups, can ride 24 people at the same time, but we also accept customization, large parks, playgrounds can also customize the 9 cups rotating tea cup equipment.
Kids tea cup rides for sale

Flower Cup Ride for Sale

The flower tea cup ride is also called the bee turntable. It is a kind of children’s play equipment that imitates the coffee cup. The cockpit is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. Each flower house-shaped cup has two naughty and lovely bees collecting nectar and novel flowers and the bee shape is deeply loved by children, and the overall shape has a dreamy cartoon effect. The device has bright colors and a playful and cute shape. The shape of the cockpit and the base disc is perfectly matched, which is deeply loved by children.
Flower tea cup rides for kids

Bear Teacup Ride for Sale

The Bear is a new type of amusement equipment produced by Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. It is a new type of rotating coffee cup amusement equipment. The honey jar has their paw prints on it, which is very cute , in the middle is a gorgeous big tree, the color is very conspicuous, coupled with the funny “V” gesture of the cute bears, it is very eye-catching. Bear infested amusement equipment is the most popular children’s amusement equipment in current playgrounds and amusement parks.
Bear tea cup rides for sale

Ocean Singer Amusement Ride

Ocean Singer tea cup ride belongs to the rotating cup type amusement equipment. Different from the traditional tea cup ride, it combines the characteristics of the rotating tea cup ride and the joyful spray ball car. The equipment adds interaction on the basis of the original structure, and the appearance creates the scene of the underwater world and make the game more lively. The ocean singer tea cup ride features marine and music-themed elements which including a steel structure, cockpit, and fiberglass trim. The FRP decorations are all in the shape of marine creatures, and the cockpit is 5 tea cups in the shape of conch shells. The spinning cup can accommodate 10 children to play at the same time.
Ocean singer kiddie tea cup rides

Application of Tea Cup Rides

The design of the rotating coffee cup ride is inspired by the real coffee cup, and it is an amusement equipment that tourists love very much. The rotating tea cup ride is interesting. The equipment platform rotates 360 degrees around the central axis. Each individual cockpit can rotate with the platform itself. Passengers can also freely manipulate the armrest to rotate in the opposite direction. It is suitable for passengers of all ages including kids and adults. The cockpit is shaped like a coffee cup. It can be used in city centers, squares, amusement parks, funfairs and many other places.

Tea cup rides suitable for amusement park

Amusement Park

Tea cup amusement ride suitable for theme park

Theme Park

Tea cup rides can be used in the city parks

City Parks

Teacups rides suitable for squares


Tea cup rides suitable for funfairs


Tea cup rides can be used in the shopping mall

Shopping Mall

tea cup amusement rides suitable for carnival

Amusement Park
Theme Park
City Parks
Shopping Mall

Videos of Beston Tea Cup Ride

Interested in purchasing new tea cup ride? Want to invest in a new tea cup amusement ride for your amusement park business? Check the video of coffee cup ride to get more information from Beston Amusement now!

Successful Cases of Tea Cup Rides

As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer, Beston Amusement has exported many sets of tea cup rides to different countries, such as Moldova, Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and etc. Our spinning cup ride is popular used in these places. Here is our latest cases:

Beston tea cup rides installed at Moldova

6 Cups Tea Cup Ride in Moldova
This is a new park project in Moldova which is built by Beston. The name of the project is Miracle City amusement park. It opened on June 5, 2021. And it has created a large influence in the local city. Except the tea cup ride, we also installed bumper cars, mini ferris wheels, watermelon swing ride, self-control plane ride and some other kiddie rides.

6 cup rides installed at the indoor playground in Ethiopia

24 Seat Tea Cup Ride for Ethiopia
It is an indoor fun family center project in Ethiopia that is built by Beston team last year. In addition to the tea cup ride with 24 seats, we also offer many types of amusement rides for this indoor project which including a trampoline equipment, carousel ride, small 6 seat pendulum ride, VR rides, VR cinema equipment etc.

Kids tea cup rides ready for shipping to Algeria

A Coffee Cup Ride Installed at Algeria
This is a large amusement park project in Algeria that is designed and built by Beston. The customer bought many amusement rides including pirate ship ride, swing ride, self-control plane ride, carousel ride, and the 24 seat tea cup ride for sale. Now, the amusement park running well.

Advantages of Buying Teacup Ride

High ROI
Beston tea cup rides is a large capacity ride, it will get more visitors and get more money for your business.
Easy to Operate
The overall structure design is reasonable, the installation is simple, the control cabinet is controlled by buttons, the operation is convenient, and the training cost is saved.
More shapes, more choices, more attractive to tourists.
Save Budget
We are factory, you will get factory price from us which will save more budget for your project.
Low Maintenance
Our tea cup rides needs low maintenance costs and keep long service life.
Fast Payback
The age span of passengers is large, and the passenger flow is large to ensure rapid income.

6 Features of Beston Tea Cup Rides

Good Quality
Excellent material selection, first-class craftsmanship, service life can be as long as 8-10 years.
Mature Technology
Tested by the market, low failure rate, no after-sales worries.
Many Choices
Cockpit types, theme styles have a variety of choices, color and lighting can also be customized.
Good Safety Performance
seat belts and protective chains are installed in the cockpit to ensure the safety of passengers.
Strong Play-ability
Passengers can control the speed and steering of the cockpit according to their own wishes, which is highly interesting.
High Cost Performance
The quality of the source manufacturer is guaranteed, and the factory price of the goods.

How Much Does Teacup Ride Sell For?

Tea cup ride is cheap kiddie ride in this amusement rides industry. Most of them only cost several thousands dollars while other may cost about tens of thousands of dollars. But there are so many different types of spinning tea cup amusement ride in our factory for customer to choose. Each model of tea cup ride has different prices. When you need to buy a new tea cup ride, contact us freely.
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Beston Tea Cup Rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Customer Reviews

Beston tea cup rides has been installed at many amusement parks and theme park in the world, such as Nigeria, Russia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Australia, etc. Here is the part of customer’s review about Beston’s tea cup rides and service.
From Ethiopia
We purcahsed several amusement rides from Beston Amusement to finish a new indoor park in Ethiopia last year, now everything goes well with all the amusement equipment from Beston Amusement, expecially the carousel and tea cup ride.
Beston Indoor Project
From Australia
Several months ago, we purchased some kiddie rides from Beston Amusement, they are tea cup ride, swing ride and a 16 seat carousel. Now these 3 kiddie rides had been installed and put into operation for about one month.
Beston Amusement Rides

3 Tips for Choosing Tea Cup Rides

When you decide to purchase a tea cup ride for your amusement park, you may confused which type of tea cup ride to choose? Here Beston will give you some advice. generally speaking, you should consider these aspects, including quality, capacity, size, etc.

Modeling for Tea Cup Rides
For children, beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music are the first elements to attract customers. Only by giving customers a good impression at the first time can tourists become your customers. At the same time, the shape must have certain characteristics. So a good modeling tea cup rides is important to you.

Quality of Tea Cup Rides
It is the most basic factor to ensure the normal operation of the amusement equipment. A qualiyfied manufacturer will give you a high quality tea cup ride.

Size of the Tea Cup Rides
Before purcahse a tea cup rides, you might had finished the market research of the local place. You might have a control over the flow of touirsts, so you should consider the size of the tea cup ride, smaller or larger? Youn consult with our sales manager.

Why Choose Beston?

Beston Amusement is a leading amusement park rides manufacturer who also provide amusement park design and other services for running a park. We have different types of amusement equipment for customers to choose, we also accept customized order about the rides.

Reasons to Choose Beston

Beston Services
Widely Used
Our amusement equipment tea cup rides are popular in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, South America and other countries.
24h Service
24-hour telephone service, postal service and online service of the company every day.
We are the world’s leading professional manufacturer of amusement park facilities with high quality and competitive prices without any third party.
We accept the customization of equipment, customized products can be designed and installed for you free of charge according to your detailed requirements.
Standard Packing
Standard export packaging to escort product transportation (wood iron frame, fixed container).

FAQ for Tea Cup Rides

Production cycle for the tea cup ride?
About 15days (take ocean singer tea cup ride for example).
Do you provide installation for the tea cup ride?
Yes, we can provide installation service for the tea cup amusement ride if you need, we will also send installation videos and user manual attached with the equipment.
Do you accept custom order?
Yes, we do. We accept custom orders about the size, color, theme and logo of the teacups rides.
Certificate for your tea cup ride?
Complete equipment test reports: ISO9001, CE, OHSAS18001, ISO14001;
Installation service process for tea cup ride(Ocean Singer Teacup Ride)?
– Send installation instructions to customers (instructions, pictures, videos, etc.), and customers can find experienced workers locally for installation.
– Our engineers also provide free online guidance at any time.
-2-3 people can install it in one day.
Working principles of common tea cup rides?
After the tea cup amusement ride is powered on through the control cabinet, the motor starts to work, the motor shaft rotates, and after the speed is reduced by the reducer, the power is transmitted through the gear driven by the reducer and the gear of the slewing bearing, thereby driving the entire turntable to rotate 360 degrees around the central axis. , Each cockpit rotates due to the rotating power of the turntable, centrifugal force, and the inertia formed by its own weight, and passengers can also change the direction and speed of a single cockpit through the handrail.

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