Trampoline Park Equipment for Sale

Different types of trampoline park equipment for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement are available now! From design to operation, one-stop trampoline park designer and supplier is here for you! With variety of gameplay, advanced equipment and high security, Beston trampoline park equipment has become more and more popular. It is a high ROI project which will get fast payback for you! Interested in start a new project? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement!

Trampoline Park Equipment Solutions

Beston Amusement has the ability to design and build new indoor trampoline park for different occasions. We can customized the trampoline area according to your special requirement. We have many different types of trampoline park equipment that is made up of different part. Now we will introduction the main part of the trampoline park in our factory.

Beston provides customers with overall trampoline park solutions. You provide us with detailed dimensions and prepared budget floor plans, and we design trampoline park solutions for you, including design, production, shipment and installation.

  • Accept customize order on size, logo, theme of our trampoline park equipment.
  • Available for different age groups, 3-35 years.
  • Sites of various shapes can be customized,(round shape, square shape,polygon shape, etc).
  • Available for different themes: ocean theme, square theme, space theme, etc.
  • Customization for different occasions: shopping mall, business center, airports, etc.
Customized Trampoline Park Equipment from Beston Amusement

Beston Amusement, as a professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, has provided more than 1000 sets of indoor trampoline park solutions for many countries in the world. In addition to a single trampoline park solution, there are also some comprehensive indoor park solutions, naughty castles and trampolines park mix and more. Our design solutions are well received by customers, and have brought good benefits to many customers, and can pay back the cost in a short period of time. Here are some of the super trampoline solutions we provide for customers:

  • Combination of various play areas
  • Has been installed in Saudi Arabia, UAE, the Philippines, Panama, Russia, Malaysia, etc.

Application of the Trampoline Park Equipment

The trampoline park equipment is popular project for indoor place which is similar with the indoor playground equipment. Trampoline parks are indoor facilities filled with interconnected trampolines and other equipment designed to provide a fun and safe environment for people of all ages to engage in physical activity. Here are some applications of trampoline park equipment:

Trampoline park equipment for shopping mall

Shopping Mall

Trampoline park equipment for Childrens Paradise

Children’s Paradise

Trampoline park for business center

Business Center

Trampoline park equipment for International Airport

International Airport

Trampoline park for city park

City Park

Trampoline park for Kindergartens


Trampoline park equipment for Communities

Shopping Mall
Children’s Paradise
Business Center
International Airport
City Park

Trampoline Park Equipment Video from Beston

The trampoline park equipment can be a part of indoor playground. It can also be a whole amusement center for people who want to play trampoline park and other mechanical rides. Here is a video for seeing more about the trampoline park equipment from Beston Amusement.

Successful Cases of Beston Trampoline Park

As a leading commercial trampoline park equipment manufacturer and supplier, Beston’s indoor trampoline park project has installed at many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Panama, Turkey, the Philippines, Malaysia, Algeria and etc. Our indoor trampoline area has attracted many visitors in the customer’s local place and get fast profits to our customer.

Trampoline park equipment in Turkey shopping mall

Comprehensive Indoor Playground at Turkey
This is a large indoor playground that is start at a shopping mall in Turkey. It has been opened for about one month. The customer contact us last year. We offer whole indoor playground solution to him, including design videos, 3D design, equipment, shipping, installation, etc. The customer feel satisified with our Company.

Ocean theme indoor playground in Saudi Arabia

Large Indoor Playground at Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia customer want to start business indoor playground in their local place, so they find Beston Amusement. This is a large comprehensive indoor playground combine with trampoline park area. Ocean theme makes the whole solution more attractive in their local place.

Trampoline park equipment in Qatar Airport

Trampoline Park Equipment In Qatar
This is the trampoline park area that installed in the international airport in Qatar. The customer bought two set of equipment, one is trampoline park and the other one if indoor soft playground. Welcome to the airport to see this project.

Top Features of Our Trampoline Park Equipment

High ROI
Beston trampoline park area keeps innovation and they are attractive to children which will bring more visitors to your business.
Professional Designer Team
To provide you whole new and attractive trampoline park equipment solutions.
Accept Customization
Our trampoline park equipment can be customized according to the size of your indoor site.
High Quality
Our indoor trampoline park equipment offers a lot of fun and challenges for visitors. We are the only European trampoline park equipment supplier to produce all our trampoline facilities ourselves. That ensures that we can guarantee the quality.
Advanced Equipment
We use the world’s most advanced equipment with guaranteed quality, all use environmentally friendly materials, safe and healthy to the players.
Fast Payback
We provide trampoline park equipment and we also offer indoor playground operation and promotion. You will get the payback soon.

Trampoline Park Equipment Cost

Trampoline park is a kind of special indoor fun center which is similar with the indoor playground equipment. It has become more and more popular these years. Generally speaking, the trampoline park is customized according to the site of customer. So the price is adjustable according to the site of the customer. The price mainly ranges from 400 to 2500 per square meters.
Kiddie Rides Cost
What we provide for trampoline park customer
We are factory = Beston Trampoline Park Equipment Has Competitive Cost.
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Reasonable Price
02.Attractive Solution
03.High Quality Equipment
04.Trampoline Park Operation

Customer Reviews for Indoor Trampoline Park Equipment

From Saudi Arabia
We bought a snow themed indoor playground equipment this year from Beston Amusement, they help us make the design and solve the problems timely. Beston Team is good at problem solving. Now the project is finished installtion process. And everything is going well till now.
Ocean Theme Indoor Playground
From Uzbekistan
We just finished a new indoor playground in Uzbekistan last year, it is a 1500 squares meters large indoor project, we find Beston to give us a design and we really satisfied with the design they provide. They send us the first set of equipment to us last year and soon the second set of equipment will be arrived. The indoor playground equipment from Beston Amusement is special and really attractive to kids in our city.
Beston Indoor Playground

3 Reasons for Investing In Indoor Trampoline Park Equipment

Nowadays, indoor amusement projects are becoming more and more popular, and the investment cost of indoor trampoline park projects is very low, and the results are quick. Investing in an indoor trampoline park project can quickly pay back the cost, and it is a project with a high return on investment.

Projects Suitable for All Ages
As a popular project, trampoline park is rich and interesting, and it is highly playable. It can be played from as young as 3 years old to 55 years old. It integrates leisure, entertainment, sports and fitness, and is a highly comprehensive amusement project. As long as your venue is high enough, it can be matched with many indoor amusement items (such as naughty castles, puzzle entertainment items, extended entertainment items, parent-child interactive entertainment items, etc.), a variety of entertainment items, easy to meet different ages needs of the segment of the population.

Playful Nature for Children
A good trampoline park has a variety of entertainment equipment, which can arouse children’s interest in playing, learn things and get exercise during the process of playing. While entertaining, children can seriously observe and explore, and learn knowledge that is not in books from playing. Therefore, more educational and knowledgeable factors are involved in activities, and children can perceive and actively learn. This kind of entertainment is also preferred by parents. No matter what kind of state it is, as long as the child can learn something and improve his ability, parents are satisfied.

Growing Popularity
With the development of society, people’s consumption demand for leisure and entertainment has greatly increased. The entertainment items in the trampoline park are diversified, and various interesting competitive items attract people of different age groups. While meeting the modern family service model, the trampoline park complies with the development needs of the domestic market, and constantly innovates and designs various new gameplays and projects. It brings huge business opportunities and development space to investors.

Trampoline Park Equipment Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

Beston Amusement – a leading amusement rides manufacturer and supplier that provide indoor and outdoor amusement rides with different types! We also offer indoor and outdoor amusement project design and install. Buy from a real manufacture not just get better price, but also the quality get in control, Manufacture understand better on material, specification, safety, installation and design. Do you want to know more about trampoline parks? Contact Beston Amusement now!

Advantages of Our Service

Beston Services
Pre-sale Service
1. Professional design team, free preliminary site measurements and free drawings.
2.The professional sales team will answer all your questions about the trampoline park in a timely manner.
Post-sale Service
1.Professional training team to tailor their own trampoline gym courses for customers.
2.Professional after-sales team, online or offline professional guidance, if the customer can’t solve it, engineers can be sent to the customer’s site to solve after-sales problems.
Installation Team
Professional installation team, the installation master has more than one year of high-pressure work experience in the workshop, and more than 3 years of installation experience in major venues at home and abroad. He is proficient in welding, cutting and other technologies, and has superb skills.
Super long warranty, guarantee worry-free after-sales, steel frame warranty for 5 years, mesh warranty for 2 years, sponge pad warranty for 1 year, spring warranty for 6 months.
Operation Guidance
We provide customers with business guidance and drainage solutions, so that customers can get benefits faster

FAQs for Indoor Trampoline Park Equipment

Do you provide new trampoline park design?
Yes, we provide trampoline park design according to the size of your place. We have our own designer team.
Age Limit of the Trampoline Park?
Generally speaking, Children aged 3 to 13 years with a height of no more than 1.4 meters can play in the trampoline park, we can also customized other area for toddlers.
Do You Accept Custom Order?
Yes, we do. We accept custom orders about the theme, size, color and logo.
Are you factory?
Yes, Beston Amusement is a professional manufacturer and supplier of trampoline park and other mechanical rides, we have our own factory. You can get reasonable price from us.
Do You Provide Installation for the Trampoline Park?
Yes, we provide installation service for the trampoline park equipment if you need, we will also send installation workers to your place. On the other hand, you can also find some workers in your city, we will provide video installation guidance and online guidance.

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