Trackless Train for Sale

Different types of electric and diesel trackless trains for sale from Beston Amusement is ready for its owner. We design, build and sell the most vivid, attractive and affordable trackless train rides to the world! Diverse shapes, fast delivery and perfect after-sales service offer to you. Planning to buy trackless train ride for your amusement business? Contact Beston Amusement now!

Beston Trackless Train for Sale

Beston, a professional trackless train manufacturer, has many different types of trackless train rides for sale. Our trackless trains are sold all over the world year round. Now we will give you a detailed introduction about different types of the train ride in our factory. Beston Amusement hope you can get the most agreeable train ride from us. Now let’s take a look at our company’s different types of trackless trains together!

Beston Customize Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Regarding the design of amusement equipment, we have a dedicated product creative department and a planning and design department to design more trackless train products that meet customer needs. Beston Amusement accept the customization requirement on size, color, theme and logo of the trackless train rides.
Customize type trackless train ride from Beston

Application of Trackless Train Rides

Trackless train can be used as a unique attraction, but also can be used as a special means of transport. We manufacture electric and gas powered trains for both children and adult riders. Whether you’re planning to start a amusement ride business, adding to an existing ride business, or looking for a unique attraction for your place, a trackless train will be the perfect choice! They are suitable for many occasions, such as amusement parks, theme parks, resort, shopping malls, party, carnivals, etc. Now follow Beston to see more about the trackless trains.

Amusement Park

Kiddie Funfairs


Shopping Mall



Amusement rides for city parks

City Park

Amusement rides used in the Scenic Resort

Scenic Resort
Amusement Park
Shopping Mall
City Park
Scenic Resort

Beston Trackless Train Rides Videos

We are a large professional amusement equipment manufacturer, we have our own factory, our trackless train has a separate workshop, here we will show you our trackless train workshop and some trackless train videos for customers.

Latest Cases to the World

As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer in China, Beston has exported many sets of trackless train rides to different countries in the world. Some of them are used for shopping malls, squares, while others are used for amusement parks, funfairs, theme park, etc. Here is a part of the latest cases:

Two Sets of Trackless Train Rides to USA
Not long ago, we received an inquiry from the United States. A customer in the United States wanted to purchase 2 trackless trains for their park. Through a series of communications, the customer finally purchased two classic trackless trains. Now 2 trains are in intensive production, we will arrange delivery soon.

Customized Trackless Train to Guyana
This is a customer from Guyana. The customer wants to purchase a trackless train for their resort. After understanding the customer’s needs, our sales manager quickly made a quotation. The customer chooses, the customer finally chooses one, and the order is placed soon after discussing the details.

Customized Trackless Train for Australia
This is a customer from Australia. Their shopping mall wants to purchase a trackless train, mainly for children. They want to make some changes in the shape and size. Our company also provides customized services. Now the trackless train is running in a mall in Australia.

What Trackless Train Rides Bring to Investors?

High ROI
The appearance design is impressive, the choices are diverse, the revenue is stable, and the payback period is short.
Flexible and Unrestricted Venue
Track trains require higher conditions, and the later maintenance work is also more complicated. The trackless sightseeing train site is not restricted by the track, flexible and lovely, and is favored by people.
Reasonable Price
Very competitive price of Beston trackless trains, standard packing and excellent after-sales service.
Small Investment
Small investment, high income, quick return on cost, low maintenance rate, and easy maintenance in the later period.
Low Maintenance
Beston trackless train rides needs low maintenance costs and keep long service life.
Wide Applications
Cartoon shapes are mostly suitable for large shopping malls, theme parks, scenic spots and other places to attract passengers.

Top 6 Features of Beston Trackless Train Rides

he train configuration can be adjusted according to the preferences of customers in different regions.
Multiple Uses and Shapes
In addition to the role of the trackless train to carry passengers, it also serves as a tourist promotion highlight of the scenic spot, bringing more tourists to the scenic spot.
Strong Parent-child Interaction
Family parent-child, friends and girlfriends, strong interaction, giving a more warm and happy atmosphere of play.
High Quality
The outer shell of the locomotive of Beston trackless train is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the frame is welded with steel structure, and the surface is sprayed for protection.
Good Stability
The intelligent electronic control of new energy vehicles is adopted, the service brake of the dual-pipe oil circuit disc brake system is combined with the parking brake of the manual mechanical central brake, which has good stability and is safe and secure.
Environmental Protection
Beston electric trackless train is driven by pure electric power and driven by electric motors. No pollution, no emissions, environmental protection and safety.

How Much Does a Trackless Train Cost?

The price of trackless train is ranging from 10000 dollars to 100000 dollars more. The price is different in the structure, size, theme and shipping freight fees. We are factory, you will get competitive price of our trains. We are not only factory, you can get more extra service from us. If you want to know how much does it cost to buy a trackless train, send inquiry to us now!
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Beston Trackless Train Rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01. Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02. Accept Customized Service
03. Keep Innovation
04. Park Investment

Customer Reviews for Trackless Train

Our trackless train customers are all over the world, some customers purchased our trackless trains individually, and some customers purchased together with other amusement equipment and used them in their newly built playgrounds. So far, these customers are quite satisfied with the shape and quality of our trackless trains, and we will do our best to create more trackless trains that customers like. The following are some customers’ comments on us.
From Australia
I am Daniel from Australia. I received a 16-seat trackless train purchased for the shopping mall last month. I have to say that the shape of this trackless train is really attractive and the workmanship is very good.
Beston Trackless Train
From England
This is lisa. I bought a large train from beston 2 months ago. I have received the goods a few days ago. Now this train is running in our manor. So far, the train is very good. It runs smoothly.
Beston Big Trackless Train

Operation Precautions

This part will show you some operation precautions when driving trackless trains that is produced by Beston Amusement. We hope the trackless train ride from our company will benefit you a lot.

No-load Operation
No-load operation should be carried out before daily operation, and the equipment can be put into operation only after the certified equipment is operating normally.

Operation During Running
When the equipment is running, it is not allowed to stand and walk in the carriage. After the vehicle has stopped, you can get on and off at ease.

Abnormal Sound
If abnormal sound or shaking is found, it should be stopped immediately to repair the equipment and must not run with injury

Why Choose Beston?

As one of the leading amusement park rides manufacturer, Beston Amusement Rides do not only provide trackless train rides to customers, we also accept customized order on trackless trains. At the same time, Beston Amusement is also specifized in designing and building new amusement park project for customers. Welcome to choose Beston to start your business now!

Beston Service

Beston Services
Professional Production Workshops
Beston Amusement has large scale amusement rides factory with different workshops. Our production delivery system is complete.
Guaranteed Quality
We are professional trackless train manufacturer with guaranteed quality.
Delivery Service
1. The packaging is completely in accordance with the export packaging standard to ensure that the product is not damaged.
2. Secondary reinforcement in the container.
3. The delivery is compared one by one according to the list of accessories to avoid missing and wrong delivery.
Product Customization Service
There are various shapes for customers to choose, and the shapes can be customized according to customer requirements, including hand-painted body.
Factory Live Broadcast
Limited-time factory live broadcast for you to watch videos of trackless train to see our trackless trains up closely.

FAQ for Beston Trackless Trains

Do you accept customized order?
Yes, we accept trackless train customization on color, theme and logo.
Production cycle of your trackless train?
Generally speaking the production cycle is 30 to 40 working days. But we also have some trackless trains in stock. We can arrange the shipping info right after we received your deposit.
Can we add more carriages to the train?
Of course, you can customized the quantity of the carriages according to your business need.
What is the lead time?
Consult the sales manager for details.
Can we see your trackless train workshop videos?
Yes, this is the video address on YouTube.
What is the warranty for your trackless train?
18 months.

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