Top Spin Ride for Sale

Top spin ride for sale is an amusement equipment that rotates and rotates in an overall circle around the horizontal axis. There are two transmission structures top spin rides for sale in our factory, hydraulic and mechanical. It is suitable for kids and adults to play with high safety requirement from Beston Rides. 360-degree flip of the cockpit is more attractive to the visitors. Looking for a large extreme thrill ride for your amusement park? Beston top spin ride is here waiting for you!

Top Spin Ride and Technical Parameters

The top spin ride from Beston Rides is a large-scale amusement equipment that is exciting and fun. You can choose different models according to your requirement and we also accept customized order. The feature of this equipment is that the passengers sway and roll back and forth with the start of the equipment, and have the sense of weightlessness. When riding on the equipment, it is like traveling in space. We also accept customization on the color, logo and theme of this top spin ride. Now. let’s learn more about this amusement ride:

Beston Top Spin Rides

The operation of the top spin ride involves a 360° rotation in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, resembling a cradle’s motion. Passengers experience distinct sensations of both weightlessness and heightened gravity while riding, creating a thrilling and entertaining experience. This equipment has become a dazzling spectacle within amusement parks, seamlessly combining excitement and amusement. Not restricted by geographical conditions, this apparatus is easy to transport and maintain, featuring straightforward operation. It has become a widely adopted large-scale amusement project in amusement parks.

20 seats top spin rides for sale

Technical Parameters of Topspin Ride

Capacity 20 seat
Power 30kw
Voltage 380v
Running Speed 8r/m
Height 8 m
Cover Area 15 m*15 m
Swing Angle 360 degree

Application of the Giant Top Spin Ride

The top spin ride is a thrill amusement ride that performs circular motion around the horizontal axis and the cockpit rotates with inertia from Beston Amusement. The capacity of this ride is 20 seats in total. 10 seats on one side, passengers will seat back to enjoy an extreme trip in the sky. It is an amusement ride that is popular used in the funfairs, amusement parks, theme parks, joyland and funfairs. Where will you use it?

Amusement Park

Kiddie Funfairs


Peak Amusement Park

Peak Park



Amusement rides for city parks

City Park

Theme Park

Theme Park
Amusement Park
Peak Park
City Park
Theme Park

Video of The Top Spin Ride

Generally speaking, the most direct way to understand the equipment is to visit the site, but if you can’t come to our factory to visit, you can learn more about the equipment through the videos and pictures we show. Want to get more information about the top spin ride? Check these video to see how does the top spin ride work? How does people sit on the equipment etc.

Successful Cases of Beston Top Spin Rides to the World

Beston Amusement Rides is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier. Our giant top spin ride and other thrill rides has delivered to more than 30 countries in these years. We had just customized a top spin ride for our client from Russia, the customization mainly including color matching, logo, etc. Let’s check more successful cases from Beston Rides now:

Top Spin Ride Installed at Indonesia

Top Spin Ride Installed at Indonesia
This is our previous large-scale amusement park project in Indonesia. The customer wanted to build a large-scale park. We helped the customer with the design drawings. We also provided all the equipment in the amusement park, including a top spin ride. In addition to this equipment, the customer also purchased more than 30 other equipment, including bumper cars, trains, pirate ships, flying chairs, Ferris wheels, etc. Today, the project has been put into use.

Beston thrill top spin ride in Uzbekistan

Beston Thrill Top Spin Ride In Uzbekistan
This is our case in Uzbekistan, the customer purchased several large-scale equipment from our company for their parks, in addition to a top spin ride, there are other 8 amusement rides which including disco rides, 36-seat flying chair ride, etc. Customers are very satisfied with our equipment, and will purchase some other children’s play equipment in the future. The children’s play equipment was just shipped to the port on the customer’s side last month.

Thrill Top Spin Ride to Kenya

Thrill Top Spin Ride to Kenya
This is a park project in Kenya. At first, the customer contacted us from the Internet. After we learned about the customer’s needs, we quickly got in touch with the customer. From the design of the park to the procurement of equipment, we actively provide customers with the services they need. After about a year, the client’s  project was finally completed and the rides was installed. The client purchased a lot of equipment from our company, including a 20-seat top spin carnival ride.

Advantages of Beston Top Spin Ride

When you are ready to buy this equipment, your first concern must be what kind of benefits this equipment will bring you, then Beston Amusement will show you some of the benefits that our top spin ride will bring to you.
Attractive to visitors
This is an extreme thrill ride for people who want to seek thrill feelings.
High ROI Ride
The top spin ride is a high ROI ride with factory price and fast payback.
High quality materials
We use high quality materials that meet many standards to ensure the safety of the equipment.
Unique appearance and shape
The shape and appearance of our top spin ride is unique, which is more attractive to visitors.
Service & Support
Except the equipment, you can also get park operation plan and other services from Beston Amusement.
Superior Performance
Before send to our customer, we test the equipment again and again to ensure the safety of equipment for customer.

Cost of the Top Spin Carnival Ride

When purchasing the top spin ride, you may want to know more information about it. The first thing you may want to know is the price. How much does a top spin ride cost? As we all know, it is a large thrill ride, and it has very high security requirements. So it is a little expensive than other simple rides. Usually you should spend more than 100000 dollars to purchase it. But the price is various with many factors, such as materials of the equipment, manufacturer of the equipment and etc. Contact Beston for the price quotation soon.
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Top Spin amusement rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Customer Reviews of Beston Top Spin Rides

Our top spin amusement ride has been successfully exported to multiple countries in the world, receiving positive feedback from our customers. Clients express satisfaction with the ride’s performance, quality, and appearance. Below are some selected reviews from customers regarding our High-altitude Moon Embrace equipment:
From Nigeria
The thill top spin ride has surpassed our expectations. Its smooth operation, combined with its eye-catching design, has garnered praise from our visitors. We appreciate the attention to detail in both performance and aesthetics.
Park Project
From Saudi Arabia
We chose the top spin ride for its exceptional build quality and unique features. Our guests have expressed their satisfaction with the ride’s performance, and it has significantly contributed to the success of our amusement park..
Multiple Equipment

3 Reasons to Choose Top Spin Ride for Theme Park

When considering a ride for an amusement park, these factors – price, thrilling experience, and visual appeal – are crucial aspects to evaluate, and unlike roller coasters, swing tower rides and other equipment, the Top Spin ride often stands out in each of these categories.

The Top Spin ride often offers a good balance between cost and entertainment value. Compared to some more elaborate or specialized amusement rides, Top Spin rides tend to be relatively cost-effective both in terms of initial investment and ongoing operational expenses. This makes them an attractive option for amusement park owners or operators looking for a thrilling ride without breaking the bank.

Thrilling Experience
The Top Spin ride is known for delivering a thrilling and exhilarating experience to riders. Its dynamic movements, including spins, flips, and sudden drops, create a sense of excitement and adrenaline rush. The ride’s ability to combine various motion elements in a synchronized and unpredictable manner contributes to its popularity among thrill-seekers. The intensity of the experience is often a key factor in attracting visitors to amusement parks, making the Top Spin a desirable choice for those seeking a heart-pounding adventure.

The Top Spin ride typically has a visually striking appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of an amusement park. The ride’s structure, with its rotating arms and suspended gondolas, creates a captivating visual spectacle that attracts attention from both afar and up close. The combination of dynamic motion and colorful lighting during the ride’s operation adds to its visual appeal, making it a focal point within the amusement park. The attractive appearance of the Top Spin ride can contribute to the overall ambiance and theme of the park, creating a memorable and immersive experience for visitors.

Why Choose Beston

Beston Amusement is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier. We are factory, you can get competitive cost on the top spin ride from us. But we are not only factory. You will get more values from Beston Amusement. Except supply amusement park rides, we also supply amusement park design and amusement park operation plan for investors. Welcome to contact Beston Group to start your purchasing journey.

FAQ for Beston Top Spin Amusement Rides

Swing angle of the top spin ride?
The swing angle of top spin ride is 360 degree, which is really thrill to passengers.
How fast does the top spin rides go?
Generally speaking, the speed of the top spin ride is 8r/min. But you can reset it according to your requirement.
Working principle of Beston top spin rides?
The top spin ride is a large-scale amusement equipment that performs circular motion around the horizontal axis, and the cockpit rotates with inertia. The operation mode is very exciting. Tourists sit side by side and back to back. The rotation is driven by gravity and mechanical force. This is irregular, and the speed can be adjusted according to the tourists’ own conditions.
What maintenance requirements does the ride have?
Maintenance is straightforward, contributing to the ride’s efficiency and reliability. Routine checks and standard procedures are outlined in the maintenance manual.
Is the top spin amusement ride Embrace a popular attraction in amusement parks?
Yes, the ride has gained popularity as a spectacular and eye-catching feature within amusement parks, offering a perfect blend of excitement and entertainment.

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