Theme Park Rides for Sale

Welcome to find novel design and high quality theme park rides for sale from Beston Amusement with reasonable price. Dedicated to amusement equipment manufacturing and park planning for more than 10 years, Beston has established more than 300 parks in more than 80 countries around the world. Beston can undertake the design and construction of various theme parks, and provide customers with the most popular theme park solutions and the most attractive theme park amusement equipment in combination with customer needs. Welcome to contact us for solutions now!

Classfication of Beston Theme Park Rides

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston has a vriety of amusement park rides for sale. Beston theme park rides can be classified into different categories based on the characteristics and features. Here are some of the most common types of rides that suitable for theme parks:
Custom Theme Park Rides

Kiddie Theme Park Rides

Theme Park Carousel
Theme Park Swing Rides
Theme Park Kiddie Plane Rides
Thrill Theme Park Rides

Track Theme Park Rides

Dragon Roller Coaster
Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

Popular Theme Park Rides

Theme Park Bumper Cars
Theme Park Trackless Trains

Customized Theme Park Rides for Sale

Beston Amusement specializes in manufacturing and designing amusement park rides. We offer a wide range of rides, including customized theme park rides. These customized rides are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of individual theme parks. Beston’s customized theme park rides are available in various styles and themes, such as animal, cartoon, and fantasy. They can be designed to accommodate a specific number of riders, and can be built with various features such as lights, music, and special effects.
Customized theme park rides for sale

Theme Park Carousel Rides for Sale

Beston produce carousel rides with 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, 48 seats, 60 seats and 68 seats. We have single decker carousel rides and double decker carousel rides for sale with different themes,including ocean theme, Christmas theme, classic theme, etc.
Theme park carousel ride for sale

Theme Park Swing Rides for Sale

Swing rides are a classic amusement park attraction that have been popular for generations. These rides typically consist of a central tower or post, with chains or cables attached to the top that extend outward and support a circular gondola or swing. We have 16 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats and 36 seat swing rides for sale.
Theme park equipment - swing rides for sale

Theme Park Kiddie Plane Rides for Sale

There are 16 seats kiddie plane rides with 8 arms and 24 seats kiddie plane rides with 12 arms in our factory. Kiddie plane rides are a popular attraction at many theme parks, and they are typically designed for young children who are too small to ride other amusement park rides. These rides typically consist of small, airplane-shaped cars or seats that spin around in a circular motion, giving children the sensation of flying. The rides are generally safe for children as they are low to the ground.
Theme park kiddie plane rides for sale

Thrill Theme Park Rides for Sale

The thrill theme park rides that Beston Amusement produced mainly inlcuding roller coaster rides, disco rides, swing tower rides, drop tower rides, top spin rides, tagada rides, human slingshot rides, etc. We manufacturing thrill rides with high quality manterials with safety assurance.
Thrill theme park equipment for sale

Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale

Beston’s dragon roller coaster ride can be decorated with red, golden and yellow. There are single ring dragon roller coasters and double ring dragon roller coasters in our factory. Price is varies from the length of track.
Theme park dragon roller coaster for sale

Wacky Worm Roller Coaster for Sale

The Wacky Worm Roller Coaster is a type of amusement ride that is designed for children and families. It is known for its colorful and wacky design, as well as its relatively low speed and height. There are 16 seats and 18 seats wacky worm roller coaster for kids in our factory.
Kiddie theme park wacky worm roller coaster ride for sale

Theme Park Bumper Cars for Sale

Bumper car is one of the most popular amusement ride for different amusement centers. You can find electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars and inflatable bumper cars here with small, medium and large size. We also accept customized order on a new bumper car funfair.
Theme park bumper car rides for sale

Theme Park Trackless Trains for Sale

Trackless train is one of the most popular ride in the theme parks, especially medium and large theme parks. It can be used as a transportation tool in the theme park. We have diesel trackless train and electric trackless train with small, medium and large size. Welcome to contact us for price list.
Theme park trackless train ride for sale

Application of Theme Park Equipment

Theme park rides are primarily used for entertainment and recreation purposes. They provide visitors with thrilling and exciting experiences that they may not be able to find elsewhere. Beston theme park rides suitable for different themes of amusement parks and also suitable for amusement parks, funfairs, shopping mall, resort, etc.

Theme Park

Theme Park

Kiddie Funfairs


Amusement Park



Amusement rides for city parks

City Park

Scenic Resort

Scenic Resort
Theme Park
Amusement Park
City Park
Scenic Resort

Videos of Beston Theme Park Attractions

Before seeing the them park equipment on site, videos are the most intuitive way to understand the amusement equipment from our factory. Here are some operation videos of our company’s themed amusement equipment as well as feedback videos from theme park customers:

Recent Transaction Cases of Theme Park Equipment

We have many successful project recently. Some of them are single amusement equipment to Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Canada, while others are whole park project in Moldova, Nigeria, Indonesia. Etc. Our theme park equipment has received high praise from customers and has been well received by local passengers.

Whole Park Solution In Indonesia

Whole Park Solution In Indonesia
This is a comprehensive park project located in Indonesia. Beston Amusement provided clients with an all-around park solution, including park design, equipment selection and production, lighting scheme, etc. The clients were very satisfied with the overall solution.

Medium Funfair's Installation In Nigeria

Medium Funfair’s Installation In Nigeria
Here is the funfair in Nigeria that is designed by Beston Amusement. We provide more than 6 amusement rides to the customer, including 16 seat carousel, wacky worm roller coaster, disco ride, kiddie plane ride, mini ferris wheel ride and etc.

30 Meters Ferris Wheel Ride to Tanzania

30 Meters Ferris Wheel Ride to Tanzania
The customer from Tanzania has purcahsed a 30 meter ferris wheel from Beston Amusement. It will be installed in their amusement park in Tanzania. Except the ferris wheel ride, the customer also bought 13 sets of bumper cars.

Top 6 Features of Beston Theme Park Rides for Sale

High-Quality Materials
The rides are made from high-quality materials, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and stainless steel, which are durable and long-lasting.
Attractive and Unique Designs
The rides feature attractive and unique designs that are eye-catching and stand out, available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Advanced Safety Features
We takes safety seriously, and our rides come equipped with advanced safety features, automatic safety restraints, emergency stop buttons, and other safety mechanisms.
Easy to Operate
Designed to be easy to operate and maintain, with simple controls and easy-to-understand operating manuals.
Customizable Options
We offers customizable options for our theme park rides, including different colors, lighting, and sound effects.
Affordable Pricing
We offers competitive pricing for their theme park rides, making them an affordable option for parks of all sizes.

How Much Do Theme Park Rides Cost?

The cost of theme park rides can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the type of ride, manufacturer, size, and complexity. Generally, the cost of a standard amusement ride can range anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to several million dollars. If you want to know the price of theme park rides from Beston Amusement, you can contact Beston for details!
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Beston Theme Park Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON Rides supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Recent Theme Park Equipment Feedback

We have more than 1000 projects in more than 80 countries in the world. Most of customer has place order to us more than once. We offer amusement rides to the theme park, also build theme parks for customers who are new to this industry. Here comes with some of the feedback from our customer:
From Saudi Arabia
The positive feedback from Saudi Arabia
Beston Park Project
From the Philippines
Positive feedback from the Philippines
Beston Carousel Ride

3 Advice for Choosing Rides for Theme Park

What do you need to know when establishing a new theme park in your local place? Which type of amusement rides will you choose? Here are 3 advice for you:

Focus on Theming
Theming is an important aspect of creating an immersive and enjoyable experience for visitors to your theme park. You should choose rides that fit with the theme of your park and enhance the overall atmosphere.

Research Your Market
Before you start selecting amusement rides for your theme park, it’s essential to research your market. Look at what types of rides and attractions are popular with your target audience and what your competitors are offering.

Provide Variety
Providing a diverse and varied selection of rides is essential to appeal to a broader audience. Offering a range of experiences will keep visitors engaged and increase the likelihood of repeat visits.

Leading Theme Park Equipment Manufacturer

Beston Amusement is a leading theme park rides manufacturer and supplier in China. We do not only provide different types of theme park rides with high quality and safety standards, but also sully design service for our customers. We are professional theme park design company who has a professional designer team. Want to build a new theme park in your local place or other profitable place? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement to get your profitable solution!

5 Service Team to Ensure the Smooth Progress of the Project

Beston Services
Skilled Sales Team
We have a professional sales team to solve customer problems one-on-one. They have a good understanding of the equipment and the ability to identify customer needs and provide solutions.
Professional Designer Team
Beston’s professional design team is responsible for providing customers with reasonable design solutions, modifying the solutions in a timely manner according to customer needs, and cooperating with the sales team to ensure that the products meet customer needs.
Rigorous Production Team
Our production team is responsible for transforming designs into actual products. Gain knowledge of manufacturing processes and equipment to ensure products are produced and delivered on time.
Shipping Team
Responsible for distribution and delivery of products. They need to understand logistics management and transportation rules to ensure that our amusement equipment can reach customers safely and on time.
Professional After-sales Team
Establish long-term relationships with customers and provide support and solutions. Resolve customer issues and concerns in a timely manner.

FAQ for Theme Park Rides

How are theme park rides designed?
Theme park rides are designed using computer-aided design (CAD) software, and the design process involves engineers, designers, and other specialists. The design is then tested using computer simulations and physical prototypes to ensure safety and functionality.
What materials are used to build theme park rides?
Theme park rides from Beston Amusement are typically constructed using a combination of materials, including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. The specific materials used will depend on the ride’s design and intended use.
How long does it take to build a theme park ride?
The timeline for building a theme park ride can vary widely depending on the complexity of the ride and the manufacturer’s workload. In general, a simple ride can be built in a few months, while a more complex ride can take a year or more to complete.
How do you ensure the safety of theme park rides?
Safety is the top priority for Beston Amusement, and all rides undergo extensive testing and inspections before they are put into operation. Manufacturers also work closely with parks to provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the rides remain safe and functional over time.
Can theme park equipment be customized to fit a specific theme or location?
Yes, the theme park rides from Beston Amusement can be customized to fit a specific theme or location. Beston team work with parks to design rides that fit the park’s overall aesthetic and branding, and they can also modify existing rides to fit specific locations or themes.
What maintenance and support services are provided for theme park rides?
Beston Amusement provide a range of maintenance and support services for our rides, including regular inspections, repairs, and upgrades. We also provide training and technical support to park staff to ensure the rides are operated safely and effectively.
How do you handle warranty claims and repairs for theme park rides?
Beston typically offer warranties on our amusement rides and provide repair services in the event of a warranty claim. We also offer ongoing maintenance and repair services for rides that are outside of warranty period. Customer can typically contact the Beston Amusement directly for support in these situations.

Recommend Rides for Theme Parks

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