Swing Tower Ride for Sale

Swing tower ride for sale, the upgrade version of swing rides. It is a type of tower ride which is popular among kids and adults. It is one of the most popular thrill rides for amusement parks and theme parks. It is more interesting than the swing ride. Want to install it for your business? Have any questions? Contact Beston team for details now!

Beston Swing Tower Ride for Sale

Swing tower ride is type of thrill ride which is hot-sale in our factory. Its design combines the swing chair ride and the drop tower ride. The tower does come in different height variations, but most swing tower rides do the same thing or operate in a similar manner. We have two models of swing tower ride for sale this period.

31.8 Meter Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Height 31.8 m
Running Height 17 m
Capacity 32 passengers
Voltage 380V
Power 67 KW
Area 22 m
31 meters high swing tower rides for sale

43.8 Meter Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Height 43.8 m
Running Height 29 m
Capacity 32 passengers
Voltage 380V
Power 67 KW
Area 24 m
43 meters swing tower rides for sale from Beston

55.8 Meter Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Height 55.8 m
Running Height 36.8 m
Capacity 36 passengers
Voltage 380V
Power 82 KW
Area 30 m
55 meter thrill swing tower ride for sale

Usage of Swing Tower Rides

Swing tower ride, also called the vertical swing ride or drop tower swing ride, it is the newest thrill rides which is produced by Beston Amusement and it belongs to the tower rides. It is a unique amusement park attraction that appeals to the young and the old. Beston swing tower ride is suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, large squares and many other places.

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Theme Park



Kiddie rides for city park

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Beston Swing Tower Rides Videos

Want to get more information about Beston swing tower rides, some products videos for you here. If you want to watch more videos,you can go to our YouTube page.

Latest Cases of Swing Tower Ride

As one of the most popular thrill ride in our factory, the swing tower ride has exported to many countries, such as Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and etc. Our thrill ride is popular used in the amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals and large squares. Here show you some cases.

Customized swing tower ride to Indonesia

Swing Tower Ride Installed at Indonesia
Our swing tower ride is installed in a amusement park in Indonesia, this is our latest park project, the client wants to build a new park, and contact our sales manager through the website, we provide the client with professional park design, The client finally adopted our park design scheme and purchased related amusement equipment from our company.

Thrill Swing Tower Ride In Uzbekistan

Thrill Swing Tower Ride In Uzbekistan
One of our park project clients in Uzbekistan also purchased this high-altitude flying equipment, which is a must-have for large-scale park projects. A customer in Uzbekistan sent us an inquiry on the website. We learned that the customer wants to build a large park. They not only need to purchase amusement equipment, but also need a satisfactory park design scheme.

Beston Big Swing Towe r Ride In Saudi Arabia

Swing Tower Rides In Saudi Arabia
The swing tower ride was also installed in the park of a Saudi Arabia customer. As early as two years ago, we received a purchase order from a Pakistani customer. The customer wants to invest in a new amusement project in Saudi Arabia. The address of the project has been approved.

What Beston Swing Tower Ride Bring You?

High ROI
Beston offer high quality swing tower ride with compretive cost which is a high ROI ride for you project.
Good Quality
High quality, safety and reliability for our swing tower rides.
Reasonable Price
Factory price, very competitive prices, standard packing and excellent after-sales service.
Super Service
We offer all round after-sale service to customers.
Low Maintenance
Our swing tower rides with high quality needs low maintenance costs and keep long service life.
Fast Payback
All-round operation service for Beston swing tower rides which will provide you a fast payback.

Top Features of Swing Tower Rides

Low Maintance
There is no need to replace the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil is filled up before leaving the factory, and there is no need to change the hydraulic oil. It only needs to be replenished regularly to maintain a certain height).
Attractive Apperance
The appearance is gorgeous and beautiful, and when it rotates with the passengers, it is like a rainbow dancing in the air, which is even more dazzling.
Thorough Rust Removal
Projectile sandblasting machine, fine sand, good rust removal effect, comprehensive rust removal. Manual rust removal (sandpaper, sander) uneven rust removal. Small shot blasting machine can only blast the bottom: after welding, it will still rust after welding, the equipment will be old quickly, which will affect the appearance (the paint can be maintained for up to 5 years), and more importantly, it will affect the safety.
Delicate Spray Paint
(2 coats of primer, 1 coat of middle coat, 2 coats of top coat), the paint surface has good adhesion, and the spray paint effect is smooth and shiny. The fading is slow, the paint effect can be maintained for at least 8 years, the equipment remains beautiful, and the trouble of repainting is saved.
Quality Assurance
National standard steel, the sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder is the Japanese NOK brand, durable and safe.
Easy to Operate
The whole system is controlled by PLC and can be started with one key. When there is a power outage, the turntable will only stop in mid-air and will not descend. Manually control the solenoid valve and slowly descend.

Swing Tower Rides Price

Swing tower ride is not very cheap to invest in. Because of its high performance and safety system. It is a type of large amusement equipment which is popular among kids and adults. The general price of this type of ride is about 100000 dollars. But price various if the height, color and appearance is change. Want to get price details from us? Welcome to send your inquiry to us now!
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Beston tower rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Customer Reviews

Recently, we had exported 3 sets of swing tower ride to different countries, they are Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Russia and etc. Let’s see how customers talk about Beston rides.
From Uzbekistan
Thanks for Beston Amusement, our swing tower ride has been put into operation. It has been running for more than two weeks now, everything goes well till now.
Beston Swing Tower Ride
From Russia
Several months ago, we purchased a 42 meter swing tower ride from Beston Amusement. Both the appearance and the lighting design are beyond our imagination. We are satisfied with the equipment.
Beston Swing Tower Ride

3 Highlights of Beston Swing Tower Rides

Why you need to buy swing tower ride from Beston Amusement? Of course, it has many features that other company’s equipment do have. Now let’s get more information about Beston swing tower rides.

The Advantage of Hydraulics
Hoist or traction machine lifting: emergency brake skin, easy to wear for a long time, and the tightening effect becomes poor. After a long time, the hold will fail, and the turntable will fall freely, causing danger.

Triple Protection
1. Waist belt
2. Safety bar, the function of pressing the bar is to press the legs, and the pressing bar can be adjusted according to the size of the stomach
3. Security lock

First of all the fixed and rotating parts of the paraglider, is also the last safety measure. If the eight steel wire ropes are broken at the same time (the probability is almost non-existent, if one is broken, there will be protection and stop operation), there will be a device stuck in the column. On the top of the anti-reverse tooth, to prevent the turntable and passengers from falling from high altitudes

Why Choose Beston to Buy the Swing Tower Ride

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces, develops and sells amusement equipment, and we are manufacturer that has obtained eight equipment production licenses in China. The company adheres to the quality policy of surviving by quality, seeking efficiency, creating brands with precision, and developing with integrity, and constantly develops products of different grades and prices to meet the needs of buyers at different levels. Our mission is Fun & Magic Never Ends. Let’s create a fun world together!

Beston Service

Beston Services
Strong Technical Force
Beston Amusement has strong technical force and a lot of valuable practical experience accumulated in the development and production of amusement equipment over the years.
Product Development
Beston Amusement is constantly committed to the development of new amusement rides products to expand the production scale, produce more good products, and return the love of new and old customers.
1. The packaging is completely in accordance with the export packaging standard to ensure that the product is not damaged.
2. Secondary reinforcement in the container.
3. The delivery is compared one by one according to the list of accessories to avoid missing and wrong delivery.
1. Send two engineers to guide the installation on site (electrical engineer and mechanical engineer).
2. Equipped with operating instructions, after installation and commissioning, the installer will provide free employee training services.
3. Installation training time is 15-20 days.
After Sales
1. Provide one-year warranty, free replacement parts due to product quality during the warranty period.
2. Respond to problems within 12 hours and provide solutions within 72 hours.
3. Regular engineers will make return visits to provide training, maintenance and other value-added services.

FAQ for Beston Swing Tower Ride

How Does the Swing Tower Ride Work?
The passenger is suspended on the turntable with a circular chain along with the seat, and rotates and moves up and down with the turntable at the same time, so that the passenger can experience the endless fun of rotating centrifugal force and running height. This technology changes the complex structure and high cost of such amusement equipment, which greatly reduces the purchase cost and operation and maintenance cost.
Why Does the Swing Tower Ride Popular?
The main reasons that the swing tower ride is popular is because it is fast and always offers views and the thrill level is just right for passengers. Some people like riding medium-leveled thrill rides, and swing tower rides fall in this category. Moreover, this ride appeals to amusement park visitors of all ages and they come in different colors, designs and a lot of them have lights that make them even more appealing at the night. Want to get a set right now?
How Tall is the Swing Tower Ride?
31.8m, 43.8m and 55.8m.
Does the swing tower ride have a height limit?
Yes, riders should not less than 120cm or more than 190cm.
How fast does the swing tower ride go?
160km/h (theoretical speed).
Do you offer installation for swing tower ride
Yes, we offer installation service for our amusement equipment.

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