Snow Indoor Playground Installed at Saudi Arabia

Congratulations, Beston 150 m² snow indoor playground, 5 meters high climbing wall and 120 m² mirror maze has been shipped and installed at Saudi Arabia. These 3 equipment is used in Avalanche Riyadh Snow park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and they had been shipped to Saudi Arabia in September 2021. Now the project is under operating and popular among passengers who go to this park.

Indoor Playground Design for Saudi Arabia
Indoor Playground Design for Saudi Arabia
Mirror Maze Design for Saudi Arabia
Mirror Maze Design for Saudi Arabia

Requirement of the Customer

Due to the requirement of the project, they want to buy a snow themed indoor playground equipment. Satisfied with our indoor playground design, but they want to customize the color. We need to change the design scheme and overall color according to the color of their logo. This is new to Beston Company. Soon we adopt UV printing with more complicated process to complete customer requirement. They feel very satisfied with the color design.

Operation Video of the Project


We shipped the equipment from Qidao port to dammam. The shipping time is September 26, 2021, and a month later on October 26, 2021, the indoor playground equipment arrived its destination.
Delivery problem: At that time, the delivery time was tight, but our professional shipping team tried our best to book a suitable position, and finally successfully shipped the equipment to our customer


After the equipment arrives at the customer’s park, the local engineer installs according to the installation instructions that attached with the equipment.
Due to the epidemic, we cannot go to the local area to guide the installation, so we provide customers with very detailed installation instructions and online guidance, Our after-sales team guide customers to use the correct method to operate the snow indoor playground.

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