Spinning Roller Coaster for Sale

Are you looking to purchase new track-type equipment for your amusement park project? Why not try a spin coaster? It’s a compact roller coaster device with five cars that accelerates three times on a track of over 300 meters. The car body spins 360 degrees while traveling at high speeds, providing endless fun and excitement. Without a doubt, it will attract more attention to your amusement park. Want to get more about the spinning roller coaster ride? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for price.

Classification of Spinning Roller Coaster

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, we supply spinning roller coaster rides with high quality, you can get spinning roller coaster rides from our factory with customization on color, decoration and logo.

Spinning Roller Coaster Ride for Sale

The spinning roller coaster is a newly designed amusement ride of the sliding scooter type that can accommodate 2-4 people. During the entire ride, passengers can experience various spinning movements, sometimes going up and down, sometimes turning left and right. The movements during the sliding process are more diverse, and the feeling of riding is unique and adds more fun.
Spinning Roller Coasters for Sale With Price

Beston Spinnning Coaster Technical Parameter

Capacity 20 people (4 people/car)
Track Length 324m
Total Power AC380V/50Hz
Speed ≤30km/h
Max Track Height 11.8m
Equipment Height 13.5
Cover Area 33m×22m
Spinning Roller Coaster Ride for Sale

Application of Beston Spinning Roller Coaster Ride

Beston is a leading manufacturer of amusement park rides, including spinning roller coasters. The spinning roller coaster ride manufactured by Beston has several applications in amusement parks and other entertainment venues. The spinning roller coaster ride is a versatile and popular ride that can be used in a variety of amusement park and entertainment settings.

Theme Park


Amusement rides for city parks

City Parks

Indoor Park

Residential Area

Business District

Theme Park
City Park
Indoor Park
Residential Area
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Spinning Roller Coaster Rides Working Videos

When you are planning to purchasing a spinning roller coaster online, besides its price, you may also want to learn specifically how it works. A video of its operation can provide a more vivid display than a textual description. Here we present some working videos of spinning roller coasters and other related track devices. If you would like to learn more about the operation videos of this device, please feel free to contact us.

Succcessful Cases

Up to now, we have received more than 30 production orders for large roller coasters, spin blocks and other track equipment, some of which are exported to Algeria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and some are exported to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kenya, Russia and other countries.

Spinning roller coaster ride for Nigeria

Spinning Roller Coaster to Nigeria
Recently, the spinning roller coaster and Ferris wheel equipment for a Nigerian customer have been produced and, according to the contract agreement, have been shipped and are waiting for the customer to receive them.

Spinning roller coaster to Russia

Production Completed for Russia
The spinning coaster ride for a Russian customer, as well as six other amusement devices, are currently in the process of being shipped and will soon be loaded and sent to Russia, where we will dispatch engineers to install them.

Spinning roller coaster rides to Algeria

Algeria Order Production
The cars for the spinning roller coaster ride for an Algerian customer have been completed, and the tracks are still in production. After the production of the tracks is completed, we will quickly arrange for shipment to the customer.

Top 6 Features of Beston Spinning Roller Coaster Ride

Unique Design
Spinning coaster feature a unique design. The cars spin as they go along the track, creating an exciting experience for riders.
High Speeds
These roller coasters are designed to reach high speeds, which adds to the excitement and thrill of the ride.
Multiple Inversions
Beston spinning roller coasters often feature multiple inversions, such as loops, corkscrews, and barrel rolls.
Comfortable Seating
The seating on Beston spinning roller coaster rides is designed for maximum comfort and safety.
Stunning Visuals
Beston spinning roller coasters are often designed with stunning visual elements that enhance the overall experience for riders.
Beston spinning roller coasters are designed with high capacity in mind, meaning that they can accommodate large crowds of riders at once.

Spinning Roler Coaster Price

The price of a spinning roller coaster can depending on various factors such as the size and complexity of the ride, the manufacturer, and the location. A smaller spinning coaster designed for an amusement park could cost anywhere from $2 million to $10 million, while a larger, more advanced spinning coaster designed for a major theme park could cost upwards of $20 million or more.
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Our spinning roller coaster Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
02.Number of Seats

Customer Reviews On Beston Amusement Rides

Currently, we have exported multiple spinning roller coaster and large roller coaster equipment to several countries. Some customers invest in parks, while others invest in theme parks or city parks. We continue to maintain our customers and promptly address any operational issues. Our customers are very satisfied with the quality of our spinning coaster equipment and our service. Here are some screenshots of customer reviews:
From the Nigeria
Positive Feedback from the Philippines Customer
Spinning Roller Coaster
From Russia
Feedback Table from India Customer
Spinning Coaster

Difference Between Spining Coaster and Thrill Roller Coaster

Compared to large outdoor roller coasters, spinning roller coasters have many advantages that some large roller coasters do not have, but both have their own unique advantages. Spinning coasters have relatively low cost, small footprint, and small equipment size. They also provide the same thrilling experience as large roller coasters, making them more suitable for investment.

Different Application
Large roller coasters are more suitable for outdoor parks and amusement parks, with a larger footprint. Spinning coasters, on the other hand, have a smaller footprint, making them suitable not only for outdoor but also indoor amusement projects.

Different Speeds
Spinning coasters have a lower operating speed compared to large roller coasters, making them more stable and simpler, and suitable for a variety of scenes and different types of riders.

Different Riding Experiences
Large roller coasters are more suitable for adults and provide more excitement, while spinning coasters have compact track layouts, relatively low excitement, better safety, lower noise, and stronger entertainment value.

About Beston Amusement

Beston Amusement is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier,we also provide whole park solutions for people who want to start business with a new park. At our company, we are committed to providing top-quality service to our customers, from product design to after-sales support. Contact us today to learn more about our spinning roller coaster products and services.

Top Service for Spinning Roller Coaster

Beston Services
Product Design
We offer customized product design services to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Our team of experienced designers uses the latest technology to design safe and thrilling spinning roller coasters.
Integrated Production Workshops
We have integrated production workshops that cover every aspect of the production process, from raw material sourcing to final assembly. Our workshops are equipped with advanced machinery and tools to ensure high-quality production.
Professional Sales Team
Our sales team is made up of professionals who are knowledgeable about our products and can provide timely and effective customer service. They can assist with product selection, customization, and after-sales support.
Variety of Installation Methods
We offer various installation methods to suit different installation environments, including ground installation, elevated installation, and indoor installation. Our installation team has extensive experience and can ensure a smooth installation process.
Operation Tips
We provide comprehensive operation tips to help customers operate and maintain their spinning roller coasters safely and efficiently. Our tips cover everything from daily maintenance to emergency response procedures.

FAQ for Beston Spinning Roller Coaster Ride

Main Components of Spinning Roller Coaster?
The components of the spinning coaster include the track, track supports, booster mechanism, transmission device, brake device, car body, station part, fence, operator room, and other parts.
Working Principle of Spinning Roller Coaster Ride?
The spinning coaster amusement ride starts with the cabin coaster being powered by a booster mechanism and running to the lifting mechanism. The coaster is then lifted to the highest section of the track and travels along the high and low looping track by relying on the height difference, while the inertia of the coaster causes it to freely rotate horizontally 360 degrees. The operation process includes braking and boosting mechanisms, and stopping at the station is controlled by the braking and boosting devices.
How does the spinning roller coaster ride work?
The spinning coaster is a type of track-based amusement ride that is loved and welcomed by many tourists. Similar to a roller coaster, after passengers board the ride, the operator gives the departure signal, and the departure device pushes the spinning coaster away from the platform. Then, the coaster glides on the track by inertia to the bottom of the slope and is lifted by the chain on the slope.
The traction mechanism lifts it to the highest point of the track, where the spinning coaster automatically disconnects from the traction mechanism. It then continues to slide on the track by inertia, while the cabin freely rotates around the center axis of the car. The whole process of sliding is winding, undulating, and exciting, bringing joy and excitement to tourists. It is an ideal amusement facility for large parks and entertainment venues.
Tips for Selecting Spinning Roller Coaster Ride?
1.When purchasing a spinning roller coaster, you can visit the manufacturer on-site to inspect the scale of the production factory, manufacturing process, material selection, etc.
2.Pay attention to the stability of the equipment. If the manufacturer has inventory, you can test ride and experience the stability of the equipment during operation. When the equipment is ready for delivery, it also needs to be tested.
3.Equipment acceptance stage. Keep track of the production process of the spin scooter manufacturer in a timely manner, such as design, procurement, processing and manufacturing, testing, etc. After the machine is produced, a parts list can be provided for acceptance.

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