Roller Coaster for Sale

Welcome to get more information about Beston roller coaster for sale! We product big roller coaster ride with 3 to 10 ring and small roller coaster with dragon and slide worm theme. It is one of the most popular high ROI thrill ride in the amusement industry and Beston is a professional amusement park ride manufacturer who can manufacturing different types of roller coaster rides with competitive price. Planning to invest in a large roller coaster for your business? Contact Beston Amusement now! Hope to corporate with you soon!

Classfication of Beston Roller Coaster Rides

Beston Amusement is a professional roller coaster ride manufacturer and supplier. We have different types of roller coaster rides for sale in our factory. They can be divided into many types, such as roller coaster rides sorted by track length, we have 280m, 290m, 320m, 330m, 440m, 500m, 680m and etc. Roller coaster rides sorted by size, we have small and big roller coaster for sale. When sorted by theme, you can find magic ring, cobra, wild mouse, slide worm roller coasters from us. When sorted by materials, we made them by steel. When sorted by usage, we have amusement park, theme park, carnival, family, indoor and outdoor roller coaster rides. Now let’s see more information about each roller coaster from Beston Factory.

3 Loops Roller Coaster for Sale

For the 3 loops roller coaster, we have two size for sale, the medium-sized 3 loops roller coaster and large-sized 3 loops roller coaster. The total length of the big third ring roller coaster track is 498 meters, and the middle third ring roller coaster track is 440 meters long. They are all consisting of one vertical ring, two spiral rings and other track segments.
3 loops big roller coaster ride for sale

Application of Beston Roller Coaster Rides

Roller coasters are extreme thrill rides that designed for amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals and more places. They have two types of roller coasters based on size, one is a giant roller coaster and the other is a small roller coaster. Smaller roller coasters are suitable for children, while larger ones are suitable for thrill-seeking adults. Roller coaster ride is a type of motorized big scale amusement equipment which is commonly found in amusement parks and theme parks. Although the roller coaster is terrible, it is basically a very safe amusement equipment and is loved by many young tourists in the amusement parks.

Beston Kiddie Amusement Rides Used for Amusement Park

Amusement Park

Kiddie Rides Used for Funfair


Kiddie Rides for Shopping Malls

Shopping Mall

Kiddie amusement rides square use


Kiddie rides for carnival use


Kiddie rides for city park

City Park

Kiddie amusement rides for Scenic Resort

Scenic Resort
Amusement Park
Shopping Mall
City Park
Scenic Resort

Videos of Beston Roller Coaster Rides

Beston Amusement, a professional roller coaster ride manufacturer in China. You can find many different types of roller coaster ride from our factory. This part, we will show you some videos about our roller coaster rides which including roller coaster working videos, feedback videos and installing videos. We hope this will help you to get more information about Beston Roller Coasters!

Latest Cases

Engaged in the amusement industry for more than 20 years, Beston amusement equipment has been exported to more than 120 amusement parks and funfairs in the world, and our new amusement park projects have been designed and installed all over the world. Some latest successful cases for your review.

Beston roller coaster rides installed at Iraq

Medium 3-ring Roller Coaster to Iraq
This is a roller coaster project in Iraq. After contacting our product manager Miki, the customer discussed a series of solutions. The customer also visited our factory and finally chose Beston Amusement. After several months of safe production, The roller coaster equipment is completed and sent to Iraq. The equipment is still in the installation stage.

Big roller coaster rides installed at Indonesia

Large 3 Loops Roller Coaster Ship to Indonesia
This is one of our big three-ring roller coaster projects. The customer wants to install a large roller coaster in their park. After finding Beston on the Internet, our product manager and design experts provide a detailed plan for the customer. Finally, the customer Purchased a large three-ring roller coaster, and now the equipment has been installed.

Beston park project in Nigeria

Sliding Worm  Coaster Delivering to Nigeria
This is a park project that is installed at Nigeria. In addition to the sliding worm roller coaster, the customer also purchased more than 6 amusement rides from Beston.

Advantages of Choosing Beston Roller Coaster

High ROI
Beston roller coaster will be the best thrill ride for your amusement park and it is a high ROI ride.
Factory Price
We are factory, you will the best compretive cost roller coaster ride from Beston.
High Quality
We provide roller coaster equipment manufactured to international safety and quality standards. Quality is guaranteed and safer.
Super Service
Except for the roller coaster ride, you will also get more service from Beston which including amusement equipment and amusement park design, park operation.
Landmark Building
It is a landmark building with high height and strong drainage, which can be used as the landmark equipment of the park.
Fast Payback
With a variety of models for everyone to choose from, the bright and innovative design will be an ornament in your park and a source of steady income.

Top 6 Features of Beston Roller Coaster

Good Customer Experience
Low noise, smooth design, comfortable seat, good customer experience.
Product Diversity
We provide different types of roller coaster rides for sale for customers to choose.
Decorated with bright LEDs and music. The MP3 system will give you a selection system where people can choose their favorite music via USB.
Unique Design
Scientific structure, magnificent and full of excitement.
The overall shape is beautiful, the lighting effect can be added on the track, and it can also attract passengers at night.
High Quality
Modern technology handles the steel structure to ensure that every detail is safe and beautiful.

How Much Does a Roller Coaster Ride Cost

Roller coasters are large-scale amusement equipment, so the purchase price of roller coasters is the top priority of a park project, and the price of roller coasters is very important. The price of roller coasters varies greatly. Small roller coasters can generally be purchased for hundreds of thousands, but large roller coasters sometimes cost millions or even tens of millions.
Kiddie Rides Cost
What influence the price
We are factory = Beston roller coaster rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value

Customer Review for Roller Coasters

A powerful roller coaster manufacturer not only produces equipment, but also provides a full range of after-sales services. In addition to these, it also provides park design, operation plans, and equipment customization. For large equipment, price is important, but choosing a trusted manufacturer is more important. Here is the positive feedbacks from Beston’s clients.
From Pakistan
My name is Rizwan Shoukat and I would like to express my heartiest compliments to Beston Amusement Equipment for delivering exceptional customer service to us when we visited couple of times their office and factory in Zhengzhou City China last year. The sales stall hired by Beston Amusement Equipment is extremely professional. They listened to us patiently and answered each and every query of mine in a very polite way.
Beston Big Roller Coaster
From Kenya
This is Patrick from Kenya and I had just received the kiddie roller coaster bought from Beston Amusement Equipment. The equipment is really attractive in appearance and smoothly in cover. Except for the kiddie roller coaster, we also bought 4 other rides from Beston Amusement, a swing ride with 16 seat, a 16 seat carousel, some bumper cars and a self-control plane ride. When we have other requirement on new rides, we will choose Beston.
Beston Dragon Roller Coaster

3 Security Systems for Beston Roller Coaster

Roller coaster ride is one of the most thrill amusement rides which is popular used in the theme park and amusement parks. So the security system is important for the ride. In our factory, except the emergency stop butto, there are also other 3 security systems to protect the passengers. Now let’s learn more:

Triple Protection for Seats
Hydraulic pressure bar, manual lock and seat belt.

Anti-reverse Device
There is an anti-reverse device in the lifting section of the roller coaster track. If the train is powered off, it will stop soon without going backwards. Passengers can safely come down along the maintenance ladder or wait for rescue.

Triple Protection for Trains
Triple protection between roller coaster trains: connecting shaft, chain and wire rope.

Roller Coaster Manufacturing Company – Beston Amusement

As a leading amusement park roller coaster rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston is manufacturing different types of roller coaster rides with high quality exported to different countries. We are factory, you can get competitive cost from us. But we are not only factory, you will get more values from Beston Amusement Equipment than what you expected. We do not only manufacturing amusement park roller coasters to customers, we also provide amusement park design service, park operation service and all-around post-services. Do you want to build a new roller coaster for your amusement park or theme park? Then contact Beston team now!

Structure, Material Selection and Production Process

Beston Services
CNC Cutting
The surface is smooth and flat, the precision is up to 0.2mm, and the assembly equipment is safer.
Professional welding workers carry out welding and work with certificates.
Rust Removal
Professional mechanical polishing can completely remove rust from all iron parts, prolong the service life of the equipment, and be easy to paint.
FRP Material
The quality of raw materials is guaranteed, and the production process of 3 felts and 2 cloths is used in strict accordance with the standards of amusement equipment. Flat and smooth, not easy to deform, durable.
Spray Paint
The steel frame is painted with epoxy resin, which is corrosion-resistant. FRP uses acrylic paint, which has good adhesion, good heat resistance and weather resistance, good brightness and color retention, and is safe and environmentally friendly. 4-5 times of painting, the painting work is fine, and the labor cost is high.

FAQ for Beston Roller Coaster

Production time for roller coaster ride?
4-6months (take magic roller coaster for example).
Installation time for roller coaster?
6-8 engineers with 10 workers, 2 months (take magic roller coaster for example).
Capacity of roller coaster?
16 to 24 seats.
Do you offer installation Roller Coaster Ride?
Yes, we do. We can send installation engineers to your countries to finished the installation process. We will also send installation videos and user manual attached with the equipment.
Height limit of large roller coaster ride?
1.4-1.9 meter.
Weight limit of large Roller Coaster?
40kg to 100kg.
Age limit for the big Roller Coaster?
14-55 years old.
Lifespan for main parts?
Name Lifespan
 Car 8years
 Drive chain 8years
 Car driven system 15years
 Car brake system 15years
 Track 15years
 Track support 15years
Air compressor 8years
Working principle of thrill Roller Coaster?
The roller coaster rides moves on the track, all relying on the promotion of gravitational energy. First, the roller coaster vehicle is lifted to a height of tens of meters, the potential energy is accumulated when rising, and the kinetic energy is consumed when falling. This process runs through the entire roller coaster driving process, using gravitational energy as the energy of a roller coaster that makes it dance on the special track. The roller coaster offers a unique full-body experience that attracts thrill-seekers who travel far and wide to try it.
The customer visit of your roller coaster rides?
This is a picture of a roller coaster customer in Pakistan. The customer wants to buy a roller coaster. They leave us a message on the website. Our product manager quickly gets in touch with the customer. After a period of communication, the customer wants to Come to visit our factory and office to check our strength. Our product managers and others have made comprehensive preparations for the arrival of customers. Customers are very satisfied with our equipment and the reception of our business product managers.Beston roller coaster ride customer visit

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