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Roller coaster for sale with best quality here in Beston. Roller coaster is a kind of moving amusement ride, usually you will found it in amusement parks and theme parks.

Though roller coaster is thrill and scary, generally speaking, it is a safe thrill ride among all the amusement rides.

Beston amusement, with years of experience in amusement equipment, have many types of roller coasters, like mad mouse roller coasters, 3-loop roller coasters, 4-loop roller coasters, suspended roller coasters and dragon wagon ride for kids.

Roller Coaster Ride
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Rolling Coaster
Steel Roller Coasters
Roller Coaster Ride
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Roller Coaster Ride Steel Roller Coasters Rolling Coaster Steel Roller Coasters Roller Coaster Ride Amusement Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster Manufacturers

For the continuous development, our products are sold not only domestically, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other regions. There are successful cases in more than 100 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, South Korea, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brazil, etc.

The Roller Coaster
Transportation of Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster Manufacturers
Product Roller Coaster

At the same time, we constantly learn from others and renew our products. We made improvements on the basis of the crude oil roller coaster, and at the same time developed new types of roller coaster equipment such as family roller coasters. We are trustworthy enough.

Types of Roller Coaster

Roller coaster can be easily found in amusement parks, theme parks, large amusement playground. Roller coaster is a famous thrill ride with high speed and many sharp turns in the railway track. People will be lifted up and down in the experience of playing on the roller coaster. Different types amusement park roller coasters have been manufactured in past decades years.

3-loop Roller Coaster

Beston designed and manufactured the three-ring roller coaster according to national standards. The total of the track is 498 meters and consists of two vertical rings and two spiral rings and other track segments. It is a typical thrilling and exciting amusement park rides.

Sales Roller Coaster
Buy B012-GSC24 3-Loop Roller Coaster

Model: B012-GSC24A
Track length: 498m
Track height: 25.5m
Gauge: 1200mm
Train: 1 column 6
Occupants (adults and children not less than 1.4m in height) : 4 persons × 6 sections = 24 people
Increase speed: 1.12 m/s
The maximum speed of taxiing: 19.44m/s (70km/h)
Each cycle running time: 100S
Drive power: 75kw
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4-loop Roller Coaster

The total length of the track of 4-loop roller coaster is 480 meters, and there are high-speed subduction sliding sections, high-altitude turning vertical loop sections, spiral spiral sections, and horizontal loop sections. Compared with 3-loop roller coaster, it can bring you more thrilling experience because of more laps.

Coaster Ride
B039-GSC16A 4-Loop Roller Coaster For Sale

Model: B039-GSC16A
Track length: 480m
Track height: 25.2m
Gauge: 1187mm
Maximum train speed: 19.17m/s (69Km/h)
Lifting speed: 1.34m/s
Train: four cars in a row
Running time: 100s
Drive power: 77kw
Installed capacity: 90kw
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7-loop Roller Coaster

7-loop Roller Coaster is famous for its loops and long trip. When you are in a big amusement park, you will often hear the screaming sound, which may be related to riding the Seven Rings Roller Coaster. So, 7-loop roller coaster can greatly satisfy people’s courage.

The Roller Coaster
B012-GSC24B 7-Loop Roller Coaster For Sale

Model: B012-GSC24B
Track length: 760m
Track height: 38m
Crew: 24 people
Maximum speed: 85km/h
Running time: 100s/round
Electric power: 132kw
Voltage: 3N+PEAC380v/220V 50hz
Floor area: 110m*60m
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Suspended Roller Coaster

It is our the new kind of roller coaster. This suspended roller coaster rides is designed and manufactured in new style. Vintage roller coaster for sale takes large proportion in roller coaster market, but the new style roller coaster for sale also become a big hit in recent years.

Unlike other roller coasters, the seat is suspended, and the seat is tilted during the operation of the equipment.

Passengers sit on the hanging chair, which is connected with the wheel bridge, and the wheel bridge and the wheel bridge are connected by a beam body and a spherical hinge coupling.

People on Roller Coasters
Buy B039-GSC20A Suspended Roller Coaster Ride

Model: B039-GSC20A
Operating speed: 20.7m/s (74.4Km/h)
Track height: 28 m
Number of passengers: 14
Lifting speed: 1m/s
Track length: 500m
Number of Cars: 7 Cars
Drive power: 90KW
Number of cabins: 7 cars 1 row
Equipment usage method: fixed
Drive / transmission mode motor drive / chain lift whether the passenger rolling: yes
Gauge: 1220mm
Running time: about 105s
Installed capacity: 124KVA
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Amphibious Roller Coaster

Beston also supplies new amphibious roller coaster for sale in affordable price. The amphibious roller coaster combines land and water to bring a new experience. If you are looking for new roller coaster for sale to attract more people to your amusement parks, it will be your best choice.

Roller Coaster Train
Buy B039-GSC20B Amphibious Roller Coaster

Model: B039-GSC20B
Running speed: 15.6m/s
Equipment height: 25m
Carrying total number of people: 10 people per car
Track length: 480m
Number of trains: 2 columns
The train runs for one circle: about 150s
Driving power: 90kw
Total installed power: 175kw
Land area: 100*46m
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Family Roller Coaster

As one of professional roller coaster manufacturers, Beston also supplies family roller coaster for sale in cheap price. The family roller coaster is a parent-child project developed by our company based on market demand. When children want to experience exciting projects, but parents are worried, family roller coasters can be an option.

Family Roller Coaster
B013-GSD16 Faminly Rolling Coaster For Sale

Model: B013-GSD16
Equipment height: 11m
Running height: 9.8m
Power: 96kw
Land area: 30*47m
Carrying number: 16
Track length: 290m
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Mad Mouse Roller Coaster

Mad Mouse roller coasters are designed and decorated with many adorable and lovely cartoon figures. Their chair is a mouse cartoon, which is more suitable for children.And at the same time, the equipment is of moderate height, so both adults and children can play.

The Roller Coaster Ride
B008-GSD10 Rolling Coster For Sale

Model: B008-GSD10
Power source: AC380V/50Hz
Total power: 15kW
Drive power: 7.5kW
Track length: 280m
Gauge distance: 600mm
Lifting speed: 1.7m/s
The minimum turning radius of the track: R3m
Glide speed: ≤40km/h
Number of vehicles: 5
Number of crew: 10 people (2 people/car)
The maximum height of the track: 8m
Equipment operating height: 8.4m
The total height of the equipment: 9m
Floor area: 36m×27m
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Kids Roller Coaster

Sometimes, kids may be more challenging. So in response to this phenomenon, Beston also have different types of roller coaster for kids. For example, dragon wagon ride, mini shuttle ride, green trochlear and so on.

Fun Roller Coasters
B036-GDX24 Roller Coaster Sale For Kids

Model: B036-GDX24
Cabin: 12
Passenger: 24
Maximum linear speed: 1.5 m/s
Operating height: ≤1.9m
Total weight: 8.5 tons
Total height: about 2.5 meters.
Area (including guardrail): 17.5m×11m
Electric power: 16kW
Occupies area: 16m×9m
Ascent angle:
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Indoor Roller Coaster for Sale

As one of professional roller coaster manufacturers, Beston also supply indoor roller coaster for sale in cheap price. The fruit worm mini roller coaster for sale is the best selling indoor miniature roller coaster for sale. Indoor roller coaster is not as large and big as outdoor roller coaster rides, they are designed in small and mini size. So, it also can be called as indoor miniature roller coaster. The railway track of indoor roller coaster is short and the height is not tall.

Kiddie Roller Coaster
B023-GDX1601 Fruit Worm Mini Roller Coaster For Sale

Model: B023-GDX1601
Operating area: 11*13m
Equipment height: 2..1m
Gross weight of equipment: 2.6t
Crew: 16
Power: 2.5kw
Voltage: 220v
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Kids Indoor Roller Coaster
Buy B004-GDX01 Mini Shuttle Ride

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Children's Indoor Roller Coaster
B023-GDX12 Mini Shuttle Ride For Sale

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How Are Roller Coasters Powered?

Circular Roller Coaster
Work Principle of B012-GSC24A Roller Coster

Normally roller coaster is popular in the fields of amusement rides. But have you considered how it work? How does it go up and down? In fact, the operation system of the roller coaster adopts automatic interlock control, manual control and maintenance mode, and emergency control mode.

The key system is console. It is installed in the station operating room, the panel is equipped with control buttons, indicator lights and manual knobs for equipment control operations.
Another is power control cabinet. That is used for drive control of the main traction motor.

Roller Coaster Safety

Person on Roller Coaster
B012-GSC24B Roller Coaster Safety

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  1. Block system is one of the most important safety system that implemented in roller coasters. Lots of huge roller coasters will run two or more trains at one time, and in this moment, the block system will prevents these train from colliding.
  2. Usually the track will be divided into several sections. So in order to prevent the roller coaster from colliding and keep safety, the block system should always keep a good working condition.
  3. Riders are the main factor in this safety process. Riders should keeps a good physics. And strictly follow the roller coaster rules.
  4. Then pay special attention to the environmental conditions under which the equipment is used, such as strong wind, rain and snow.
  5. Last but not the least, another one safety factor is the control of the roller coaster’s operating computers. Roller coaster owners should maintain the roller coaster regularly and inspection is required to verify the structures and materials are within expected wear tolerances and always keeps a sound working order.

How much does a Roller Coaster Cost?

Buying roller coaster from Beston you want is a wise choice. We have high-quality products. we supply various kinds of roller coaster for sale in discount price. As a leading roller coaster supplier from China, our roller coaster for sale have been sold very well in China.

Roller Coaster with Most Loops
B037-GSC24 Cobra Roller Coaster For Sale

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Children's Outdoor Roller Coaster
B002-GDX18 Wacky Worm Roller Coaster For Kids

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On the Roller Coaster
B037-GSC12 Magic Ring Roller Coaster For Sale

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With the price, we can guarantee that the equipment could use longtime from customers’ feedback. Thus, you can buy one at a lower price, which is not only affordable, but also reduces the number of purchases.

And we can be responsible for the maintenance of the product within a certain period of time. In this way, you can reduce a maintenance cost. The cost of roller coaster includes the purchasing prices and using costs. Awarded as the most cost-effective brand, the roller coaster cost in our company is always the most reasonable.

Where to Buy a Roller Coaster?

If you want run a theme park business, it is very necessary to buy a roller coaster at your amusement parks. Beston, an experienced roller coaster maker, become a famous brand in amusement park rides market. When you desire to know more about roller coaster. You can contact with us any time.

Beston selects high quality material in manufacturing roller coaster, all of our roller coaster rides for sale have acquired international quality certifications. For the roller coaster train, Beston use FRP as original material. As for the track, we select strong steel. Beston roller coaster rides can be used in a long time and easy to maintenance.

Beston roller coaster for sale can be customized in different size and colors. If you have better idea from professional roller coaster design, please contact Beston, we will do our best to help you.

Beston also offer the best pre-sell service and after-sell service. Before buying roller coaster for sale, we provide the pictures and video of our roller coaster rides. And we also welcome you to visit our factory on the spots.

Roller Coaster Over Water
Buy B039-GSC20B Amphibious Roller Coaster

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Buy B039-GSC24 6-Loop Roller Coaster

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After years of development, Our main products include ferris wheel, carousel, flying chair, pirate ship, bumper cars, pendulum rides, naughty castles, super trampolines, video games, tagada rides and other types of amusement facilities.

You can learn more about our products. Once you are interested, you could contact with us. We are waiting for you at all times! And we will offer you more details.

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