Pirate Ship Ride For Sale

Pirate Ship Ride
B033-GD24 Pirate Ship For Sale

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A pirate ship ride is a type of pendulum amusement ride which can give you a different thrilling experience. The ride is always in the style of a pirate ship as what its name told us. The Pirate Ship Rides consist of many parts including many load carrying members and electric devices.

We Beston have years’ experience for manufacturing quality pirate rides which had been offered to the customers from all over the world, satisfying our customers is our obligation.

Beston Pirate Ship Ride For Sale

While you are considering buying amusements for your amusement park, Beston is a good choice. We have varies of products for your choose. Besides these, we also have:

pirate ship boat ride
B002-GD24 Pirate Ship

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Viking Ship Ride
Buy B033-GD24 Pirate Ship

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  1. Low Cost and High Security
    As we all know, for this kind of thrilling equipment, safety issues are the most important. Therefore, when we are producing, we also pay great attention to this issue, and strive to create high-quality pirate ships at the lowest cost.
  2. High Quality and Perfect Pre-sale, While-sale Service
    Before buying, we will offer you more information as much as possible. And you can visit our company at any time.
    While buying, efficient communication and easy payment methods will save more time.
  3. Intimate After Sale Service
    When transaction, carefully package and transporting are needed. Similarly, we will tell you how to operate the pirate ship and how to maintain it. And, for you, any problems will be solved immediately., whether the use or repair problems.

Types of Pirate Ship Ride

24 P Pirate Ship Ride

24 P pirate ship ride is one of pirate ship ride. It covers small footprint. If you want a pirate ship ride but have small space, you could consider this type.

Pirate Boat Ride
Buy B002-GD24 Pirate Ship

Model: B002-GD24
Input voltage:
Output voltage: ≤DC36V
Total power: 11.5kw
Maximum swing angle: 43°
Operating height (passenger position): 1.9m
Operating speed: ≤2m/s
Crew: 24 people
Area: 12 meters * 8 meters
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12 P Mobile Pirate Ships

Have you seen the amusement moving? We have a new style pirate ship that it could move. Because its appearance uses cartoon, it attract many kids to play. But meanwhile, the adult could also play together.

Swinging Ship Ride
B015-GD12Y Moving Pirate Ship For Sale

Model: B015-GD12Y
Power Supply:
Power: 3.5kw
Height: 4m
Operating area: 3*6.6m
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Kids Pirate Ship Ride

As a child amusement ride and in order to cater to the needs of people of all ages, we also produce a miniature pirate ship for children to play. Its shape is composed of cartoon patterns that children like, and the decoration is very childlike.

At the same time, the height and swing angle of the pirate ship are controlled within the range suitable for children.

Mini Pirate Swing Ship Ride
B025-GD12 Mini Pirate Ship Sale For Children

Model: B025-GD12
Height: 4m
Capacity: 12 people
Voltage: 380v
Power: 3Kw
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Pirate Ship Ride Physics

Riders pull down the pressure bar to make the safety lever locked in the position of the riders. A pressure sensor will send a signal to drive the motor after confirming that all the pressure bars are in the right position.

Viking Boat Ride
Work Principile of Pirate Ship Ride

The motor starts to rotate forth and back alternatively and the pirate ship ride swings back and forth by driving the tires.It keeps swinging until the hull reach the highest position, after that, the motor stops running and the ship swings by inertia.

Owing to the air resistance on the hull, it swings more and more slowly. The motor will restart to make the swinging hull at a proper speed when it reaches the predetermined time.

Is the Pirate Ship Ride dangerous?

In order to ensure a certain degree of safety, our company use strong materials and each seat is equipped with a seat belt. You can rest assured of our quality problems.

Viking Pirate Ship
B008-GD24 Pirate Ship For Sale

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Besides, everyone, whether he is an operator or a passenger, should strictly abide by the relevant requirements and instructions.

The operator should keep in mind the operating procedures of the equipment and test run no less than twice a day before opening. After confirming that everything is normal, the operation can be started.

Meanwhile, the pirate ship needs to be used under the following environmental conditions:

  1. Power supply voltage: 380V, 50Hz
  2. When the power supply voltage fluctuation range exceeds ±10% of the rated value, operation should be suspended until it returns to normal.
  3. The equipment should not be installed in the channel of the high-voltage power transmission and distribution rack.
  4. When encountering rain, snow, hail, fog, and severe weather with wind speed greater than 15m/s, you should temporarily stop using.
  5. The operating environment of the equipment is: -10℃~35℃, relative humidity is not more than 85%, high altitude on the ground with a degree of less than 2000m.
  6. The safety distance from surrounding obstacles is not less than 500mm.
  7. The service life of the equipment is 8 years (operating for 300 days per year and operating for 8 hours per day).

Pirate Ship Ride Price

Pirate Ship Swing Ride
B033-GD24 Pirate Ship For Sale

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Swinging Ship Ride
B025-GD12 Mini Pirate Ship For Sale

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Swing Amusement Ride
Buy B015-GD12Y Pirate Ship For Kids

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In terms of the pirate ship ride sale price, different types have different prices. But, generally speaking, the price is affordable. Because, from the customer’s point of view, all the components we use are the best, and the equipment and facilities are also the most complete.

The pirate ship is a stimulating project. In order to guarantee pirate ship ride quality, we have high demands on the materials and technology used. Therefore, you do not worry about the products.

Features of Pirate Ship Ride

Pirate Ship Swing Ride
B002-GD24 Pirate Ship For Sale

  • The Beston Pirate Ship Rides can be decorated with lighting bulbs.
  • Cost little and low prices.
  • Easy to operate and maintain. Our after-sale teams will help our customers with installation.
  • High quality and maintenance in a limited time.


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What is the Pirate Ship Ride Called?

Pirate ship ride is a variant where the riders must pull on ropes to swing the ride is known as a swing boat. The Looping Starship, manufactured by Intamin is similar to a pirate ship, except that goes upside down. This gives the rider a feel of zero gravity for a moment as it swings back down while making 360° loops.
The names listed are given by the manufacturers, and individual parks may change the name of the ride itself. Many parks use a Viking Ship theme for their ride. Smaller versions of the ride are often called “Swingboats”.

Sea Dragon Ride
Sea Dragon Ride For Sale

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Pirate Ship Boat Ride
B033-GD24 Pirate Ship For Sale

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