Octopus Ride for Sale

A cute ride with attractive appearance, octopus ride for sale is coming! This is a large capacity amusement ride which is designed for kids. The capacity is 30 passengers in total which will carry much more passengers at one time! It is a high ROI ride in the amusement park. Want to buy a new octopus ride? Contact Beston Amusement for details now!

Octopus Fairground Ride for Sale

Beston octopus ride has 6 arms in total, each of the arm hanging a few cockpits. When running, both the arms and the cockpit of the equipment run along different trajectories, each cockpit can seat 2 kids. After sitting on it, it is like riding a real octopus tour in the sea. Except for the existing model, we also accept custom order about the ride.
Item Octopus Fairground Ride
Capacity 30P
Power 20KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Running Height 1.95m
Running Speed 1.9m/s(2.8r/min)
Height of the Equipment 5.5m
Diameter 13m
Octopus fairground ride with 30 seats
The color and shape of the rotating big octopus seat can be customized according to your choice, and there are many colors to choose from.
When the rotating octopus is running, the seat will move up and down and rotate by itself, and tourists can also control it by themselves.
The luxurious configuration of the rotating octopus ride: melodious music, positioning, gorgeous lighting.
Fadeless Painting: Sandblasted steel rails and steel pipes, polished, fiberglass, stainless steel fasteners, colorfast and durable color design.

Application of the Octopus Carnival Ride

Its shape is like a huge octopus. So interesting! And it will attract more small visitors to your amusement business. It is a type of popular rotating amusement equipment that is common used in the amusement parks, theme parks, shopping malls, carnivals and other large outdoor and indoor play area.

Amusement Park

Kiddie Funfairs


Peak Amusement Park

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Amusement rides for city parks

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Related Videos of Beston Octopus Rides

Interested in this kiddie octopus ride? Want to get more information about the octopus ride? This part will show you more information about the ride, you can watch the video by learning how the octopus ride work? Is it easy to operate? Now check the videos for details! Or you can also contact us directly for more information.

Recent Project About the Octopus Ride

This part will show you some octopus ride successful cases from Beston Amusement. As a professional amusement ride factory, we had shipped many set of octopus amusement rides to different countries. Here show you a part of our latest customer.

Beston Octopus Rides Ship to Uzbekistan

Octopus Amusement Ride Ship to Uzbekistan
This is the big rotating octopus and several other amusement equipment we sent to Uzbekistan. A few months ago, the customer left us a message on the website, saying that he wanted to purchase some amusement equipment and wanted to get some suggestions.

Kiddie Octopus Ride Will Be Shipping to Nigeria

Kiddie Octopus Ride Installed at Nigeria
A client in Nigeria wants to build a park project, so he found several suppliers on the Internet. After comparison, he finally chose us. We provide customers with professional park design solutions, help customers choose amusement equipment, and maximize the use of existing equipment. Some land is used to operate the park project.

Octopus Ride for Palestine Customer

Octopus Ride for Palestine
This is a 30-seat large octopus equipment purchased by our customer from Palestine. The customer also purchased a 16-seat carousel and one other equipment. The customer happened to be in China at the time, so he came to visit our factory by the way. After the visit, he was satisfied with the quality of our equipment and customer reception.

Benefit Of Buying Octopus Fairground Ride from Beston

Long-life Span
The production process of octopus ride is mature which will provide you a high performance equipment.
Fast Payback
The age span of passengers is large, and the passenger flow is large to ensure rapid income.
Save Cost
There is a simple control panel on the equipment. It is simple to operate which will save your trainning cost on new staff.
High ROI
Unique design, 30 seat large capacity will bring you more visitors. We are factory and you can get factory price from Beston.
Attractive to Visitors
Beautiful octopus shape and brilliant lighting systems makes the octopus ride more attractive.
High Participatory
It is a type of self-control kiddie ride which means the the speed of rotation and height of the cabin can be adjusted by the passengers.This will bring more pleasure to passengers.

Price to Buy Octopus Ride

Beston Amusement is a factory, you will get competitive cost of the octopus ride. The price of this kiddie ride is not very high. But the price is not stable, it will changes by many factors. Different amusement rides manufacturer will give you different price. You should choose a reliable company. Before buying a octopus ride, you should compare different things and then make the decision.
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = The Octopus Ride Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Customer Reviews

Beston Amusement is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier who has exported many sets of amusement park rides which includes octopus rides, carousel rides, kiddie plane rides, bumper cars to different countries in the world. And we had got many positive feedbacks from our customers from different places.
From Nigeria
Last year, we started planning a park project. We found Beston on the Internet. They gave us a whole project solution. My partners were quite satisfied with the plan. In the end, we adopted a beston plan through negotiation. The equipment for this project was also purchased from Beston Amusement.
Park Project
From Uzbekistan
We had purchased a octopus ride and kiddie plane ride Beston Amusement not long ago, and now these two equipments have been received and the installation has been completed. It has passed several safety tests, everything works fine, and the equipment is of good quality and working condition.
Multiple Equipment

Why Choose Beston to Buy The Octopus Ride?

We are factory, we can provide competitive cost for our customer to buy this flying car ride. Our rapid flying car ride can be used for many places. There are several different types of rapid flying car rides for you to choose. But, we are not only factory. We also provide more services.We have a professional service team. Beston Amusement is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier. We have our own service team to safeguard the usage of the amusement equipment that you bought from us. Here is Beston service team video show.

FAQ for Octopus Rides

Do You Provide Installation for this ride?
Yes, we can provide installation for the flying car ride if needed, we also send installation videos and user manual attached with the equipment.
Load Capacity of Each Cabin?
Do you offer wearing parts?
Yes, we do, we will send wearing parts when shipping the equipment to you.
How Does the Octopus Fairground Ride Work?
An upper slewing device is installed on the bottom slewing device of the rotating big octopus, and a crankshaft is installed on the upper slewing device. When the crankshaft moves, the boom is driven to run up and down through a predetermined hydraulic system, and the passenger cockpit is installed on the auxiliary arm at the end of the boom. , When the up and down slewing device moves, it drives the cockpit to run in waves. The movements of the equipment are coordinated and the operation is stable and reliable.
General Steps for Installing the Octopus Ride
1.Fix the eccentric disc on the upper part of the movement
2.Install the boom
3.Install connecting rod and oil cylinder (there is one connecting rod and one oil cylinder on each boom) Each connecting rod has a number. When installing, the connecting rod and the boom with the same number should be fixed with bolts. Cylinders are universal.
4. Install the shield.
5. Install the forearm.
6.Install the boom reducer.
7.Install the cockpit bracket.
8.Install the cockpit.
9.At this point, the iron parts are basically assembled, and then install the FRP part.
10.Secure the top octopus on the eccentric plate and secure the 6 octopus whiskers of the octopus.
11.Install the boom light board.There are 4 light boards on each boom, 2 with lighting, fix the light boards on the boom as shown in the picture above, the junction is edged with aluminum corners.
12.Install the middle wall decoration and the lower wall (before installing this part, connect the middle circuit, see the circuit wiring diagram for details)
13.Install the lower part around the base of the movement and fasten it with screws.
14.Tips: we will send you installation pictures and videos.
15.Then you will finished the installation process.
Do You Accept Custom Order?
Yes, we do. We accept custom orders about the color, theme and logo of the octopus ride.
Are you factory?
Yes, Beston Amusement has our own amusement rides factory. You can get reasonable cost here.
Service Life of the Octopus Ride?
8 years from the date of manufacture.

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