Miami Ride for Sale

Different types of miami ride for sale you can buy from Beston is available now! 6 to 20 seats with different themes for you to choose. Various of models with competitive cost makes the miami amusement ride become a fast payback ride in the amusement park. All the miami ride from Beston has passed the CV, BV, ISO, GOST, SGS certifications! Want to purchase one? Feel free to contact Beston Amusement now!

Beston Miami Ride Lists

Beston miami ride for sale, also called miami trip ride and Arab flying carpet ride, is a kind of small and medium-sized amusement ride for kids and adults with reciprocating spinning movement. We have many different types of miami ride for sale in our factory which including 6 seat, 8 seat, 10 seat, 12 seat and even 20 seats. Themes of the miami ride various. Learn more about our miami trip ride now!

Customized Miami Funfair Rides

You can purchase miami ride with different capacities from Beston Amusement. We also accept customized order on size, capacity, color and themes according to your requirement. Which type of miami ride are you looking for? Welcome to tell us your requirement now!
Beston customized miami rides with 12 seats

10 Seats Miami Rides for Sale

This type of miami ride can accommodate 10 kids at one time, it is composed of reliable spare parts for better performance. It is suitable for kids and adults and popular used in the funfair, amusement park, kids playground and theme parks.
10 Seater Miami Ride for Sale

12 Seats Miami Rides for Sale

12 seater miami ride is a kiddie version miami trip ride, it is smaller in size and cheaper than the large capacity miami ride. With the colorful painting and optimized system, this 12 seater miami ride will attractive more visitors to your park.
12 seats miami ride from Beston

16 Seats Miami Rides for Sale

The 16-seat miami ride is connected by two huge arms. The movement of the seat is completely parallel to the ground. Its running height does not exceed two meters. It is also an amusement equipment which is suitable for adults and children at the same time.
16 Seater Miami Ride for Sale

18 Seats Miami Rides for Sale

This is a large miami ride that carry 18 people at one time, this is equivalent to twice the number of small miami ride. Compared with the small miami ride, the operation mode of the 18 seater miami ride is more diverse and interesting. It is suitable for large amusement and theme parks.
18 Seats Miami Ride for Sale

Application of Miami Amusement Rides

Miami fairground ride is a kind of kiddie amusement equipment that reciprocates and rotates. It is connected to a long row of seats by two swivel arms, and the entire movement is carried out on a plane perpendicular to the ground. Passengers sit in rows on the benches with rotating up and down, left and right with the rock music, the speed of rising and falling is very fast. This miami fairground ride is commonly used in the amusement parks, funfairs, shopping mall, squares and etc.

Amusement Park


Shopping Mall



Amusement rides for city parks

City Park

Amusement rides used in the Scenic Resort

Scenic Resort
Amusement Park
Shopping Mall
City Park
Scenic Resort

Videos of Miami Funfair Ride

Interested in the miami ride? Want to invest in a new miami ride for your amusement park business? Check the video of miami surf ride to get more information now! Here we mainly show you some running videos of the miami in our factory and customer feedback videos. I hope that through this part, you can learn more about our equipment.

Successful Cases of Miami Ride

Beston is a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China. We manufacturing many different types of amusement rides for amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs and indoor use. Our amusement rides includes miami ride has been exported to more than 65 countries. Following us to learn more now!

12 Seat Kiddie Miami Ride Customized for Russia

Kiddie Miami Ride Ship to Russia
A customer from Russia bought a 12 seat miami ride from our company a few months ago to use in their park, their original equipment was old and it was time to replace it, so the customer found us online and wanted to buy A new miami ride to replace the original one, our product manager sent a detailed quotation about miami ride to the customer soon.

10 seats Miamia Ride for Nigeria

Miami Ride Installed at Nigeria
The Nigerian park project customer also installed a miami ride. The customer purchased a 10-seat miami ride. He directly contacted our product manager through the  website, the client wanted to build a new amusement park, so our product manager and the design team provided several plans, the client finally adopted our plan and completed the park project.

10 seater miami ride for Russia customer

Large Miami Ride for Saudi Arabia
This is a 10-seat miami fairground ride that exported toSaudi Arabia. The customer’s initial request is to purchase several new types of equipment. We sent a detailed quotation to the customer. After a period of communication, the customer wanted to visit our factory. Our team warmly received the customer.

Advantages of Buying Miami Ride

High ROI
Lower cost with high payback, the miami ride will get you more profits.
Low Maintenance
The miami ride has undertake multiple times of full load tests before leaving the factory. It is is simple to operate and easy to maintain.
Lower Cost
A professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, the price of the equipment is more competitive, which can save you unnecessary costs.
We have a dedicated after-sales service team to solve problems for customers, allowing you to use our equipment more worry-free.
More Visitors
With novel deisign, the miami ride from Beston Amusement will draw more attentions for the park.
Fast Payback
With less cost and high attendance rate, customers get the funds back soon.

Top 6 Features of Beston Miami Rides

Attractive Appearanc
we can add some additional decorations up to our Miami rides.
Full Range
We have more than 6 types of miami ride for sale and also accept customized order.
Quality Assurance
Our Miami amusement rides has passed the national safety guidelines.
Customization Service
Color, size and capacity of the Miami rides can be customized.
Unique Design
We always delivery rides on schedule and offer the best after-sale service.
Easy to Operate
Simple equipment program, easy to operate and maintain.

Cost to Buy Miami Rides

Generally speaking, miami ride is cheaper than other mechancial ride like roller coasters, ferris wheel ride, pendulum ride. The specific price of miami ride will differ accoding to the capacity of the miami ride. There are so many types of miami trip ride with 8 to 20 seats for customers to choose. The price is changing from one hundred thousand usd to one million usd.
Kiddie Rides Cost
Four factors affecting the price of miami ride
We are factory = Miami Trip Ride Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
02. Quality

Customer Reviews

Beston’s miami ride has been exported to different countries in the world. Most of them has got positive feedbacks from customer. Both the appearance and quality of the equipment have received a lot of praises, now let’s see how customer evaluate our miami ride.
From Uebekistan
We had just finished the miami ride and it has been operating for about one weeks. Till now, everything goes well and it really attractive to visitors in our local place. This is a 10 seat customized miami ride that we bought from Beston Amusement, it works smoothly and really attractive.
10 Seater Miami Ride
From Nigeria
The new park has been finished for more than 2 months and we will open it soon. Beston Amusement help us to build the amusement park and we bought 7 amusement rides from the company which including a 16 seat carousel, swing ride, disco ride, self-control plane ride, wacky worm coaster, a 12 seats miami ride and 6 bumper cars.
3 Amusement Rides

What to Consider When Buying Miami Ride?

When you decide to invest in a row seating device, what are the main factors you consider? Under normal circumstances, our customers will mainly consider the area of the equipment, the capacity of the equipment and the population of the equipment. Next, we will look at the introduction of these three aspects in detail.

Cover Area
When you decide to buy a miami ride, you must have an understanding of how to choose the size of the miami trip ride. What is the size of the space you reserve, is it fixed, or can it be expanded? You need to choose a suitable miami amusement ride according to the size of your site. You can contact our sales manager to get the size of miami ride, and then choose the appropriate one, or you can tell our sales manager the size of your venue, and we can customize it for you.

At present, we have 10, 12, 16 and 18 seats miami fairground ride. You can analyze the flow of people in the park in advance ( the flow of people at the holiday time or the flow of people on weekdays), and choose the appropriate miami ride. The 16 seat and 18 seat miami ride can take more passengers, but they also have a larger footprint and will has a higher cost. Fit is the most important.

Applicable Groups
You have already learned that we have various models of miami ride for sale, and their applicable groups are also different. When you want to purchase this equipment, you already have a general control over its future passengers, so when you decide to buy, be sure to consider whether it is mainly aimed at children or adults or both of them. If your park is mainly open for very young children, then will bring more income to your park.

Why Buy Beston Miami Ride?

Beston Amusement is a trustworthy amusement rides manufacturer in China who has established for more than 20 years. For each set of amusement ride which including miami ride we sell, we have corresponding qualification certificates. Before our equipment is shipped, it will undergo strict factory testing(each set of miami ride will passed the full load test of more than 80 hours) to ensure the quality and safety of the equipment. In addtion, we do not only suuply miami ride for customer, you can also choose other different types of amusement rides for your business and we also have provessional designer team to undertake the design of amusement parks. Choose Beston Amusement! Choose Success!

Beston Service for Miami Ride

Beston Services
Standardized Production Process
1. The standardized production process guarantees the high-quality row seating equipment in our factory, and we strictly control the production details of each step to ensure the production of the equipment.
2. The skilled production process allows us to shorten the production cycle under the premise of ensuring quality, and let you receive the goods faster.
Factory Test
1. After the completion of the main frame of each row seating equipment, a flaw detection test will be carried out to ensure the welding strength.
2. After the production of the whole machine is completed, the whole machine test will also be carried out, including no-load, full-load partial load.
Packing and Shipping
1. We will pack the equipment in strict accordance with the export packaging standards to ensure that the products are not damaged, and will be reinforced in the container.
2. Before delivery, we will compare them one by one according to the list of accessories sitting in rows, so as to avoid wrong delivery.
1. At the delivery completion meeting, the company will send two engineers on-site to guide the installation (electrical engineer and mechanical engineer) according to customer needs..
2. In addition, we will provide the customer with the operation manual of the row seat. After the installation and commissioning is completed, the installer will provide free employee training services.
After-sales service
1. We provide a one-year warranty service for the row seat equipment, and replace the accessories free of charge due to product quality problems during the one-year warranty period.
2. We will also arrange regular return visits by engineers to provide customers with value-added services such as training and maintenance.

FAQ for Miami Rides

Do you provide installation for the miami ride?
Yes, we can provide installation service for the miami ride if you need, we will also send installation videos and user manual attached with the miami ride.
Do you accept custom order?
Yes, we do. We accept custom orders about the size, color, theme and logo of the miami fairground ride.
Are you factory?
Yes, Beston is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, we have our own factory. You can get reasonable cost for the miami trip ride.
Is the voltage changeable?
Yes, the voltage of this ride can be changed according to the standard in your country.
Service life of the whole equipment and key components?
The designed normal service life of the whole machine is 8 years, but the service life will be shortened in places where it is used too frequently, and the inspection result of the testing agency shall prevail.
The design life of the reducer including the motor is 5 years.
The frequency converter is designed for a service life of 5 years.
Structure and working principles of miami ride.
The skeleton of the miami fairground ride is an integral welded frame. The silo body is welded by structural steel. The sitting body is placed horizontally (the whole row is in a row), there is a motor, the whole equipment is variable speed, and both arms rotate at the same time.
The rocking miami trip ride is a dual-output motor that drives the turbo reducer through the transmission shaft, and the rocker arm is driven by the speed reducer to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.
The motion of miami ride?
The miami ride is a small and medium-sized amusement equipment. It is similar to the chair swing ride and the Arabian flying carpet. It is produced and designed for children. The style is cute, the structure is safe, and the fun is endless. It’s a bit of a thrill ride, but it’s safe enough for kids, and it runs slower than other amusement park rides. Miami ride is a reciprocating and rotating amusement ride. The ride is connected by two rotating arms. A long row of seats, the entire movement is carried out on a plane perpendicular to the ground. Passengers sit in rows on the benches, rotate up and down, left and right with the rock music, and the speed of rise and fall is very fast, feeling overweight and weightless. Alternate, very exciting, feel the carnival atmosphere in the screaming
Where to buy miami ride?
When you decide too buy a miami ride, you can open the website of amusement park rides manufacturer, for example, then you can check the web-page and get more information about the miami ride.
What is the height of miami ride?
We have miami ride with 6 to 20 seats, each set of miami ride have a different height. But generally speaking, the height is between 2 to 8 meter. 10 and 12 seats miami ride is lower than the 16 and 18 seats miami ride.
Manufacturing time of the miami ride?
Usually, the manufacturing time of the miami ride is about 1 to 2 months. But it is depending on the size and theme of the ride. For detailed time, you can ask for our sales manager.
Running height of the miami ride?
As you know that, we have 10 to 18 seat miami rides for sale. So the running height of the miami ride will depends on the arm rotation radius. It will varies from the size of the miami ride. Generally speaking, the running height of the miami fairground ride is ranging from 2 to 10 meters. Smaller miami ride has a lower running height while large miami ride has a higher running height. We also accept customize order about different types of miami ride.
Tips for reduce the maintenance costs on miami ride?
First of all, a high quality miami ride will reduce the maintenance cost. When you need to buy a miami ride, you can choose a reliable and professional amusement rides manufacturer. Moreover, a professional manufacturer will also help you training the staff to solving the technical problems, in this way, you can save more cost on finding other people to solve problems.
Why choose Beston to buy miami ride?

Beston Amusement is a professional miami trip ride manufacturer and supplier in China, We have 8000+ successful cases in the world. The miami ride you are interested all pass the certifications with CV/BV/ISO/GOST/SGS, etc.

Each set of miami ride from Beston Amusement will passed strict quality testing before we sending it to customer. We have the ability to design a new miami ride for customer about its color, appearance and cockpit number.

Last but not the least, Beston Amusement has a larger advanced workshop of about 80000 square meters with 300+ qualified staff workers.

Miami ride purchasing process from Beston Amusement
1. Send an inquiry on the website, we will arrange the sales manager to get in touch with you soon.
2. We will give a design plan according to the site conditions or you can choose the equipment in stock
3. Negotiate the design plan with the buyer
4. After the buyer is satisfied, sign the contract and pay the negotiation deposit
5. We produce and ship, and the buyer pays the remaining balance
6. The installation and commissioning cooperation is completed.
Does the miami ride suitable for kids?

Yes, the miami funfair ride is safe for kids who is young enough. On the one hand, when the miami trip ride is running, the passengers move with it under the action of gravity, and equipment itself has special measures to ensure the safety of all riders.

On the other hand, the form of movement of miami fairground ride is relatively simple, and there will be no more spinning movements. At the same time, each cockpit is also equipped with seat belts, so it is very safe for children.

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