Kiddie Rides for Sale

Kiddie rides for sale from Beston Amusement, more than 30 different types of rides for you to choose. Novel design and attractive appearance kiddie rides from Beston will boom your amusement park business. Interested to get some kids rides? Contact us now!

Main Types of Beston Kiddie Rides

Kiddie amusement rides for sale in Beston, also called children’s rides, kids rides, kiddy rides. There are so many different types of kiddie rides on sale in the amusement rides market. Because children is the largest customer group of amusement equipment. Now Beston will show you different types of kiddie rides for sale here:
Kiddie Carousel Rides

Kiddie Track Rides

Kiddie Dragon Roller Coaster
Kiddie Wacky Worm Roller Coaster
Mini Shuttle Kiddie Roller Coaster
Kiddie Self-control Plane Rides

Kiddie Indoor Amusement Rides

Kids Indoor Playground Equipment
Kids Trampoline Park Equipment

Kiddie Electric Car Rides

Kiddie Bumper Car Rides
Kiddie Go Karts

Kiddie Carousel Rides

Kiddie carousel ride for sale is one of the most popular and classic amusement equipment in Beston. You can find more than 10 types more kids carousel rides here, they are mini carousels, 16 seat carousels, 24 seat carousels, 36 seat carousel and even 68 seat double decker carousels. The cockpit of kiddie carousels from Beston Amusement is mainly shaped by horses, but also has the shapes of various other animals. You can customized according to your requirement.
Novel Design Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale

Kiddie Dragon Roller Coaster

The appearance of dragon roller coaster is novel and eye-catching, and it is very suitable for investment in the square, revenue and kiddie parks.
Kiddie Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale

Kiddie Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

The body of the wacky worm coaster is a big caterpillar, but it is so cute and kids love it so much. The shape of the big caterpillar makes the caterpillar pulley attract the attention of children. It is much more interesting than the track trains. It is suitable for bigger kids.
Kiddie Wacky Worm Roller Coaster Rides

Mini Shuttle Kiddie Roller Coaster

The mini shuttle, also known as the vertical ring sports car, is a new type of kiddie amusement equipment which driving on the interchange track. It is equipped with colorful lights, sound and children’s cartoon decoration which will bring kids more happy feelings.
Kiddie mini shuttle roller coaster ride

Kiddie Self-control Plane Rides

A type of rotary and lift amusement equipment for kids, multiple cockpits can ride multiple people at the same time. When the equipment is in operation, tourists take the rotating self-control plane, and the buttons on the self-control plane can be used to control the height of the plane. It is a high engagement kiddie ride. In addition, Beston also have other substitute self-control ride on sale, they are kangaroo jump ride, monkey jump ride, giraffe paradise and the techno jump ride.
Kiddie self-control plane rides

Kids Indoor Playground Equipment

Kids indoor playground equipment is type of comprehensive children’s playground, a large paradise for kids to play. They are suitable for kids from 3 to 14 years old. We have more than 8 themes indoor playground equipment for sale, they are candy themed, space themed, snow themed, pirate ship themed indoor playground and etc. Size and theme of the kids indoor playground equipment can be customized according to the customer’s requirement.
Kids indoor playground equipment for sale

Kids Trampoline Park Equipment

Kids trampoline park equipment, another type of indoor playground, it is anew type of trampoline equipment, a super version trampoline equipment for kids. It usually covers a large area and used for indoor places, that’s the reason why it isn’t affect by the weather, each person has a trampoline surface, which is not easy to fall. So many ways to play for kids. Really popular among kids these years. Size and color can be customized.
Kids trampoline park equipment for sale

Kiddie Bumper Cars

Kiddie bumper car is a type high return and low investment ride. There are many different types of bumper cars for sale, inflatable bumper cars, electric bumper cars and battery bumper cars. All of these 3 bumper cars are all electric powered. Bumper cars are cheaper than other large amusement equipment (carousel, ferris wheel, pendulum ride and etc.). And they are much more interesting and attractive to kids. Easy to operate and play for kids.
Kids bumper car rides for sale

Kiddie Go Karts

Amusement-type kiddie go karts from Beston, with adjustable speed and sensitive response, excellent performance, rigorous structure, has become more and more popular. We have one seater kiddie go karts and two seater go karts for sale for you to choose.
Kiddie electric go karts for sale

Application of Kiddie Amusement Rides

Beston kiddie rides is suitable to a wide range of groups, almost suitable for all ages which include children and the old. Beston kids ride is suitable to a variety of places which including shopping malls, squares, parks (size can be customized according to your venue).

Beston Kiddie Amusement Rides Used for Amusement Park

Amusement Park

Kiddie Rides Used for Funfair


Kiddie Rides for Shopping Malls

Shopping Mall

Kiddie amusement rides square use


Kiddie rides for carnival use


Kiddie rides for city park

City Park

Kiddie amusement rides for Scenic Resort

Scenic Resort
Amusement Park
Shopping Mall
City Park
Scenic Resort

Beston Kiddie Rides Videos

Want to get more information about Beston kiddie rides, some products videos for you here. If you want to watch more videos,you can go to our YouTube page.

Kiddie Rides Successful Cases

Kiddie rides is one of the best selling rides in Beston Amusement. Our kiddie rides has been sold to more than 20 countries.They are single bumper car rides to Kenya, new amusement park including kiddie rides in Nigeria, indoor kiddie parks built in Kazakhstan and etc. Here 3 kiddie rides cases for you.

Customized Trackless Train to USA

Customized Trackless Train Ship to USA
Two customized trackless train sold to the United States on March 30, 2022, The customer needs trackless train as a attraction in the park. We recommend our classic trackless train to our customer, they feel satisfied with our trackless train, but want to make some change on the logo and color.

Kiddie Rides Ship to Russia

Beston Kiddie Rides In Russia
This is a 2000㎡ large indoor amusement project in Russia. They bought a set of kiddie elephant trackless train, a set of ocean singer ride, a bouncy castle, 10 bumper balls, 20 set of hand paddle boat and 40 set of water walking balls on December 24, 2021.

Kids Indoor Playground Equipment Exported to Kazakhstan

450㎡ Indoor Playground for Kazakhstan
Here is the customized indoor playground design for Kazakhstan, we received the order last moth on March 10, 2022. The customer find us on the web and our sales manager communicate with the customer soon, At last, both sides agreed the design.

Kiddie Amusement Rides Advantages to Investors

High ROI
Beston kiddie rides will get more visitors and get more money for your business.
Good Quality
High quality, safety and reliability for each kiddie rides.
Reasonable Price
Very competitive kiddie rides prices, standard packing and excellent after-sales service.
Super Service
Product design according to your needs.
Low Maintenance
Our kiddie rides needs low maintenance costs and keep long service life.
Fast Payback
All-round operation service for kiddie rides from Beston which will provide you a fast payback.

Features of Beston Kiddie Rides

Variety Types
More than 30 different types of kiddie rides for you to choose.
Large Capacity
From 1 to 68 seater kiddie rides available in our factory.
Attractive Appearance
Colorful LED lights and beautiful decorations for each set of kiddie ride.
Unique Design
We have professional designer team to keep innovation on each kiddie ride.
Product Customization
We accept custom orders and we also provide amusement park design service.
Installation Service
We offer free installation videos for each set of ride or send our engineers to your country.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Kiddie Rides?

There are so many types of kiddie rides for sale, we can’t list the price here one by one. And price of the kiddie rides will be changed depending on many factors. About the detailed price of kiddie ride from Beston Amusement, welcome to contact Beston team for details.
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Beston Kiddie Rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Customer Reviews

Beston kiddie rides for sale has been sold to different countries in the world. Such as Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, Philippines,Russia, Kazakhstan and etc. Here is the part of customer’s review about Beston’s product and service.
From Canada
Thanks for Beston Amusement, our trackless train has been put into operation. And it really attractive to kids in the shopping mall. It has been running for more than two weeks now, everything goes well till now.
Beston Trackless Train
From Australia
Several months ago, we purchased some kiddie rides from Beston Amusement, they are tea cup ride, swing ride and a 16 seat carousel. Now these 3 kiddie rides had been installed and tested for more than 4 times already.
Beston Carousel Rides

What to Consider When Buying Kiddie Rides?

When you decide to buy some new kiddy amusement rides, you may confused on choosing which types of kiddie rides. Which types of kids rides will bring you more tourists? Which types of rides is attractive? Here Beston will give you some tips for choosing kiddie carnival rides.

Modeling for Kiddie Rides
For children, beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music are the first elements to attract customers. Only by giving customers a good impression at the first time can tourists become your customers. In addition,the shape must have certain characteristics. Meaning, people will bring you good luck because of special meanings, so that he will continue to try, and then become your steady source of customers.

Quality of Kiddie Rides
It is the most basic to ensure the normal operation of the amusement equipment. If customers have problems when riding your kids amusement equipment, it will definitely affect the mood of the customers to play. They will think that your products are not good, so they will lose some old customers. , so if you want to attract customers for a long time, you must make customers believe in your products.

Selection of Kiddie Rides
The paint effect of kiddie rides for sale must be fresh, bright and light when it leaves the factory. For glass fiber reinforced plastic products, only the special paint for automobiles can achieve such an effect. If the paint effect is dull, the workmanship is very rough, and the wind and the sun are less than half a year,it will definitely fade, because If the initial work is not done well, the later effect must be very poor. The decoration of the amusement equipment is all about the glass fiber reinforced plastic part,so this part must be fine, fine and bright.

Why Choose Beston?

Beston Amusement is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer who also provide amusement park design and other services about running a park. We have many models of kiddie rides for sale, we also accept customized order.

Beston Service

Beston Services
1. Standardized production process to promise the high quality of the amusement equipment in our factory.
2. Short production cycle.
Equipment Test
1. After the main frame of the equipment is completed, the flaw detection test is carried out to ensure the welding strength.
2. After the production of the whole machine is completed, test the whole machine, including no-load, full-load partial load.
1. The packaging is completely in accordance with the export packaging standard to ensure that the product is not damaged.
2. Secondary reinforcement in the container.
3. The delivery is compared one by one according to the list of accessories to avoid missing and wrong delivery.
1. Send two engineers to guide the installation on site (electrical engineer and mechanical engineer).
2. Equipped with operating instructions, after installation and commissioning, the installer will provide free employee training services.
3. Installation training time is 15-20 days.
After Sales
1. Provide one-year warranty, free replacement parts due to product quality during the warranty period.
2. Respond to problems within 12 hours and provide solutions within 72 hours.
3. Regular engineers will make return visits to provide training, maintenance and other value-added services.

FAQ for Kiddie Rides

Why should we consider buying Kiddie Rides ?
Children is one of the largest consumer group for amusement parks, so the proportion of children’s amusement equipment should be larger than thrill rides.
What type of Kiddie Rides would you recommend I buy for my location ?
Track rides, such as track trains, wacky worm roller coaster, mini shuttle kids roller coaster, electric cars, such as bumper cars, go karts, all of these are popular among kids. In addition, unpowered amusement equipment, such as rainbow slide has become more and more popular.
How much do beston Kiddie Rides cost to operate ?
The cost to operate a standard kiddie ride is about the same for running a personal computer. Other bigger kiddie rides like trains and carousels may take more electricity to run, but less than $5/day.
Do beston Kiddie Rides come with a warranty ?
All Kiddie Rides from Beston come with the absolute best warranty in the kiddie ride industry.
How many children or adults can ride in a kiddie ride at one time ?
You can check our technical parameters for each kiddie rides separately.
How to choose kiddie rides manufacturers ?
Manufacturers should have sufficient qualifications about the kiddie rides. Children’s safety should not be underestimated.

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