Kiddie Rides For Sale

As its name shows us, kiddie ride is usually designed for little kids. It could be a coin-operated amusement ride for small children, it could also be a mini carousel ride for little kids. These rides are usually small in sizes. Kiddie rides are commonly applied at the amusement kiddie parks, shopping malls, little personal stores, restaurants and other sites which is attractive to small children. If you want purchase some kiddie rides for sale in cheap price, please contact Beston right now.

Little excavator for kids

Kids Excavators For Sale

Kids excavators for sale in Beston is selling hot now! As we all know, excavator is a kind of heavy construction equipment which consisting of a boom, stick bucket and ...
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Kids frog hopper ride

Frog Hopper Ride For Sale

Buy Quality And Novel Design Frog Hopper Ride From Beston Amusement Rides Frog Hopper is a new kind of tower ride which is popular among the amusement park. It bounces ...
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Water laser bumper boat from Beston

Bumper Boats For Sale

Bumper boat, the wave shocker, is the dominated ride in water. Crashing in water and shooting water by the water guns attached on the boat bodies are really great feelings ...
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Small carousel ride for sale

Carousel For Sale

A carousel, as which we also call it a roundabout or merry-go-round, is an amusement ride composing of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders. The "seats" are traditionally in ...
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Samba Balloon Ride For Sale

Samba Balloon Ride For Sale

Samba Balloon Ride-A New Paradise for Kids Brief Introduction: Samba balloon ride is a perfect small amusement equipment, it combine colorful balloons with beautiful cockpits. In fact, it is a ...
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Quality Crazy McQueen Ride For Sale

Flying McQueen Car Ride For Sale

Mini flying car ride is a kind of amusement ride which is designed for kiddie who loves cars very much. We also call it the crazy bounce car, rock'in tug ...
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Beston Kids Mickey Mouse Le Bar Car

Le Bar Car Ride For Sale

Le Bar Car ride is a kind of new electric amusement ride for kids and adults, we also call it the happy car ride, leswing car or leisure car. Nowadays, ...
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Kids Amusement Ocean Walk Ride For Sale

Ocean Walk City Rides For Sale

"Ocean walk" ride is a kind of new kiddie amusement equipment which is designed according to the samba balloon ride and the swing chair ride. It adopt the mysterious sea ...
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Advantages of Beston Kiddie Rides For Sale:

  1. Small sizes which is suitable for backyard use.
  2. Safety device will promise the safety of kids.
  3. Varies of kiddie rides are available in Beston Amusement.
  4. The rides for kids from Beston are all equipped with sounds and music, flashing lights which is really attractive to kids.

Main Types of Beston Kiddie Rides:

  • Track Rides: Some rides which work on the track, for example small track train, mini roller coasters and some other kiddie track rides.
  • Mini Ferris wheel Rides: Compared with the giant ferris wheel, mini ferris wheel is small in size and lower in height. Kids could playing in this mini ride by themselves.
  • Mini Carousel Rides: These mini carousel rides are usually in 3, 4 or 6 horse. It is suitable for home and small store use.
  • Coin operated kiddie rides: Coin operated ride is one of the most attractive and safety amusement rides for kids. It is one of the best and most consistent money-making amusement kiddie equipment. It is easy to operate, only a coin will make the ride running.
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