Inspection On Drop Tower Ride for Yemen Customer

Good news, the 10-meter drop tower ride for Yemen customer has completed the production process and entering the factory on-site testing stage. Before the delivery of the rotary drop tower ride , we will carry out several strict equipment loading tests to ensure the safety of the equipment in the later stage. The following is some information about this case.

10 Meters Custom Drop Tower Ride for Customer
10 Meters Drop Tower Ride for Yemen Customer

How Does the Customer Find Beston

After confirming the purchasing needs, Yemen customer searched for suitable rotary drop tower ride manufacturers on the Internet to make inquiries. Soon the customer found Beston’s website and sent us a detailed inquiry through our wesite. After receiving the customer’s inquiry form, our sales manager get in touch with customer in a timely manner to communicate the purchasing needs in details.

Custom Rotary Tower Ride

After communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer want to buy a 10-meter high drop tower ride, but our company mainly sells 23-meter and 55-meter drop tower ride recently. So for the 10-meter drop tower ride, our design department needs to redesign according to the customer’s requirement. This is the design drawing we designed for Yemen customer according to the his requirement.

10-meter drop tower ride
10-meter Drop Tower Ride Design Drawing
Drop Tower Ride Design
Drop Tower Ride Design Drawing
Interior Design Drawing of Drop Tower Ride
Interior Design Drawing of Drop Tower Ride

Rotary Tower Production Details

After the drawing has been confirmed, we arrange the production process as soon as possible. During the process, we strictly control the production of the equipment to ensure the quality, and also provide customers with feedback on production details in the production process, so that customers can know the production progress of the equipment and feel more at ease about the delivery date.

Cockpit of Drop Tower Ride
Cockpit of Drop Tower Ride
Support of the Drop Tower Ride
Support of the Drop Tower Ride
Installation of the Drop Tower Ride
Installation of the Drop Tower Ride

Factory Test Video of 10 Meters Drop Tower Ride

After the drop tower ride is completed in the factory, Beston Amusement will arrange the sales manager to inspect the equipment to test the performance of the equipment on site and whether it is running well. After repeated tests, we will start to arrange the package and delivery. Here is the running test video of 10 meters rotary tower ride in our factory.

Follow-up Arrangements

After the equipment is tested, we will package the equipment for the customer according to the delivery time that we negotiated with the customer before, and then deliver the rotary tower ride to ensure that the equipment arrives in the place of the customer in time. For more about the package and running feedback from Yemen customer, we will update on this page soon.

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