Indoor Playground Equipment On-site Installation At Qatar Airport

Great news, the installation of the indoor playground equipment at Qatar Airport will be completed soon! It is expected to complete the whole installation process of two set of indoor playground equipment before November 30. Want to learn more about the process for this indoor project? Welcome to click the installation video below! If you want to invest in a suitable indoor playground, please feel free to contact Beston amusement!
This project is an indoor project invested in two airports in Qatar by the customer. The project is located at Hamad International Airport in Qatar. Now it is still under construction. In order to meet the World Cup in Qatar, the customer wants to build 2 indoor playground equipment at the two airports in Doha, Qatar. The customer finally purchased 2 sets of indoor playground equipment and 5 sets of interactive projection equipment from our company, with a total area of about 700 square meters. The following is an introduction to the process of working with the customer.

How to Provide Solutions for Customer

Requirement of the Customer
· Received the Inquiry: On July 4th, mailbox of our company received an inquiry from the customer. The customer asked whether we could provide the trampoline park within 2-3 weeks. After receiving the inquiry, our sales manager will get in touch with the customer soon.
· Get the specific needs of customer: After getting in touch with the customer, we further understand the needs from him. They want to purchase 2 sets of indoor playground in stock, because the project cycle is very tight, which will meet for the Qatar Football World Cup.
· Suggestions we provide:: In the communication, we learned that the overall layout of the customer’s site is more suitable for special design according to the customer’s site and style requirements, so after understanding the customer’s positioning of the project and the applicable crowd, we recommend mid-to-high-end indoor playground equipment configuration to the customer, so it will be a good display for the customer’s company image and the overall experience of the project.
Project Progress and 3D Design
·After confirming the project customization with the customer, the next step is to seize the time and strive to provide the customer with the best solution in the shortest time.
· Confirmation of 2D layout: During the period from the 5th to the 14th, our designer team communicated with the customer’s team in a timely manner. After about 10 days, the 2D layout of the two airport projects was finally determined.
· 3D design and order confirmation: In half a month from the 15th to the 29th, after the 2D layout was confirmed, Beston received the customer’s deposit, and the next step was the design of the 3D plan, about 10 days later, In the 29th, after 6 rounds of modification and confirmation, the final version of the 3D project plan was finalized, and the order was signed with the customer. We will prepare for the production.
Production and Delivery
· Equipment production: After confirming the order with the customer on August 1, we began to arrange the production of equipment the next day, and followed up the production progress in time during the production process to ensure the smooth progress of production. Soon, 2 sets of indoor playground equipment and 5 sets of electric games equipment were completed, and the whole process took about 20 days in total.
· Delivery Details: On August 22, production of all the equipment was completed, and we will arrange the delivery for customers on the 23rd. It took about a month, and on September 25, the customer received all the equipment and confirmed the receipt. The customer will communicate with us about the on-site installation.
On-site Installation at the Qatar Airport
· Installation at the first airport: From the beginning of October, we sent our installation engineers to Qatar Airport to install the indoor playground equipment, and completed the installation of the first playground equipment and video games at the airport around the 10th.
· Installation of the overall project: On October 20, the installation engineer completed the project guidance work and more than half of the installation for the old airport customer has been completed. At present, the installation of Qatar’s indoor playground equipment is coming to an end, and it is estimated that it will take about 10 days to complete the installation of the overall project.
The review from Qatar customer
Customer Reviews About Beston
· Customer Review: At present, our sales manager gets in touch with the customer in time to understand the progress of the project. Qatar customer are very satisfied with our design of the indoor playground equipment, production and timeliness of delivery.
· More Reviews: Since the installation has not been completed, so after communicating with the customer management department and the installation engineer, we will update more evaluation information of the customer.

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