Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Various size of indoor playground equipment for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement! Accept customized order on size, theme, color and logo! Super hot indoor investment projects in this period! A high ROI project for your shopping center! Planning to build a new indoor playground for your indoor places? Welcome to contact Beston Group to get indoor playground design now!

Different Types of Indoor Playground Equipment from Beston

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston has many different types of indoor playground equipment for sale, we also accept customization on the themes, size, color of the indoor play area equipment. Now let’s learn more about our indoor playground design!
Macaron Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
Morandi Themed Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale
Forest Themed Indoor Play Centre Equipment for Sale
Ocean Themed Indoor Naughty Castle for Sale
Candy Themed Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale
Snow Themed Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale
British Themed Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale
Pirate Ship Themed Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale
Other Custom Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale
Macaron Themed Indoor Naughty Castle for Sale
Macaron Themed Indoor Naughty Castle

The vivid color matching presents a natural and colorful visual sense as a whole, which is simple, fashionable, lively and atmospheric. A color represents a mood, presenting every classic French dessert with a story to everyone who loves life, knows how to enjoy, and pursues perfection, creating a higher-end, minimalist dream paradise.

Morandi Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
Morandi Themed Indoor Playground Equipment

Tranquility, the essence of loneliness, gentleness is just a bonus attribute, low-key calm, soothing and elegant, it is synonymous with high-end sense, using simplicity to create elegance, with our company’s exquisite details, once again presenting the Morandi-style legend, construction A high-end children’s playground.

Forest Themed Indoor Play Centre Equipment
Forest Themed Indoor Play Centre Equipment

The forest theme indoor playground equipment, also called indoor jungle gym for sale. The color is rich and green, bright and lively, which can instantly attract the attention of children. Children playing in the middle are like traveling through the forest. There are various forest cartoon images in the middle, and the colorful lighting effects can create a A more dreamy atmosphere, let you be in the mysterious forest and feel the vitality of nature.

Ocean Themed Naughty Castle for Sale
Ocean Themed Naughty Castle for Sale

The blue of the sea, the coolness of the sea breeze, the warm beach, the structural color system of the ocean, the colorful marine life, and the seamless combination are more attractive to children, giving them a mysterious ocean world.

Candy Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
Candy Themed Indoor Playground Equipment

This naughty castle is mainly rich in bright and soft candy tones, delicate and rich color matching, crystal clear, sweet and tempting candies decorate the whole naughty castle, in this sweet candy paradise, children can start them more happily game journey.

Snow Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
Snow Themed Indoor Playground Equipment

The snow themed indoor playground equipment are bright and light, and the colors of ice and snow are light blue, which perfectly presents the romance and tranquility of the ice and snow world. The snow themed indoor playground equipment has been one of the most popular project for kids and adults these years. It will be one of the most profitable interior projects at the moment.

British Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
British Themed Indoor Playground Equipment

This British themed indoor play equipment is mainly based on red and blue. Blue represents quietness and red represents enthusiasm. It is inspired by the British map, national flag, London Bridge and other buildings. It has a strong British college style. People have a natural, elegant and noble feeling, giving children a unique play experience and experiencing a unique exotic style. This theme is not only popular in the United Kingdom and other regions, but also applies to many countries in the world.

Pirate Ship Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
Pirate Ship Themed Indoor Playground Equipment

Our pirate ship-themed naughty castle not only includes unique pirate islands, ocean ball pools, castles, but also marine-themed amusement facilities such as physical expansion, ocean singers, and small trains. The amusement equipment is integrated into the naughty castle park, which enhances the attractiveness of the equipment and the uniqueness of the pirate ship theme, allowing parents and children to integrate into it together.

Other Custom Indoor Playground Equipment
Other Custom Indoor Playground Equipment

Customized themed naughty castles, according to the customer’s venue, positioning and theme colors, innovative design of the park, exclusive customization of a naughty castle park that is more suitable for the customer’s venue, to be more distinctive, unique, themed custom naughty castles more attractive to children.

Application of Indoor Playground Equipment

The indoor playground equipment is popular project for indoor place. We also call it the naughty castle. It refers to a new generation of children’s activity center that integrates amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness and other functions formed through a scientific three-dimensional combination. It is designed for children who like drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping, shaking, etc. It is a comprehensive funfair place for kids which is suitable for schools, kindergartens, gardens, villas, parks, property communities, playgrounds, children’s palaces, shopping malls, supermarkets and other indoor and outdoor places.
  • Shopping Malls
    Shopping Malls/Commercial Districts
  • Indoor Funfair
    Indoor Amusement Park
  • Residential Area
    Community/Residential Area
  • Kiddie Park
    Children’s Park
  • School
    School District
  • Kiddie Playground
    Children’s Palace

Indoor Playground Project Cases to the World

Beston is a large comprehensive amusement rides manufacturer and supplier. We have our own factory. We do not only supply amusement park rides, we also supply indoor playground equipment and we also provide design service, our indoor playground equipment has been installed at different countries in the world, such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia and etc. Following us to get more information about our successful cases.

Indoor playground cases in Panama
Indoor Playground Equipment In Panama
  • Time: 2021
  • Theme Type: Forest Theme
  • Size: 815 m²
  • Site Type: Shopping Mall
Indoor Playground Case In Saudi Arabia
Indoor Playground Equipment In Saudi Arabia
  • Time: 2022
  • Theme Type: Snow Themed
  • Size: 1900 m²
  • Site Type: Shopping Center
Indoor Playground Case in Turkey
Medium Indoor Playground Installed at Turkey
  • Time: 2021
  • Theme Type: Ocean Theme
  • Size: 780 m²
  • Site Type: Shopping Mall
Indoor playground case in Qatar
Two Indoor Playground to Qatar
  • Time: 2022
  • Theme Type: Ocean Theme
  • Size: 1300 m²
  • Site Type: Business Districts
Indoor Playground Case In Kazakhstan
A Large Indoor Playground Installed at Kazakhstan
  • Time: 2021
  • Theme Type: Forest Theme
  • Size: 1200 m²
  • Site Type: Kiddie Park
Large Indoor Playground Equipment in Uzbekistan
Indoor Playground Installed at Uzbekistan
  • Time: 2021
  • Theme Type: Forest Theme
  • Size: 1500 m²
  • Site:Shopping Center
Indoor playground case in Philippines
Indoor Playground Installed at Philippines
  • Time: 2020
  • Theme Type: Cosplay
  • Size: 200 m²
  • Site Type: School

Indoor Playground Equipment Video from Beston

Want to build a new indoor playground? Interested in Beston indoor playground equipment? Check the videos to learn more about our indoor playground equipment designs, themes and colors.

Factors That Influence the Price of Indoor Playground Equipment

If the commercial grade indoor playground equipment is a children’s funfair, then when talking about the price, we can compare the indoor playground as a house. Every house is different in size, and the price will certainly not be the same. It will changes according to the decoration, materials and craftsmanship. Two factors here that affect the price of the indoor playground building.

  • 01
    Size of the Site

    First of all, the size of the indoor funfair that the customer wants to build. Generally speaking, customers must be optimistic about the venue before deciding to invest in this project. Most of the indoor playground are in supermarkets, large shopping malls, etc. Such indoor playground equipment price generally range from hundreds to thousands of square meters. The larger the area, the richer the projects designed in the naughty castle. The price of the indoor playground will be relatively high, so the price is naturally different depending on the area.

  • 02
    Quality of the Equipment

    Then, the price of the indoor playground equipment will be influenced by the decoration, materials and craftsmanship. It is worth noting that with good materials and craftsmanship, the quality of indoor playground equipment will be better and has a long life span. At the same time, your indoor playground will be safer and more environmentally friendly! This makes your indoor project a successful long-term profitable state!

  • 03
    Types of the Indoor Playground

    At last, there are mainly four kinds of indoor park projects we can provide: one is the traditional unpowered naughty castle with forest theme, British style and ocean theme, and the other is combined power project and paradise project. The third is the interactive naughty castle, and the fourth is a comprehensive indoor park such as electric, interactive games, trampolines, Morandi soft bags, rope and net combinations, and multi-layer racks. The price per square meter of the four interior projects is different.

Different Structures of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment

The main part that we can provide for the indoor playground mainly include trampoline, ocean ball pool, aerial gliding, single-plank bridge, iron bridge, cockpit, rotating slide, slide tube, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruption, carbine, cannon, cartoon row, air car, coconut tree, water bed , Balloon house, carousel, time and space shuttle, happy octopus, inflatable trampoline, water slide, water roller, pirate ship, mini turntable animal shake and other equipment. You can combine these part according to your requirement.

Slide area
Trampoline area
Climbing area
Electric Area
Interactive area
Video Game Zone
Experience area
Slide Area

High-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic elongated slide, beautiful in shape and colorful. Children’s limbs and whole body coordination get a continuous and complete exercise on the slide. Music Slide: Colored lights and dynamic music increase the fun and interaction and are more attractive to children.

  • Wave Slide for indoor playground equipment
    Wave Slide
    Spin Slide
    Rainbow Slide
    Music Slide
Trampoline Area

The trampoline area is made of environmentally friendly materials, with a high safety factor, diversified gameplay, and a wide range of ages. Steel structure, high elastic spring , imported Oxford cloth (using square steel, can bear 100KG adults). This works out the body and improves body coordination.

    Sponge Pool
    Sticky Wall
    Trampoline Basketball
Climbing Area

The rock climbing area adopts steel structure + PVC soft bag shape and special rock points, the height is 2.8M, the rock point hole pressure is ≥3KN, the rock point bearing capacity is strong, the top load-bearing protection system has a bearing capacity of ≥8KN, and is equipped with a slow descender. It not only trains the child’s physical coordination ability using both hands and feet, but also cultivates the child’s spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and obstacles and having the courage to challenge.

    rainbow Tree
    Rope Adventure
    Climbing Wall
    Rock Climbing Volcano
Electric Area for Indoor Playground
Electric Area

Electric coconut tree: silent large motor, reinforced chassis and environmentally friendly PVC soft bag. Children climb and sit in a safe parallel rotation through the coordinated and stable cooperation of the upper and lower limbs, form a new balance experience, and promote the improvement of sensory integration ability. Its candy carousel adopts large silent motor, high-quality PVC, reinforced chassis and intelligent speed control system. The Maya adventure ball Lebao uses glass fiber reinforced plastic, electric structure and photoelectric system.

    Coconut Tree
    Candy Carousel
    Maya Adventure Ball Lebao
    Animal Carousel
Interactive Area

The operation is simple and interesting, bringing children happiness and a sense of achievement. Children can smash game elements in the game scene with their hands or ocean balls. If they hit the target, they will be rewarded with corresponding points. After you get a certain number of points, you can go to the next level.

  • Wall-breaking Game
    Wall-breaking Game
  • Ocean Ball Pool
    Ocean Ball Pool
  • Sand Pool for indoor playground
    Sand Pool
  • Ball machine
    Ball Machine
Video Game Zone
Video Game Zone

We provide our customers with the most advanced and interactive video game genres. There are many types of video game machine for customers to choose which including Simulation machine, lottery machine, amusement machine, frame machine, gaming type machine, etc.

  • VR Games
    VR Games
  • Slot Machines
    Slot Machines
  • Dancing Machines
    Dancing Machines
  • Shooting Game Machine
    Shooting Game Machine
Experience Area

All use safe and environmentally friendly EPP materials. Children and their parents build DIY projects such as a block park, a master painter, a bakery and more. In order to cultivate children’s observation and imagination, exercise coordination, interpersonal skills and other skills.

    Building Block
  • Painting
  • DIY
  • Baking

Product Details Presentation

Details make a difference! We insist on controlling every production detail to provide customers with better quality products and a better buying experience. Here Beston Amusement will show you the production details of our indoor playground equipment.

3D Engraving Printer

3D printing technology can carve various shapes according to customer requirements, and customize any shape of indoor playground equipment materials.

Packaging Tube

No open flame when burning and even if it burns, it emits white smoke.

Platform Board

The inner layer is multi-layer board, the middle is covered with thick foam sponge, the sponge for tanning is re-foamed in line with GB 6675-2003 standard), and the outer layer is covered with a layer of imported super PVC.

Ocean Ball

We use PE plastic materials which is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly and diameter is available in three sizes(5.5 / 7 / 8 cm).

Steel Pipe

We use 48mm diameter galvanized steel pipe which in line with international GB/T244-97 standard.


All are ductile iron die-casting which in line with GB/T3091-2001 standard.

Fiberglass Pipes and Slides

We use imported LLDPE rotomolding special material to be rotomolded, with a wall thickness of more than 6mm which in line with the GB/T 4454-1996 standard.

Protection Net

We use high-strength nylon rope which in line with GB/T3091-2001 standard.

Get to know Beston

Main Business
  • 01
    Park Solution
  • 02
    Amusement Rides Sales
  • 03
    Product Customization
  • 04
    Investment Planning
Team Composition
  • 01
    Design Department
  • 02
    Production Department
  • 03
    Sales Department
  • 04
    After-sales Department
Main Business
Team Composition

Indoor Project Service Process

  • Sort Out Project Information

    01 – Project Negotiation
    02 – Data Collection
    03 – Information Sorting

  • Feasibility Analysis

    04 – Project Inspection
    05 – Market Research
    06 – Project Analysis
    07 – Project Positioning

  • Project Scheme Design

    08 – Creative Planning
    09 – Design Communication
    10 – Floor Plan
    11 – 3D Design
    12 – Detailed Design

  • Project Management

    13 – Engineering Design
    14 – Technical Guidance
    15 – Operational Guidance

Why Invest In a New Indoor Playground?

Profitable Project
Risk Controllable
High Safety
Simple Maintenance
Profitable Project

The indoor park market has good prospects. Due to the change in consumption patterns brought about by the improvement of living standards, parents pay more attention to the cultivation of children’s comprehensive quality.

Professional Support:

Beston’s professional team will conduct background investigation on site selection, operation management and guidance for you (the city where the project is located and its grade requirements, basic site information and precautions, market research and surrounding competition analysis, project overview and program positioning, etc.). At the same time, Beston has a lot of real customer case feedback to achieve rapid return of capital and lasting profits, and can provide you with high ROI investment and management solutions.

Risk Controllable

The construction of the indoor playground project is not limited by the shape of the site, the size of the site, the weather and other factors. The project fits the actual situation of each investor to make a unique design, and the budget is based on different space layout and selection of products to meet the investors’ needs.

Customized Service:

Beston provides customized and differentiated services according to the actual site conditions of customers and needs. BESTON has rich industry experience, professional design team, pays attention to the overall matching, with various functions and reasonable layout.

High Safety

The naughty castle equipment is safe and environmentally friendly. Compared with outdoor mechanical amusement equipment, the risk of investing in the naughty castle project is low.

Quality Control:

Beston’s selects first-class environmentally friendly materials, fully covered with soft bags, healthy and safe without peculiar smell, carefully grasps each production link, focuses on every detail, and creates a safe, environmentally friendly and happy children’s playground

Simple Maintenance

No power equipment installation is difficult, maintenance is simple, and maintenance is convenient.

Maintenance Team:

Beston’s provides installation manual, video installation guide and local installation team. The company also provides daily inspection and maintenance manuals, regular inspection reminder services, etc.

ROI Analysis

Park Operating Budget Analysis Form
Project Name1276㎡ Ocean Themed Indoor Playground Equipment for Saudi Arabia
This is a new indoor project with 1276 square meters that is installed in Saudi Arabia. The total style of this indoor playground is ocean theme.
Charging ModelSingle chargeExpected Operating Life3
Project Overview
*Basic data needs to be filled in according to site conditions and design plan
Site OverviewSite Area
Venue rental
Effective operation throughout the year (days)Average daily operating hours
average fare
Facility OverviewFacility capacity
Maximum capacity
Average play time
total power consumption
electricity bill
Passenger flow analysisweekday traffic
weekends day traffic
Average daily passenger flow
number of employees
average salary
operating costTotal investment in equipment
payroll expenses
Electricity expenses
publicity expenses
Decoration cost
Total project revenue964285.71total
fixed cost
operating cost
Theoretical limit value
*For reference only, no calculation basis
Maximum passenger capacity during peak hours
3402.67Maximum single-day revenue (yuan)51040
Revenue AnalysisAverage monthly net income67246.03Average annual
net income
806952.38Expected return
time (month)
First year
net income
View Holidays:

About 110 days a year on weekends + public holidays.

Among them, the end of September to the beginning of October is the Egyptian New Year, and the holiday is about 15 days.

Among them, Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr, and Christmas each have about 7 days of holidays.

On statutory holidays and weekend nights, the passenger flow can reach the maximum daily capacity of 300 people.

After-sales Service

Factory Pre-build Test
Delivery Guarantee
Installation Service
Warranty & Maintenance
Operation Guidance
Create Exclusive IP
On-site Construction

① On-site construction in the factory to ensure that customers can successfully install.
② Provide 3D installation drawings and installation videos.

  • Factory Pre-Build Test
  • Factory Pre-Build Test-1
  • Factory Pre-Build Test-2
Packaging & Disassembly

① Pack with more than 3 layers of bubble wrap.
② The heavy cargo is on the bottom and the light cargo is on the top to prevent damage to the cargo.
③ FRP and machine gun are separately packed in wooden boxes to avoid impact damage
④ According to the material of the accessories (steel pipe: bundled. Ocean ball/guarantee: bagged. Platform, etc.: plastic film).


① Mark product details to avoid missing goods, and provide customers with a delivery list to facilitate customers to count the quantity.
② The four corners of the iron frame are fixed with iron wires and wooden boards to prevent the goods from being damaged by moving in the crate.
③ offer a delivery list(Indicate the name of the product, the number of packages, etc.) to facilitate the inventory of goods at the port of destination.
④ Offer product structure diagram. It is convenient for customers to assemble according to the structure diagram.

  • Packaging-&-Disassembly
  • Packaging-&-Disassembly-1
  • Packaging-&-Disassembly-2
Installation Service

① Provide installation instructions and a list of installation tools.
② Professional after-sales installation team in China: online guidance available.
③ Localized installation service team: A reliable local team is recommended.

  • Installation Service
  • Installation Service-1
  • Installation Service-2

① Warranty period: one year.
② Professional after-sales service department, feedback any quality problems within 24 hours and provide solutions.
③ Provide professional installation and maintenance services online/offline.
④ According to the material of the accessories (steel pipe: bundled. Ocean ball/guarantee: bagged. Platform, etc.: plastic film)

Drainage and Promotion Guidance

① Daily inspection: Parts frequently touched by children, such as escalators and fences, should be wiped with a rag every day to clean and disinfect.
② Weekly inspection: Large cleaning and sanitizing once a week and check once the fastening screws are loose.
③ ③Ocean ball: Generally, use a ball washer to clean it once a quarter.

  • Warranty & Maintenance
  • Warranty and Maintenance
  • After-sale Team
Guidance On Various Charging Methods

① Implementing a one-ticket system to play unpowered areas, mechanical areas, and separate charging for video games to achieve a variety of benefits.

Drainage and Promotion Guidance

① Surrounding business districts and communities, publicity materials delivery.
② Look for institutions and units with long-term cooperation: such as kindergartens, early education centers, children’s health medical institutions, parent education and training institutions, children’s photo studios, hotel catering, etc.
③ Regularly organize parent-child activities and conduct competitions, reward the participating families and the top three, and build closer relationships with parents. And post the event photos in the venue to play a promotional role.

  • Operation Guide
  • Drainage and Promotion Guidance
  • Guidance On Various Charging Methods

The construction of the new indoor naughty castle project plays a crucial role in the later profit, so it is very important to choose a professional naughty castle manufacturer.

  • Traditional

    Indoor Playground


    Outdated Equipment Style


    Poor Interactive Experience


    Serious Homogeneity

  • New-type

    Indoor Playground


    Fashionable Equipment Style


    Promotes Children’s Interaction


    Creates An Exclusive IP Brand

Design IP Cartoon Image

Innovative Features / Strong Attraction

Increase Brand Awareness

Development of Derivatives

Brand-specific Features

Customer Review

  • Philippines
    We bought a snow themed indoor playground equipment this year from Beston Amusement, they help us make the design and solve the problems timely. Beston Team is good at problem solving. Now the project is finished installtion process. And everything is going well till now.
    Thanks for your feedback, looking forward to our more cooperation.
  • Eric – Saudi Arabia
    Hello, this is Eric from Saudi Arabia, we had bought 6 amusement rides from your company several months ago.
    What about the equipment?
    They are very popular among kids in our local place.
  • Uzbekistan
    We just finished a new indoor playground in Uzbekistan last year, it is a 1500 squares meters large indoor project, we find Beston to give us a design and we really satisfied with the design they provide. They send us the first set of equipment to us last year and soon the second set of equipment will be arrived. The indoor playground equipment from Beston Amusement is special and really attractive to kids in our city.
    We just finished a new indoor playground in Uzbekistan last year, it is a 1500 squares

Supporting Equipment for Indoor Playground

  • Carousel for Indoor Playground
    Carousel Rides
  • Bumper Cars for Indoor Playground
    Bumper Cars
  • Flying Car Rides for Indoor Playground
    Flying Car Rides
  • Self-control Plane Ride for Indoor Playground
    Self-control Plane
  • Swing Rides for Indoor Playground
    Kiddie Swing Rides
  • Tea Cup Ride for Indoor Playground
    Flying Car Rides
  • Mini Shuttle Kiddie Roller Coaster for Indoor Playground
    Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster
  • Mini Pendulum Ride for Indoor Playground
    Mini Pendulum Rides

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