Human Slingshot Ride for Sale

Slingshot ride for sale, a type of extreme thrill but safety ride for adults who love seeking exciting feelings. It is a combination of slingshot and bungee, a good hit in the amusement parks! 2 seat capacity from Beston makes two passengers traveling together. Want to buy this slingshot fairground ride? Contact Beston Amusement for details!

Classification of Human Slingshot Ride

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China. Beston has many different types of thrill rides. The slingshot thrill rides from our factory mainly have two models when divided by the installation types, one is the fixed type and the other one is the portable types. Now let’s learn more about these two slingshot rides.

Slingshot Ride With Foundation

The height of the fixed type slingshot ride is 24 meters high. The power of these two models human slingshot ride is the same. But the fixed type slingshot ride need a foundation to fixed. It is hard to move once installed at one place.
Human slingshot amusement rides for sale

Slingshot Ride Without Foundation

This is the classic version of drop tower ride in our factory. The total height of this model is 23 meters. The main structure of the drop tower ride is similar with the swing tower ride, but their cabin is different. The total capacity of this version is 16 passengers and the life span can be extended to 15 years.
Human Slingshot Ride Without Foundation

Usage of the Human Slingshot Ride

Slingshot amusement ride, also be called the bungee rocket, ejection seat, human slingshot bungee ride, reverse bungee, reverse-bungee catapult ride, and catapult bungee. People who sit on this ride will be bouncing up and down in a limit height. It is thrill ride that is popular used in the amusement parks, theme parks. Some of them are popular used on the top of the mountain. Get a new slingshot thrill ride for your business now!

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Amusement rides for city parks

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Running Video of Human Slingshot Ride

This part will show you videos of human slingshot ride from our factory. If you want to find more videos about these thrill slingshot ride, please contact us ! We can supply various human slingshot ride and also customized slingshot ride on color for customer. When you are planning to buy a thrill ride, Beston Amusement will be your ideal selection!

Cases of Human Slingshot Bungee Ride

Beston human bungee slingshot ride have been exported to different countries around the world, such as Russia, Nigeria, Indonesia, etc. And quite a number of customers give us positive feedback about the ride. And these human slingshot ride have brought much more benefits for investors in recent years. The following are introduction of some cases.

Fixed type human slingshot ride in Indonesia

Human Slingshot Ride Installed at Indonesia
About ten months ago, we received an inquiry from an Indonesian client on our website, who wanted to purchase a super-exciting amusement equipment for a project on the top of the mountain. After receiving the inquiry, our sales manager quickly made a detailed quotation for the customer.

Beston slingshot ride in Saudi Arabia

Beston Thrill Slingshot Ride for Saudi Arabia
Last month, customers from Saudi Arabia contacted our company through the contact information on the website. They wanted to purchase several equipment, including this rocket bungee jump. Through communication with our business manager, the final customer purchased from our company.

Human slingshot ride to Russia

Latest Cases of Slingshot Rides
8 months ago, customers in Russia contacted our business online. They wanted to build a park. The park project needed stimulation equipment and some children’s equipment. They wanted to find a professional manufacturer that not only can After purchasing the amusement equipment, we can also provide them with a design plan for the park.

Advantages of Slingshot Amusement Ride

High ROI Ride
The slingshot ride is a new design thrill ride, it is more attractive to passengers, once operated, you will get more incomes.
High Quality Materials
The slingshot ride from Beston Amusement is made of high quality steel as the main material in manufacturing catapult bungee part.
Attractive Point
Bright and vivid color of the slingshot ride, decorated with beautiful and colorful LED lights which makes the slingshot ride more attractive.
Accept Customization
Both tower and capsule can be customization in color and lights.
Unique Appearance
It is constituted of two stationary standing steel tower and an open steel capsule for people to have a ride. The two parts are linked with bungee rope.
Two vesions for customer to choose: fixed type and portable type with 24 meter and 28 meters.

How Much is the Slingshot Ride?

The price of slingshot ride is neither high nor low. Compare with some kiddie rides, it is a little expensive to invest. But when compare with other thrill rides, such as roller coasters and disco rides, the slingshot amusement ride is cheap to invest. Generally speaking, about $100,000, you can buy a rocket bungee jump ride. Human slingshot ride is a simple but sophisticated amusement equipment.
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Beston slingshot ride Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Customer Reviews

As a professonal amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston has exported many sets of amusement park rides to different countries in the world. And we had got many positive feedbacks from our customers.
From Nigeria
Last year, we started planning a park project. We found Beston on the Internet. They gave us a plan. My partners were quite satisfied with the plan. In the end, we adopted a beston plan through negotiation. The equipment for this project was also, It was purchased from Beston.
Park Project
From Russia
We purchased a carousel and a self-controlled aircraft from Beston not long ago, and now these two equipments have been received and the installation has been completed. It has passed several safety tests, everything works fine, and the equipment is of good quality and working condition.
Multiple Equipment

Why Choose Beston to Buy a Slingshot Ride?

Beston Amusement has involved in this industry for more than 20 years. We are not only a factory, you can get competitive cost about the slingshot ride. We also provide more values for our customers who buy amusement rides from us. We supply amusement park design, amusement park operation plan for investors. Except these, we keep innovation for the amusement equipment in our factory. You will get a lot of post-service from us after buying the equipment. Want to buy this ride? Welcome to contact Beston Group for details now.

FAQ for Beston Human Slingshot Ride

How Tall is the Slingshot Ride?
There are two models of slingshot ride in our factory. The height of these two models is 24 meter and 28 meter.
Does the slingshot ride have a height limit?
Yes, riders should not less than 140 cm or more than 190 cm.
How fast do slingshots rides go?
160km/h (theoretical speed).
How far does the slingshot shoot you in the air?
32m or 36m.
How Does the Slingshot Ride Work?

The rocket bungee jumping device uses power to pull the four steel cables connected to the manned globe, so that the manned globe can reach the highest point in a very short time. The whole installation has two towering steel piles as the main frame, and the two steel piles are fixed on the ground in an inverted figure-eight shape. In order to ensure the stability of the piles, each pile has three steel cables pulled in a triangle shape.

When the rocket was launched, the steel cable connecting the globe retracted under the pull of the machine. After the person was sent to a high place, the steel cable stopped and played back, and the whole globe descended at the speed of free fall, before reaching the ground again Rising, the whole process is repeated like this, until the end speed, the time is about 2 minutes. Screaming and exciting, it is worth experiencing.

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