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Funfair rides for sale that made by Beston Rides are a thrilling aspect of amusement parks and carnivals, providing excitement, adrenaline rushes, and memorable experiences for visitors of all ages. Beston provide different types of fun fair rides for sale with a 100% safe, durable, and performance-efficient. All our funfair rides for sale meet international standards and come with one year warranty. Are you planning to start a new funfair or want to add new funfair rides? Welcome to send your inquiry to Beston Rides now!

Category of Funfair Rides for Sale from Beston Rides

Beston Rides, a leading funfair rides manufacturer, offers a diverse range of amusement equipment, categorized into two types based on power: no-power funfair equipment and mechanical funfair rides. Our extensive selection includes thrilling rides such as the spinning teacups, bumper cars, swing rides, carousel, and Ferris wheel. Each ride is meticulously designed with safety and excitement in mind, ensuring an unforgettable experience for riders of all ages. Contact us today to learn more about our exciting funfair rides and elevate your amusement park experience!
Mechanical Funfair Rides

Funfair Rides Types

Big Funfair Rides for Sale
Cheap Funfair Rides for Sale
Small Funfair Rides for Sale
Children’s Funfair Rides

Indoor Funfair Rides

Indoor Playground Equipment
Trampoline Park Equipment

Other Funfair Rides

Miami Funfair Rides
Non-power Funfair Rides

Mechanical Funfair Rides

Mechanical funfair rides, mainly refers to the amusement equipment that including pirate ship rides, bumper cars rides, trackless trains, go karts, carousels, swing rides and etc. They are generally powered by electricity. You can purchase different types of mechanical funfair rides from Beston Amusement Rides.
Funfair rides for sale - 36 seats pirate ship ride from Beston Rides

Big Funfair Rides for Sale

You can get these large scale funfair rides from our factory, disco rides, pirate ship rides, pendulum rides, roller coaster rides, ferris wheel rides. Please choose according to the size of your funfair. Welcome to contact Beston team for funfair design and then make the decision.
Big size funfair rides for sale

Cheap Funfair Rides for Sale

Beston is a manufacturer of amusement equipment, you can buy amusement equipment with competitive price from our company, which can save more working capital for your project for the operation of the project. In addition to the cheap ride, you can also get more values from us.
cheap funfair rides for sale

Small Funfair Rides for Sale

Small amusement park equipment is also essential for a new amusement park, such as bumper cars, go-karts and other children’s equipment, in our company, not only a variety of models, but also you can get the factory price from here, these small equipment all belongs to low investments and super fast payback ride.
small funfair rides for sale

Children’s Funfair Rides for Sale

When planning to build a funfair, whether you want to build a large or small playground, children’s funfair amusement equipment is essential. Here, beston can provide you with a variety of children’s amusement equipment, including bumper cars, small trains, automatic control planes, carousel, etc.
children's funfair amusement rides for sale

Kids Indoor Playground Equipment

The naughty castle is designed according to the characteristics of children. This facility is conducive to children’s full use of their vitality and imagination. The size and theme of our company’s naughty castle equipment can be customized. You provide it, and we provide customized solutions.
Indoor playground equipment funfair rides for sale

Kids Trampoline Park Equipment

We supply different sizes trampoline park equipment for investors. You can customized adults trampoline park and kids trampoline park here. Our trampolines can withstand strong impacts and giving users a better playing experience. How to start a new trampoline park? Contact Beston team now!
trampoline park funfair rides for sale

Miami Funfair Ride for Sale

Miami funfair ride is a reciprocating and rotating children’s amusement equipment. Children sit in a row and together to enjoy the equipment. We mainly provide 8-12 seat miami funfair ride in our factory. The theme and color of the equipment can be customized according to your needs.
Miami Funfair Rides for Sale

Non-power Funfair Rides for Sale

Non-power funfair ride mainly refers to the active experience equipment that has the characteristics of amusement equipment without any unnatural external force and energy. Here we produce two types of non-power rides which including indoor playground equipment and trampoline park equipment.
Non-power funfair rides with prices

Application of Funfair Rides

Funfair ride is type of amusement ride that is popular used for funfairs. There are two types of funfairs, one is the indoor funfair and the other one is outdoor funfair. Different funfair center needs different amusement rides. Which type of funfair are you operating? Or which type of funfair rides are you looking for? Except the indoor and outdoor funfair, This type of amusement rides also suitable for many outdoor and indoor places, such as large parks, squares, large hotels, shopping malls and etc.

funfair rides suitable for amusement parks

Amusement Park

funfair rides suitable for theme parks

Theme Parks

funfair rides also suitable for shopping mall

Shopping Mall

funfair amusement rides for squares


funfair rides suitable for carnivals


funfair rides for city parks

City Park

funfair rides suitable for indoor parks

Indoor Parks
Amusement Park
Theme Parks
Shopping Mall
City Park
Indoor Parks

Funfair Rides Videos from Beston Rides

Videos usually show more details. Our video showcases every twist, turn, and loop of our exhilarating funfair rides, giving you a close-up view of the fun and adrenaline-packed adventures that await you. From towering Ferris wheels to heart-pounding roller coasters, explore our diverse range of rides and attractions in stunning detail. Watch the video now and start planning your next adventure with Beston funfair rides! If you want to know more about Beston funfair rides, welcome to check the video for details now!

Successful Installation Cases of Funfair Rides

Beston Rides boasts an impressive track record in the amusement park industry, having exported top-quality funfair rides to more than 80 countries globally. Our extensive portfolio caters to diverse needs, offering a wide array of outdoor and indoor amusement equipment. From exhilarating roller coasters to whimsical carousel rides, our products guarantee thrilling experiences for audiences of all ages. With a commitment to excellence, Beston Rides continues to set the standard for innovation and excitement in the amusement industry. Here are some successful cases from Beston Rides:

funfair bumper car rides to Ireland

Funfair Rides for Sale In Ireland
This is a case that our company just exported to Ireland last week. The customer purchased more than 10 bumper cars and the floor of the bumper car from our company. Now the equipment has been sent to the customer’s playground and is ready to be installed. The customer has experienced the goods. Very satisfied with the quality of our bumper cars.

funfair dragon roller coaster to the USA

Beston Funfair Machines In the USA
A few months ago, we received an inquiry from an American customer. The customer wanted to purchase a small children’s coaster. After a period of communication, the customer chose one of our double-ring sliding dragon equipment. At present, the equipment has been issued. To the customer’s port, the customer will receive the device in a few days.

funfair indoor playground equipment to Saudi Arabia

Non-power Funfair Rides from Saudi Arabia
This is an indoor naughty castle project. The customer purchased a 150-square-meter ice and snow themed naughty castle from our company, a mirror maze and a rock climbing wall. These equipments have been installed and the project has been operating for a while.

Advantages of Beston Funfair Rides to Investors

High ROI
We provide high quality and competitive cost for the rides, payback faster.
Attractive to the Visitors
Beston funfair rides strives to be the most exquisite in appearance, attracting more tourists to ride for customers.
High-quality Materials
We use high quality materials to ensure the safety of the funfair rides from our factory.
Attractive Appearance and Shape
Our unique design funfair rides will attractive more visitors.
Low Maintenance
Our funfair rides needs low maintenance costs and keep long service life.
Fast Payback
Different types of funfair rides from Beston will provide you a fast payback.

Unique Features of Our Funfair Rides

Unique Appearance
We have our own product designer, each of our funfair ride is designed with unique appearance which is more special.
More Types
We are professional funfair rides manufacturer and supplier that manufacturing different types of funfair rides for customers.
Strong Exclusivity and Strong Experience
We insist on equipment innovation, insist on manufacturing more participatory equipment.
Strong Safety
Our funfair rides have been tested many times before leaving the factory to minimize the failure rate of the equipment.
Product Customization
We accept customization on color, theme and logo of our funfair rides.
Installation Service
We offer free installation videos for each set of funfair rides or send our engineers to your country.

How Much Do Funfair Rides Cost?

The price of amusement equipment is affected by many factors. First of all, it depends on whether you purchase mechanical amusement equipment or unpowered amusement equipment. Their prices vary greatly. Mechanical amusement equipment is usually more expensive, while the price of unpowered amusement equipment is relatively low.
Kiddie Rides Cost
What influence the price
We are factory = Beston Funfair Rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Product Customization
02.Scale of the Company
03.Quality of the Product
04.After-sale Service

Customer Reviews from All Over the World

Customers from various countries have praised Beston funfair rides for their exceptional quality and service. From Saudi Arabia to Australia, Nigeria to the Philippines, and beyond, clients have expressed satisfaction with Beston’s products. They commend the rides for their safety, durability, and entertainment value. Moreover, customers appreciate the company’s attentive service, prompt delivery, and reliable support. These positive reviews affirm Beston’s reputation as a trusted provider of funfair rides worldwide.
From Australia
A few months ago, I purchased a double decker carousel from Beston. This carousel is now used in our shopping mall amusement projects. We searched online for a while and finally found Beston. Their children’s carousel has many shapes. The carousel we bought was especially loved by the kids. The equipment is also running very smoothly.
Beston Double Decker Carousel
From Philippines
Last year I bought a few pieces of equipment from here, including carousel, self-control plane, flying chair, mainly for an existing square park project, these pieces of equipment are working well at present, when we have operation or other problems, Beston’s after-sales staff are also very active in solving problems for us.
Beston Multiple Rides

Tips for Choosing Funfair Rides

For funfair rides, quality is a top priority. Only high-quality funfair equipment can give customers a sense of security. In addition to the quality of the equipment, what other issues should you pay attention to? Other factors to consider when choosing funfair rides include safety certifications, maintenance requirements, space availability, target audience preferences, theme consistency, affordability, and the overall experience offered to attendees. Beston Rides here will give you some advice:

Type Positioning
First of all, you should consider whether the type positioning of the funfair machine is in line with your own needs. Blind selection will make your equipment nondescript. The children’s age positioning of each type of equipment is more or less different, and it should be targeted. Buy, align with your main customer base.

After-sale Service
Secondly, after-sales service is also a key point. Good after-sales service is not only the corporate image of the amusement equipment factory, but also an indirect reflection of product quality. After-sales improvement will save customers a lot of trouble in the later stage of installation and operation, so customers should choose carefully.

High Quality
Third, although the price is not the key point, it cannot be ignored. High-quality and low-cost amusement equipment is what every investor pursues, but we can’t just look at the price, ignoring the qualification and scale of the manufacturer, and choosing a regular manufacturer is more important. important.

Funfair Ride Manufacturers – Beston Amusement

Beston Amusement Equipment is a professional funfair ride manufacturer. Our mission is “Fun & Magic Never Ends” which means Beston insist on designing interesting and high quality amusement parks and funfairs, we also insisting on producing attractive and keep innovation on the amusement equipment. It has constantly developed different types of funfair equipment at different prices and levels to meet the demand of different amusement rides investors.

Beston Service Team

Beston Services
Product Creative Team
Mainly undertake the development of creative products, combine the needs of the marketing department and the needs of the project, carry out the creative design of product theme, appearance design, lighting design, and production technical guidance, and strive for product concept innovation.
Engineering Technical Team
Mainly undertake engineering design, motion simulation analysis, product structure design, production technology and production process determination in the product development process.
Electrical Engineering Team
Mainly undertake the electrical development and design of products, product positioning and structural function needs, develop general electrical procedures and be responsible for supervising and testing equipment procedures to ensure the effective operation of the equipment.
Planning and Design Team
To undertake the planning and design of indoor and outdoor amusement projects, project site selection, market research and analysis, design of 2D, 3D renderings and animation maps, combined with the needs of project reagents to carry out special design and comprehensive effect display.
Project engineering team
Undertake the specific design after the progress of the project to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.
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FAQ for Funfair Rides

Do you offer installation for the funfair rides?
Yes, we do, we have professional installation team to promise the installation process.
Do you send installation videos?
Yes, we send installation videos and user manual when the equipment is sent to you.
Can you help designing a new funfair?
Yes, Beston is a not only a factory, we also provide amusement park and funfair design. We have many successful park project in different countries.
What types of funfair rides do you offer?
We offer a wide range of funfair rides catering to various age groups and preferences. Our selection includes classic rides such as carousels, Ferris wheels, roller coasters, bumper cars, and thrilling attractions like pendulum rides, drop towers, and spinning rides.
Can I customize the rides to fit my funfair’s theme?
Yes, we offer customization options to tailor the rides according to your theme park’s specific requirements. Whether you need custom colors, branding, or theming elements, our design team will work with you to create a unique and cohesive experience for your guests.
Do you offer post service?
Yes, we do. We have our own service team for solving customers problems.

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