Frog Hopper Ride for Sale

Frog hopper ride is a mini version of the drop tower ride. We also called them the “frog jump ride”. This is specially designed for kids which can accommodate up to 6 riders at one time. Exquisite design and updated attractive appearance makes the frog hopper ride for sale more popular among kids. Want to buy install a new kiddie frog hopper ride for your funfair? Feel free to contact Beston now!

Beston Frog Hopper Rides for Sale

As a manufacturer of amusement equipment, we mainly produce 6-seat frog jumping. We strictly control the color and appearance of the equipment. In addition to the current 6-seat frog jumping equipment, we also accept equipment customization. The overall height of the equipment, the number of cabins of the equipment, and the color of the equipment can be customized according to the needs of customers. If you want to know more about this equipment, please contact Beston.

6 Seat Frog Hopper Ride for Sale

This product has a unique shape and is designed to simulate the jumping machine in the playground. The difference is that this product is a small children’s play equipment, so it will not be as high as the jumping machine in the playground, the quality is quite good, and it is very safe. Parents can accompany their children to enjoy the experience brought by high altitude. your pleasure.
6 seater kiddie frog hopper ride for sale

Technical Parameters of Frog Hopper Ride

Capacity 6 Person(Kids)
Height of the Equipment 8.04m
Power 11kw
Running Height Up to 5m
Voltage 380v/50Hz
Theory Passengers Capacity 180 persons/hour
Cover Area 7m*6m
Two types of kids frog hopper ride with price

Application of Frog Hopper Ride

The frog jumping ride is a kind of amusement equipment for kids that rises at a uniform speed and descends in stages. The equipment is equipped with six seats. After the passenger is seated, the operator fastens the seat belt and the rod, and the visitor rises to a certain height, and then descends in sections by jumping, just like sitting on the back of a big frog and jumping. It is very popular among tourists, especially kids tourists. It is popular used in kiddie funfairs, amusement parks, carnivals and etc.

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Amusement Park

Kiddie Rides Used for Funfair


Kiddie Rides for Shopping Malls

Shopping Mall

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Video of Frog Hopper Ride

Want to know how does the kiddie frog hopper ride work? Want to watch working videos of the frog hopper ride in our factory? This part, we will show you some videos of frog hoppe ride in our factory. Here it comes!

Successful Cases

Engaged in this industry for more than 20 years, our amusement equipment has been sold to more than 100 parks in the world, and our park projects have been designed all over the world. Here are some successful cases.

Frog hopper ride will be shipped to Nigeria

Beston Amusement Rides to Nigeria
This is one of our recent Nigerian project clients, the client wanted to build a play area for children to play in their complex hotel, the client contacted Beston online and communicated with our sales manager about the detailed requirements, they wanted to build For a paradise project, they wanted to find a powerful company to solve their project design.

New frog hopper ride ready for Saudi Arabia

Successful Cases to Saudi Arabia
This is one of our recent successful cases in Saudi Arabia. The client wanted to build an indoor amusement project and purchased a 150-square-meter naughty castle, a rock climbing wall and a mirror maze from Beston. At first, we provided the client with a naughty castle design.

Beston mini frog hopper ride in Kazakhstan

Amusement Rides Installed at Kazakhstan
The first request of a customer in Kazakhstan was to purchase a large-capacity device. After communicating with our sales manager, a 36-seat flying chair was finally selected. This flying chair is to be used for drainage in a mountaintop park. of a project. On March 30, 2022, we received the feedback video of the flying chair from the customer.

Why Choose Frog Hopper Ride

High ROI
High ROI equipment, small equipment, low price, quick return on cost.
Attractive to Kids
Bright colors make it more attractive for children to ride.
Small Area
It occupies a small area and is suitable for operation in a variety of venues.
Low Failure Rate
The failure rate is low, the wearing parts are provided, the maintenance cost is reduced, and the profit of the equipment is guaranteed to the maximum extent.
Low Maintenance
The frog hopper ride needs low maintenance costs and keep long service life.
Fast Payback
All-round operation service for frog hopper amusement rides from Beston which will provide you a fast payback.

Features of Beston Frog Hopper Ride

Customization Service
Accept customization on theme, color and logo.
Smooth Appearance
The surface of the equipment is polished and smoother to ensure a better riding experience.
Attractive Appearance
Spray paint is not easy to fade, more attractive.
Small Footprint
It covers a small footprint.
After-sale Service
We also provide equipment operation and promotion programs to help you attract more customers.
Warranty Service
Our equipment provides a one-year machine warranty service to ensure the normal operation of your equipment.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Frog Hopper Ride?

Frog jumping is a small children’s equipment, its price is relatively low, generally tens of thousands of dollars can buy a similar frog jumping equipment. But there are many frog jumping manufacturers on the market, and their ex-factory prices are also very different. The main factors that affect the frog jumping equipment are the quality and size of the equipment.
Kiddie Rides Cost
Factors to consider
When purchasing a new frog hopper ride for your amusement park
04.After-sale Service

Customer Reviews for Frog Hopper Ride

Beston Amusement, as a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and amusement park designer, has developed more than 100 amusement park projects and sold more than 1000 sets of amusement rides to the world. Here comes what customer said about our rides:
From Nigeria
We need about 6 amusement rides and our leader really want to purchase a frog hopper ride for the project. So we find Beston Amusement. We really satisfied with the kiddie frog hopper ride.
Beston Park Project
From Russia
Several weeks ago, We purchased 3 amusement rides from Beston Amusement, including carousel, swing ride and a frog hoppe ride. Now these 3 amusement rides has been installed and worked smoothly.
Beston Amusement Rides

How Does the Frog Hopper Ride Work?

This part will show you differnt part of frog hopper ride and the working princile of this ride. Now let’s learn more about it together.

First, you should know the structure of the ride. The main structure of Beston frog hopper ride is gantry, seat and oil cylinder.

Working Principle
The seat is connected with the oil cylinder through the fixed pulley of the gantry by the wire rope. Through the continuous expansion and contraction of the oil cylinder, the tourists sitting on the seat can be raised to a high place and then lowered quickly, and then raised immediately, and then continuously jumping up and down. Visitors are like sitting on the back of a big frog and jumping, feeling overweight and weightlessness.

Why This Ride
It is alternatives ride for the thrill swing tower ride which is designed for kids. If the position of your park project is kids, you can choose this ride. It is much cheaper than the swing tower ride.

Why Choose Beston to Buy Frog Hopper Ride?

Beston Amusement is a professional frog hopper ride manufacturer and supplier. It is a high-tech company that specializing in the development, manufacturing, installation, and sales of various types of amusement equipment in China. From the beginning, we’ve been putting more efforts in the amusement rides industry, and now our amusement rides and amusement park design, manufacturing and monitoring capacity greatly improve our efficiency and provide guarantees for the quality of our equipment.

Beston Service

Beston Services
We are a factory, you can get a competitive cost on the frog hopper ride from us. But we are not only a factory, we also provide more values than what you except.
Equipment Innovation
We consists to keep the equipment innovation, and offer amusement park design service.
Park Operation
After the establishment of the amusement park, we also provide park operation plans for our customer. We hope both of us will benefit from this business. Looking forward to corporate with you soon!
1. Send two engineers to guide the installation on site (electrical engineer and mechanical engineer).
2. Equipped with operating instructions, after installation and commissioning, the installer will provide free employee training services.
3. Installation training time is 15-20 days.
After Sales
1. Provide one-year warranty, free replacement parts due to product quality during the warranty period.
2. Respond to problems within 12 hours and provide solutions within 72 hours.
3. Regular engineers will make return visits to provide training, maintenance and other value-added services.

FAQ for Kiddie Frog Hopper Ride

Do you offer installation this frog hopper ride?
Yes, we provide installation for the kiddie frog hopper ride. This kiddie ride is easy to install and we will also send installation videos and manual for the equipment.

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