Flying Car Ride for Sale

Different types of new-design flying car ride for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement. A high quality with competitive cost, high ROI amusement ride for kids to invest. It is a star amusement ride in the amusement park and funfair. Planing to purchase a new ride for your amusement park business? Try the flying car ride now! Contact us for price!

Beston Flying Car Ride List

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer, Beston Amusement has more than 5 types of flying car rides for sale. They are single hump flying car ride and double humps flying car ride, flying car ride with sporty car cabins and horse cabins. Follow Beston to get more about the different types of flying car rides now!

Single Hump Flying Car Ride for Sale

Single hump flying car ride mainly refers the track. There is only one hump for this model. So the track is shorter than the double humps flying car ride. It is cheaper than the double humps model too. And it cover less area than the double hump flying car ride.
Beston Single Hump Flying Car Ride

Double Humps Flying Car Ride for Sale

Double humps flying car ride refers to the car will be running on a long track with two humps, it is much more interesting than the single hump flying car ride. And it is a little expensive than the single hump model. It will also cover more areas at the same time. Which one do you prefer?
Double humps flying ca rides for sale

Sporty Car Flying Car Ride for Sale

The sporty car flying car ride is a kind of scooter amusement equipment, which is a kind of amusement equipment that slides on the track through a car-shaped trolley and can be used by tourists. The sporty car ride skillfully integrates the sporty car and the track, with cool and bright lighting decoration, which is widely loved by children.
Sporty car flying car rides

Mobile Flying Car Ride for Sale

The horse flying car ride also belongs to the scooter amusement equipment. The main difference between the sporty car and horse flying car ride is the cabin. The horse flying car ride will also running on a special track just like the sporty car ride. With cool and bright lighting decoration, it is also widely loved by kids.
Mobile type flying car ride

Application of Flying Car Ride

Flying car ride, also called speed car, rockin tug ride and rapid flying car. It is shaped as a sporty car. It is running on a special track and accommodate 8-11 passengers at one time. This equipment is a kind of rotary scooter amusement ride, which is suitable for children over 1 year old and adults to ride and play. It is suitable for amusement parks, funfairs, theme parks and many other indoor and outdoor places.

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Beston Rapid Flying Car Ride Videos

Want to purchase this new ride for your business? Want to get more information about the flying car ride? You can watch some videos from Beston Amusement to see how this ride works, whether it runs smoothly, how to operate the ride and different shapes of the ride, etc. Here is the running videos of Beston flying car rides.

Flying Car Ride Cases

As a professional amusement park rides factory, we had exported many set of flying car ride and other amusement rides to more than 40 countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, etc. Except for the flying car ride, we can also design and build new amusement park project. Here is a part of Beston latest cases.

Flying car ride in Ethiopia

Flying Car Ride Ship to Ethiopia
This is a case of our indoor project in Ethiopia. In addition to the flying car ride, the customer also purchased more than ten other amusement equipment from our company. The customer initially wanted to plan a new outdoor park, so he found several suppliers online. business, and finally chose us through comparison and inspection of our factory.

Beston new flying car ride is ready for shipping to Russia

Flying Car Ride Ready for Russia
This is a case of our park project in Russia. The client found us two years ago and sent us an inquiry through the website. After we learned about the client’s needs, we quickly got in touch with the client and gave the client several sets of parks. Scheme, the customer finally chose one of the schemes, and purchased the equipment to be used in the project.

The Flying Car Ride In Turkmenistan Amusement Park

Flying Car Amusement Ride In Turkmenistan
This is our customer case in Turkmenistan. The customer purchased 6 sets of amusement equipment from our company, including a happy flying car. Now several pieces of equipment have been safely sent to the customer, and the customer has also completed the installation.

Reasons to Buy a Flying Car Ride to Your Business

High ROI
More attractive, unique shape will get you more visitors.
Mature Technology
Mature technology of the flying car ride will save you more cost: The production process of automatic control equipment is mature, no worries.
Experienced production technology, low price, quality assurance
Long Lifespan
Good quality with long lifespan: excellent material selection, first-class craftsmanship, service life can be as long as 8-10 years
Low Maintenance
Safe to kids and cannot cause fire.Rechargeable and unchangeable battery with reliable quality.
Fast Payback
The age span of passengers is large, and the passenger flow is large to ensure rapid income.

6 Features of Beston Flying Car Ride

Track Length
Single hump track and double hump track flying car ride you can buy.
Various Shapes
Sporty car, horse and etc.
Attractive Appearance
Beautiful shape and brilliant lighting systems makes the ride more attractive.
Multiple Choices
There are a variety of theme styles of the flying car ride, and the color and lighting can also be customized according to your needs.
Easy to Operate
The overall structure design of the flying car ride is reasonable, the installation is simple, the control cabinet is controlled by buttons, and the operation is very convenient.
The material of the rapid flying car ride is premium glass fiber reinforced plastic, and it looks luxurious and stylish with the paint process. The material of FRP also makes the product have the characteristics of safety, environmental protection and corrosion resistance.

Cost to Buy Rapid Flying Car Ride

Rapid flying car ride is a medium kiddie amusement ride in our factory. It will not cost you too much for purchasing. Usually, it will cost less than 100000 dollars. But the price is affected by many factors, such as the shape of the cabin, the length of the track, the delivery items of the ride and etc.
Kiddie Rides Cost
What you should consider
When buying a new flying car ride for your amusement park

Customer Reviews for Rapid Flying Cars

Beston flying car ride has been exported to many countries in the world, Nigeria, Philippines, Kenya, Russia, etc. Here is the part of customer’s review about Beston’s product and service.
From Kenya
Thanks for Beston Amusement, our kiddie rides has been put into operation. And it really attractive to kids in the amusement park. It has been running for more than two weeks now, everything goes well till now.
Beston Amusement Rides
From Russia
We received the amusement rides several weeks ago, and now, all the 8 amusement rides has been installed. All of them has passed the equipment test and they all work smoothly.
Beston Park Project

3 Features of Production Process

In the production process of rapid flying car ride, we strictly control the production process to ensure the quality of each component. We insist on providing high quality amusement rides to customers.

Material Selection
All selected materials are supplied by domestic well-known brand suppliers or state-owned enterprises, and product quality is controlled from the source.

Shot Blasting
The rust removal of the mechanical part is relatively thorough, preventing internal corrosion from affecting the life of the equipment, and increasing the adhesion of the paint to pave the way for the next process.

Spray Painting
The iron parts and glass fiber reinforced plastic parts are sprayed for 4 times. The spray paint master has rich experience, the paint quality is good, and there will be no smearing and flowing paint. In addition, the glass fiber reinforced plastic spray paint adopts the baking paint process, and the equipment can maintain the brightness and luster even when used outdoors all the year round.

Why Choose Beston to Buy This Ride?

We are factory, we can provide competitive cost for our customer to buy this flying car ride. Our rapid flying car ride can be used for many places. There are several different types of rapid flying car rides for you to choose. But, we are not only factory. We also provide more services.We have a professional service team.

Beston Service

Beston Services
1. Standardized production process to promise the high quality of the flying car rides in our factory.
2. Short production cycle.
Installation Service
Engineers guide the installation and provide professional operation and maintenance training for operators.
The product warranty period is one year, and the required accessories are replaced free of charge during the warranty period.
Lifetime After-sales
Lifetime after-sales service, if you have any questions, we will reply within 8 hours and give solutions within 3 working days.
Regular Return Visit
Engineers conduct after-sales return visits every year.

FAQ for Flying Car Rides

How does the flying car carnival ride work?
The rotary motion of the flying car ride is driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer, and is transmitted to the slewing bearing through the spur gear, so that the cockpit rotates around the circle of the slewing bearing. The sliding motion of this amusement equipment is driven by the three-phase asynchronous motor of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer , drive to the rotating friction gas wheel, and the car body slides along the track through the friction transmission of the friction gas wheel.
Do you provide installation?
Yes, we can provide installation for the flying car ride if needed, we also send installation videos and user manual attached with the equipment.
Do you accept custom order?
Yes, we do. We accept custom orders about the color, size and logo of the ride.
Are you factory?
Yes, Beston Amusement has independent amusement rides factory: self-produced and self-sold. You can get reasonable cost for the flying car ride.
Is the Voltage Changeable?
Yes, the voltage can be changed according to the standard in your country.

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