Kiddie Ferris Wheel for Sale

Kiddie ferris wheel for sale in our factory are commonly referred to as mini Ferris wheels and children’s ferris wheel ride. This is a recreational facility designed specifically for children, typically consisting of several small cabins, each accommodating one to two children. Vibrantly colored, it serves as a downsized alternative to large Ferris wheels, making it ideal for young kids. It is available in models with 10 or 20 seats for customers to choose from. Want to buy a kiddie ferris wheel ride for your amusement park? Welcome to contact Beston Rides!

Types of Kiddie Ferris Wheel from Beston Rides

Beston Rides offers a diverse range of Kiddie Ferris Wheels, including compact Mini Ferris Wheels suitable for younger children, Double-Faced designs for increased capacity, Animal-themed options with playful cabins, Interactive models for engaging experiences, LED-Lit versions for vibrant atmospheres, Portable designs for easy setup, Themed options tailored to specific concepts, and Customizable Kiddie Ferris Wheels allowing personalized features according to client preferences. Let’s get more about our kiddie ferris wheel rides now:

Single Face Kids Ferris Wheel for Sale

Beston Rides’ Single Face Kiddie Ferris Wheel for sale is a compact delight designed for limited spaces. Ideal for young children, it features vibrant cabins, offering a joyous and safe ride experience. Its smaller footprint makes it a perfect addition to amusement parks catering to the youngest thrill-seekers.

Single face kids ferris wheel ride for sale

Double Face Kids Ferris Wheel for Sale

Beston Rides’ Double Face Kiddie Ferris Wheel is a two-sided marvel, maximizing capacity while ensuring safety. This design allows more children to enjoy the whimsical ride simultaneously. With a focus on both fun and security, it’s a fantastic addition to amusement parks seeking to accommodate larger groups of young adventurers.

Double face ferris wheel ride for Dream world park

Application Of Kiddie Ferris Wheel Rides

Kiddie Ferris Wheel rides from Beston Rides are versatile attractions, perfect for enhancing entertainment in amusement parks, fairs, shopping malls, and outdoor events. They create a family-friendly atmosphere in indoor play centers, complement family areas in zoos, and provide joy at birthday parties. Additionally, these rides contribute to the overall appeal of recreational resorts, school events, and dedicated children’s entertainment centers, making them a popular choice for various entertainment and leisure settings.

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Kiddie Funfairs


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Amusement rides for city parks

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Videos of Beston Kiddie Ferris Wheel

Beston Kiddie Ferris Wheel captivates young hearts with its enchanting design and secure rides. Watch the delightful videos showcasing these miniature wonders in action. With colorful cabins, gentle rotations, and utmost safety, Beston Rides brings joy to children worldwide. Experience the magic through captivating visuals of laughter and excitement. Here is a part of working videos of Beston small kiddie ferris wheel for sale:

Successful Installation Cases of Kids Ferris Wheel Rides

Beston Rides boasts numerous successful installation cases of Beston kiddie ferris wheel for sale globally. From amusement parks to family entertainment centers, these installations showcase the reliability and appeal of Beston’s creations. Witness the joyous atmosphere as children experience the magic of colorful cabins and smooth rotations. Explore these successful cases to envision the endless possibilities for amusement and entertainment.

Mini ferris wheel in Dream world park in Nigeria

Double Face Mini Ferris Wheel Ride
This is a medium-sized amusement park in Nigeria. The client not only purchased a double-sided children’s observation car but also acquired more than 10 amusement rides, including a 30-meter Ferris wheel, pirate ship, giant swing, flying chair, carousel, self-controlled plane, mini train, and high-altitude moonraker. The client’s project has been operational for some time, featuring a variety of exciting rides and attractions.

Hotel park project in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Park In Nigeria
This is a composite hotel and amusement project in Nigeria. The client, involved in hotel business, has diversified by investing in amusement attractions. Apart from the double-sided children’s observation car, the project includes a carousel, flying saucer ride, self-controlled plane, kiddie roller coaster, and seven other amusement rides. The client is highly satisfied with both our design solutions and the provided equipment.

20 meter ferris wheel ride to Tranida and tobago

20 Meters Ferris Wheel Ride to Tranida and tobago
This 20-meter Ferris wheel was custom-designed for a client in Trinidad and Tobago. From the basket-style cabins to the colors and various configurations, everything was tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements. The installation has been successfully completed, and the customer is highly satisfied with the overall outcome.

Top 6 Features of Kiddie Ferris Wheel

When you are ready to buy this equipment, your first concern must be what kind of benefits this equipment will bring you, then Beston Amusement will show you some of the benefits that our top spin ride will bring to you.
Size and Capacity
Ensure the Ferris Wheel is appropriately sized for children. It should have a suitable capacity to accommodate multiple kids at once.
Safety Features
Check for safety features such as secure seating, harnesses, and a reliable restraint system to ensure the safety of the children during the ride.
Durability and Materials
Choose a Ferris Wheel made from high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand regular use. This is essential for long-term reliability.
Easy Operation
Look for a Kiddie Ferris Wheel that is easy to operate. Simple controls make it easier for operators to manage the ride and ensure a smooth experience for children.
Attractive Design
Opt for a Ferris Wheel with an appealing design that attracts children. Bright colors and themed decorations can enhance the visual appeal and make the ride more exciting.
Maintenance and Serviceability
Consider the ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts. A Ferris Wheel that is easy to maintain will have a longer lifespan and provide a better return on investment.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Kiddie Ferris Wheel?

The cost of purchasing a Kiddie Ferris Wheel can vary widely based on several factors, including the size, materials,configuration, freight, etc. Generally, Kiddie Ferris Wheels are smaller and designed for children, making them more affordable compared to larger amusement park Ferris Wheels. To get accurate and current pricing, you can contact Beston Rides – professional amusement rides manufacturers and discuss your specific requirements.
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Our kiddie ferris whel ride Has Competitive Cost
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01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
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Customer Reviews of Beston Kiddie Ferris Wheel Rides

Discover the joy through the eyes of the passengers as they share their delightful experiences with the Beston Kiddie Ferris Wheel Rides. From laughter-filled moments to cherished memories, our ride has become a favorite among families, creating a magical and unforgettable atmosphere for children of all ages. Here is a part of Beston customer’s reviews:
From Indonesia
Customer Review from Indonesia
Indoor Playground
From the Philippines
Customer View from the Philippines
Outdoor Park

3 Difference Between Kiddie Ferris Wheel and Big Ferris wheel

The primary difference between a Kiddie Ferris Wheel for sale and a Big Ferris Wheel lies in their size, design, and target audience. Kiddie Ferris Wheels are smaller, typically designed for young children, featuring colorful and playful themes. In contrast, Big Ferris Wheels are larger, catering to a broader audience, often providing panoramic views and a more thrilling experience for riders of various ages.

Size and Height
The most apparent difference between a Kiddie Ferris Wheel and a Big Ferris Wheel is the size and height. Kiddie Ferris Wheels are designed for younger children and are typically smaller in scale, with lower height requirements. Big Ferris Wheels, on the other hand, are larger structures intended for older children and adults, offering a more extensive view from higher elevations.

Ride Intensity
Kiddie Ferris Wheels are designed with a focus on gentle and age-appropriate rides. They often feature slower rotations and a milder experience to ensure the safety and comfort of young riders. In contrast, Big Ferris Wheels may offer a more exhilarating experience with faster rotations and a higher vantage point, providing riders with a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Design and Theming
Kiddie Ferris Wheels often come in vibrant and playful designs, with colorful cabins and themes that appeal to younger audiences. The focus is on creating a whimsical and enjoyable atmosphere. Big Ferris Wheels, especially those found in larger amusement parks or city centers, may have a more sophisticated design and could be part of iconic landmarks. The theming and aesthetic of Big Ferris Wheels are often geared towards a broader audience.

Kiddie Ferris Wheel Manufacturer – Beston Rides

Beston Rides is a renowned manufacturer of Kiddie Ferris Wheels, providing high-quality amusement park attractions. With expertise in designing and producing safe and enjoyable rides for children, Beston Rides ensures durability and compliance with safety standards. Our Kiddie Ferris Wheels are crafted with precision, offering a delightful experience for young riders. Consider Beston Rides for reliable and entertaining amusement park solutions.

FAQs for Kiddie Ferris Wheel

What age group is suitable for Kiddie Ferris Wheels?
Kiddie Ferris Wheels are typically designed for children aged 2 to 12 years old.
Are Kiddie Ferris Wheels safe for children?
Yes, Kiddie Ferris Wheels are designed with safety in mind, incorporating features such as secure restraints and low-speed rotations suitable for young riders.
Do Kiddie Ferris Wheels require special maintenance?
Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal safety and performance. Manufacturers often provide guidelines for maintenance procedures.
How many children can ride a Kiddie Ferris Wheel at once?
The capacity varies, but Kiddie Ferris Wheels usually accommodate around 4 to 8 children per ride.
Are there height or weight restrictions for Kiddie Ferris Wheels?
Most Kiddie Ferris Wheels have height restrictions to ensure the safety of riders. Weight limits may also be specified.

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