Disco Rides for Sale

Disco ride, a large-scale amusement equipment which integrating entertainment, fun, thrill and excitement. Beston Amusement has three different types of disco ride for sale for you to choose now. The UFO disco rides for sale will be your ideal choice for your investment. Do you want to install a thrill disco ride for your amusement park? Contact Beston Amusement for price now!

Disco Ride Running Video

Now, we have three types of disco ride for sale in our factory. They are 20 seats disco ride, 22 seats disco ride and the 24 seats disco ride. They are different in size, shapes and appearance. They are also varies in price. Now let’s learn more about them:

20 Seats Disco Rides for Sale

Beston 20 seaters disco amusement park ride, also called the UFO-phoenix in our factory. This is phoenix-like ride. There is a phoenix in the middle of the disco ride. This is different from other two disco ride.
20 Seats Thrill Disco Rides for Sale

22 Seats Disco Rides for Sale

As the name shows us, 22 seats disco ride mainly contains 22 seats. There is a motor in the middle of the ride. It is similar with the B002-GDF22 disco ride. But the track height and length is different.
22 Seater Disco Amusement Rides for Sale

24 Seats Disco Rides for Sale

As the name show us, 24 seats disco amusement ride is a 24 seater disco ride. It has more seats than the above two. The length and height of the track is different from the other two set. But the working movement is almost the same.
24 Seats Disco Ride for Sale

3 Models of Disco Ride Technical Parameters

Capacity 20 person 22 person 24 person
Cover Area 27*11m 25*11m 10*27m
Voltage 380v/220v 380v/220v 380v/220v
Track Height 7.6m 8.4m 7.6m
Track Length 30m 30m 30m
Power 42.6kw 44kw 60kw
Beston Disco Amusement Park Rides for Sale

Disco Rides Usage

Disco amusement park ride from Beston Amusement is equipped with colorful lights and cheerful music. These will be opened by the power. It has a unique way of entertainment. The car body slides up and down along the track, and at the same time, it performs a 360-degree free rotation. It is a popular amusement ride that is used in the amusement park, theme park, carnivals, fairground and large funfairs.

Beston Kiddie Amusement Rides Used for Amusement Park

Amusement Park

Kiddie Rides Used for Funfair


Kiddie Rides for Shopping Malls

Shopping Mall

Kiddie amusement rides square use


Kiddie rides for carnival use


Kiddie rides for city park

City Park

Kiddie amusement rides for Scenic Resort

Scenic Resort
Amusement Park
Shopping Mall
City Park
Scenic Resort

Disco Ride Running Video

Want to know the working principle of Beston disco rides? Here is the disco ride video that is installed at the Indonesia amusement park. Wecome to check the following video to get more!

Latest Cases

As one of the most popular big amusement equipment, Beston disco ride has become more and more popular among park project customer. It is bring more fun to visitors and really new to them than the ferris wheel and roller coaster rides.

Disco rides cases in Indonesia

Case In Padang, Indonesia
We build a park in Padang, Indonesia in the year 2019. This is a benchmark project in Indonesia. Through the preliminary design and planning prepare and processional team, we get this project.

The disco amusement ride in Uzbekistan

Case In Uzbekistan
This is the customer from Uzbekistan. We design and built the theme park. They purchased more than 8 amusement rides from our factory.

The flying disco ride installed at Nigeria

Cases In Nigeria
Here is the Nigeria case. This project is built in the year 2020, it is designed and built by Beston Amusement. We provide the amusement park design and we also provide different types of amusement park rides.

What Will Disco Ride Bring You?

High ROI
Beston amusement disco ride will get more visitors and will be the fast payback ride for your business.
Easy to Control
Easy to control with the control system room which will save you more training time. Excellent performance will bring you more passengers at one time.
Attractive Design
Novel design appearance and handsome racing car on the turntable will attract more visitors to you park.
Super Service
Full service after you have purchased the disco ride which will save you the maintenance cost.
Low Maintenance
Our disco ride needs low maintenance costs and keep long service life.
Professional Team
Professional 3D painting designer and experienced workers will offer you all around service.

Beston Disco Rides Features

Gorgeous Appearance
The appearance of Beston disco ride is gorgeous, the gameplay is peculiar, and the momentum is grand.
Passengers riding on the UFO disco ride not only slides at high speed along the track, but also rotates 360 degrees around the center while sliding with the slide.
Coupled with the high speed and weightlessness brought by the height difference of the track, disco carnival ride makes people feel exciting, excited and extremely happy.
Lighting Decoration
The whole equipment is equipped with high-brightness color lighting decoration.
Product Customization
We accept custom orders about the disco ride for amusement park project.
Installation Service
We offer installation videos for disco amusement ride or send our engineers to your place.

Cost of Disco Amusement Ride

As you know, we have 3 types of disco rides for sale in factory. They comes with different seats, so the price of these disco rides varies. We are factory, you can get competitive cost from us. Which model of the disco ride are you interested in? Contact Beston for price quotation now!
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Beston Kiddie Rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Reviews from Our Customer

We have got lots of positive feedback from customers. Here is the feedback from disco ride customer.
From Padang, Indonesia
Beston help us build the amusement park in Padang, Indonesia in the year 2019. Now our park is running well. We have to say that Beston team is really professional in park design and their amusement rides really works well now.
Beston Disco Ride
From Pakistan
We get the disco ride for our exist park last year from Beston Amusement. It has been running for more than 6 months now. It is smooth running between the device and the track, no obvious friction sound during the equipment operate. We will get several new ride from them soon.
Beston Disco Amusement Rides

3 Aspects You Should Know About Beston Disco Rides

Beston disco amusement ride has a long U-shaped sliding track, which looks like a crescent moon, so it is also called U-shaped pulley, crescent moon speed car, fast magic saucer, etc. It is a very popular outdoor amusement equipment for adults.

How It Work?
The movement mode of the equipment breaks through the single movement mode of the traditional equipment. While the flying saucer dashes up and down at high speed along the guide rail of the steel frame, the flying saucer turntable also rotates alternately forward and reverse, making passengers feel unparalleled excitement and excitement.

Working Principles
The UFO disco ride could spin 45 degree. When riders riding on it, they will be raising to the top, they will be shocked down from the seat which will give them more thrill feelings. It is track ride, but it is different from the normal track ride like track trains, wacky worm roller coasters. It is so special.

Attractive Point
The device is characterized by gorgeous appearance and strange gameplay. A simulated flying saucer that can accommodate 20 to 24 people at the same time, sits on a meniscus-shaped rail steel frame, and passengers ride the device in a straddle style. The whole equipment is equipped with colorful lighting decoration. When the flying saucer rotates, it is accompanied by the changes of lights, making the flying saucer a dazzling landscape in the amusement park.

Why Choose Beston to Buy Disco Ride

Beston Services
Beston is a manufacturer, we provide competitive price for different types of amusement park rides.
Park Design
We offer amusement park design service and professional amusement park operation.
ISO9001 quality certification, CE for the ride from our factory.
Delivery Time
Short delivery time for the disco ride.
Size and color of the UFO disco ride can be customized according to your requirements.

FAQ for Disco Rides

Foundation requirements for the disco ride?
The equipment foundation requires that the bearing capacity of the foundation is not less than 100kPa. If it does not meet this requirement, the foundation should be dealt with accordingly, such as increasing the foundation area.
Types of disco rides in your company?
We have three types of disco ride now in our factory. They are 20 seater, 22 seater and 24 seater disco rides.
We should we prepared if we are planning to install a disco ride?
The fabrication, construction and installation of foundation embedded parts, lightning protection grounding and railings shall be prepared and constructed by the user with reference to the relevant drawings.
Do you offer installation for the disco ride?
Yes, we can send our Engineers to your place to guide installation. We will also provide installation video and manual.
Generally, the warranty time of the whole equipment is one year.
Component for Beston disco rides?
Disco ride for sale, a large equipment that is made up of a turntable, driving device, supporting wheel group, horizontal block wheel group, sliding contact line group, seat, tower seat, motorcycle model, slip ring brush group, curved rail, friction rail, rail decorative parts, fence, etc.

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