Chair Swing Ride for Sale

Chair swing ride is a type of funfair ride that is popular among kids and adults. It is made up of the high quality of stainless steel which is sturdy and durable in Beston Rides. It is one of the most popular amusement ride in our factory. These amusement rides featuring suspended chairs which is attractive to kids and offer a blend of excitement and relaxation. Want to purchase a chair swing ride for sale for your amusement park ? Contact Beston Rides for price now!

Different Types of Chair Swing Rides for Sale

As a professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides has more than 4 types of carnival swing rides in our factory. They are ranging from 12 to 48 seats. They also comes with different themes, such as classic theme, ocean theme, mickey mouse theme, etc. Rotate, lift, change inclination, so many movement of this ride, planning to purchase a swing chair ride? Now let’s learn more about different types of chair swing rides available in our factory.

36 Seats Chair Swing Rides for Sale

36 seater chair swing ride, is one of the most popular swing ride in our factory. It is a large capacity ride which is popular used in the amusement park and theme parks. Lots of customer want to purchase a large capacity but thrill ride, we will recommend them this model. 36 seat swing ride is large and really attractive to kids in the park.
36 Seater swing rides for sale

32 Seats Swing Rides for Sale

32 seat swing ride is another large capacity swing ride from Beston. It is a little smaller than the 36 seat chair swing ride for sale. The overall shape is beautiful. There are many beautiful, delicate and safe seats hanging under a big umbrella. When the big umbrella turns, the seats undulate and dance in the air. It is also an attractive flying chair ride in Beston Factory.
Speed 12r/min Running Height 3.1 m
Diameter 8.6m Height 8.6m
Power 13.5kW Running Speed 8.2m/s
32 seaters swing rides for amusement parks

24 Seat Chair Swing Ride for Sale

The 24-seat flying chair rides produced by Beston Amusement are brightly colored and decorated with lanterns, which are even more exquisite under the night. In addition, there are different numbers of seats to choose from. Beston Amusement is your first choice for inquiring about swing rides.
24 seater kiddie flying chair ride for sale from Beston Amusement

Use Occasions of Chair Swing Rides

The chair swing ride from Beston Rides, also called flying chair ride, spinning chair ride, chair o plane ride and swing carousels, is hot-sale for many models recently. With different sizes and themes, Beston chair swing rides are popular used in the amusement parks, funfairs, carnivals, theme parks and some indoor play centers in the shopping malls. We can customize according to your final use occasions.

Beston swing rides for city parks

City Park

Swing rides for carnival use


Swing rides for square use


Swing chair rides for mountain park use

Mountain Park

Beston swing rides for shopping mall use

Shopping Center

Flying chair rides for theme park

Theme Park

Swing rides for fairground use

City Park
Mountain Park
Shopping Center
Theme Park

Chair Swing Rides Video from Beston Rides

After knowing the use occasion, let’s watch some videos about these chair swing rides. Beston produce a variety of chair swing rides which including kiddie mini swing rides and adults large swing rides. If you want to buy these chair swing rides, videos can reflect you more, such as operation mode, color matching, etc. Here are some videos from Beston Rides. More swing rides and swing rides cases videos, you can check our youtube channel.

Latest Chair Swing Rides Export Cases

Flying chair ride is one of the most popular funfair ride in our factory. We had exported many sets of chair swing rides to all over the world, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Russia, etc. Some of them are in stock model, while others are customized by the customer. Check to learn more about Beston chair swing ride for sale in different countries now!

36 seats swing rides for Kazakhstan

36 Seat Swing Rides Running In Kazakhstan
Beston large capacity – 36 seat chair swing ride is running in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We installed this ride in koktobe park, a a park on the top of the mountain. The customer want to purchase a large capacity ride for the park and this 36 passenger swing exactly in line with customer needs.

Beston Customized Swing Rides for Customer

Customized Swing Rides for Nigeria
This is our kiddie funfair project in Nigeria. The customer purchased 6 rides from us which including flying chair ride, coffee cup ride, happy flying car ride, mini ferris wheel, 16 seat carousel and a self-control plane ride. The 16 seat small swing ride is one of them. Now the funfair is running for more than 1 year.

Kids watermelon swing rides installed at Moldova

Feedback of the Swing Ride from Moldova
We received the feedback video and pictures from our Moldova customer. The 16 seat full loaded kids swing chair ride is running in the square.They purchased the mini swing ride from us several month ago. Now the equipment has put into operation and really popular among kids.

Flying Swing Rides – Top 6 Features

Large Capacity
Large capacity swing rides will cater to your requirement for serving the crowd people.
Better User Experience
The high-quality flying chair ride from Beston Amusement runs smoothly, ensuring the user’s installation and bringing a better user experience.
Reduce Training Costs
Our flying chair ride is easy to operate and easy to use, which can effectively reduce the cost of manual training.
Attract Visitors
The appearance and lighting of Beston’s flying swing chair rides are very attractive, which can add more colors to the park and bring more traffic.
Low Maintenance
Beston chair swing rides needs less maintenance and we offer wearing parts for customers.
Fast Payback
With large capacity and perfect design, Beston chair swing rides will be the most fast payback ride in your park.

Cost to Buy Chair Swing Rides

Beston Rides has swing rides with 12 to 48 seats. So the price is not fixed. There are so many factors that will affect the price. Such as the materials of swing rides, the capacity, quality of the paint, customization and post-service. So cost of buying a new flying chair ride will varies. You can contact us, our professional product manager will recommend suitable swing rides soon!
Kiddie Rides Cost
For chair swing rides
All we can guarantee is
01.Competitive Price
02.Attractive Design
03.Quality Materials
04.All-round Post-service

Customer Reviews for Beston Swing Rides

Our swing rides has been one of the most popular single product for amusement park use, especially the 36 seats swing rides. The swing rides from Beston Rides has been exported to many places in the world. More and more customers from all over the world has purchased our chair swing rides. Now let’s get more about how people evaluate Beston swing rides:
From Bahrain
We bought a swing chair ride and a track train from Beston Amusement several month ago. Their delivery and installation really fast and professional. Both of the two kiddie ride are running in the square, the clown swing ride we purchased from Beston is unique. When we have new purchase requirement, we will contact Beston Rides again.
Beston Clown Swing Rides
From Nigeria
This is Ahmad from Nigeria. We build a new funfair last year. At first, we are confused on the equipment choosing and the funfair operating. After we find Beston on the web. They give us so much support on the site planning, selection of amusement equipment and the funfair operation. Now the funfair is running and really attractive to kids in our city. Thanks for Beston Amusement
Beston Swing Rides and Park Project

What to Consider When Choosing Swing Chair Rides

Chair swing ride is an attractive amusement ride in the amusement park for kids. When you decide to buy a swing ride for your park project, you may have many questions on selecting them. You can confused which type of swing rides to choose, how many seats you need? Here are 3 aspects to consider:

First of all, you should consider the capcity of the swing ride, there are many kind of swing ride with different seats in the market, usually, the capacity can be ranging from 12 to 36 seats. You can choose according to the requirement of your project.

Design and Appearance
An attractive swing ride is important to the project. Swing ride, usually used for attract visitors, so the appearance and design should be exquisite enough for passengers. Only in this way, the project of yours will get more tourists.

Quality Assurance
When you want to buy a new swing ride, the materials, quality, accessories, paint and many other factors should be consider. A high quality swing ride is a half to success.

Why Choose Beston Rides?

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China, Beston Rides has a complete after-sales service system and wholeheartedly provides you with a full range of high-quality services. About the chair swing rides, you can trust us about the quality and post service. We will try our best to provide you all-round service and high quality equipment. We are factory, we provide competitive cost about the flying chair rides. We are not only factory, you will get much more service for the amusement rides operation. If you are looking for a new swing ride or want to build a new amusement park, welcome to contact us now!

Beston Service

Beston Services
Product Production
Standardized chair swing ride production process to promise the high quality of the amusement rides in our factory.
Product Test
After the main frame of the chair swing ride is finished, the flaw detection test is carried out to ensure the welding strength. And after the production of the whole equipment is completed, we will test the whole machine, including no-load, full-load partial load.
Delivery Guaranteed
1. The packaging is completely in accordance with the export packaging standard to ensure that the product is not damaged.
2. The delivery is compared one by one according to the list of accessories to avoid missing and wrong delivery.
On-site Installation
1. We will send our installation engineers to guide the installation on site (electrical engineer and mechanical engineer).
2. Installation training time is 15-20 days.
1. Provide one-year warranty, free replacement parts due to product quality during the warranty period.
2. Our engineers will make return visits to provide training, maintenance and other value-added services regularly.

FAQ for Beston Swing Ride for Sale

Do you accept customization?
Yes, we accept customization on size, color, shape, etc about the swing rides.
Working principle of amusement park swing rides?

1. The carnival chair swing ride for sale is a kind of flying tower amusement equipment which is similar with the swing tower rides. Swing chair ride is a smaller version of the swing tower ride. Under the action of the slewing bearing, the self-rotating motion makes the passengers suspended by the chain undulate and spin under the action of centrifugal force.

2. Rotation of the swing ride adopts the type of motor-driven cycloidal pinwheel reducer, and the speed is 12 rpm(can be changed). The lifting part adopts the vertical lifting of the oil cylinder, the transmission is easy to control, and the operation is stable.

What is your warranty period?
In addition to the one-year warranty for the motor and control cabinet. Maintenance and technical guidance will provided for life.
Maintain tips for swing rides?
1. Do a good job in daily maintenance and maintenance of the flying chair ride, and carry out necessary daily safety inspections.
2. Before the amusement equipment are put into operation every day, the user must carry out trial operation and corresponding safety inspections to check whether the control device, speed limit device, braking device and other safety devices are effective and reliable. Bolt lubrication, etc. and record inspections.

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