double decker carousel for sale

Double Decker Carousel for Sale

Double decker carousel ride is a kind of carousel that with two layers that can be used for many occasions. The upper and lower layers of the 2 story carousel can operate at the same time or independently. It has a beautiful appearance, bright colors, and an image of fiberglass. It is much more attractive with its imposing appearance than the single layer carousel. Its capacity is much more large than common carousel. We have more than 3 different types of double dekcer carousel for sale now, welcome to contact for details!

3 Types of Double Decker Carousel Ride for Sale

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, we have single decker carousel ride and double decker carousel ride for sale. There are three more different themes of double decker carousel ride which including ocean theme, european style and classic double decker carousel. Our double-layer carousel is welded with steel bracket as a whole, which is stable and strong, and it is thick and durable with glass fiber reinforced plastic. The whole body is made of seamless fiberglass, which is not easy to fade, strong and durable, safe and reliable, novel and beautiful in shape, and bright in color.

Classic Type 2 Story Carousel Ride for Sale

Beston’s classic double-decker carousel is equipped with elegant and luxurious decoration, colorful lights, and warm and unrestrained music. We have horses in different animal shapes for customers to choose from, and we also provide carriages in various shapes. Passengers ride on the classic double-decker carousel, swinging slowly to the sound of music, enjoying a leisurely moment. Its rated seating capacity is 68 people, including 60 horses and 2 carriages. This is the most classic double-decker carousel of our company, which is very popular and praised by customers.
Beston Classic Type Double Decker Carousel Ride

Ocean-themed 2 Story Carousel Ride for Sale

This is an ocean-themed double-decker carousel sold by our company. It can take 46 people. The diameter of the equipment is about 13 meters. The whole set of equipment is themed on ocean culture, with marine elements such as coral, aquatic plants, seahorses, and clown fish as a whole. Situational packaging, the introduction of various marine animal mounts, the newly created dreamy ocean amusement equipment, in the whirl of the carousel, wonderful marine life, colorful corals, and graceful aquatic plants are constantly passing by. Bring a strange experience.
Ocean themes two layer carousel ride for sale

European-style 2 Story Carousel Ride for Sale

Beston’s European-style double-layer carousel adopts a new design and is made of sheet metal materials. The design concept is novel and it adopts a double-layer structure. It is a large double-layer carousel. With European-style exotic style, exquisite patterns and rich colors, it has attracted the attention of many tourists. The appearance structure of this European-style double-decker carousel, the cornice adopts a single cornice shape, the central column, and the suspended ceiling are all made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The wooden horse’s staircase is designed on the wooden horse foundation, that is, it needs to be a foundation.
European-style double decker carousel for sale

Application of Double Decker Carousel for Sale

Double dekcer carousel ride has become more and more popular today. Just like the single decker carousel ride, self-control plane ride, it is popular used in many places, such as amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, city parks, mountain top parks, it can also installed in the hall of the indoor shopping mall and hall of the business center. We can customized according to the site conditions.

Theme Park


Amusement rides for city parks

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Videos of Double Decker Carousel

As you can see that Beston has more than 3 types of two layer carousel ride for sale, when customer want to buy a carousel ride with two story, they may not only need the picture, they may also want to get the videos to know much more about the double decker carousel. Here are three videos of Beston carousel running video for customer to review. For more information, welcome to contact Beston Rides directly.

Recent Transaction Cases of Double-decker Carousel

Recently, in addition to the determination of several outdoor park projects, we have also received orders for double-decker carousel rides, including the marine double-decker carousel to the Philippines, the classic double-decker carousel to Russia, and the double-decker carousel ride to Uzbekistan. Our double-decker carousel has been well received by customers and loved by the local tourists, the clinets feel satisified with the final installation effect.

Ocean theme double decker carousel to the Philippines

Ocean Theme Carousel to the Philippines
Several months ago, we received the inquiry from the Philippines. The customer wants to purchase a set of large-capacity carousel for the park. After detailed communication with the customer, the customer finally purchased our ocean-style double-decker carousel, which can accommodate 46 tourists at the same time.

Classic Double Decker Carousel Ride to Russia

Classic Double Decker Carousel Ride to Russia
A Russian customer wants to place a large carousel in their park. When they contacted us, they were very interested in our company’s 68-seat classic carousel. After the introduction of our business manager, they have a lot of interest in our double-decker carousel. After getting a certain understanding, he also visited our factory.

Classic double decker carousel to Algeria shopping mall

Classic double decker carousel to Algeria
An Algerian customer wants to put a luxury double-decker carousel in a local shopping mall. After browsing our website, he is very interested in one of our double-decker carousels. After getting in touch with our business manager, he is very interested Get the equipment quotation and more information soon.

Top Advantages of Double Decker Carousel Ride

High ROI
With certain running time, more customers can be accepted, two story carousel has a higher return on investment than common carousel.
Large Flow
Under the same volume, the double-deck carousel receives more customers, and its commercial value is more advantageous.
Fast Payback
The double-layer carousel can accommodate more customers, allowing users to obtain faster benefits in a short period of time.
Attractive Apperance
Our double-decker carousel has a wide variety of shapes, and the color matching makes the double-decker carousel more attractive.
Widely Used
The double-deck carousel, like a common carousel, can be used in a wide range of occasions, and can be used in many indoor and outdoor places such as parks, squares, and shopping malls.
Attractive Appearance
Our two-tiered carousel is easy to operate and will come in handy for most people.

Cost of Double Layer Carousel Rides

When you need to buy a double decker carousel ride, you may want to know the price first. But there are so many different types of carousel rides in the market. And the price will affect by many factors. Such as the appearance, size, customize logo and etc. The the price of two level carousel rides range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Kiddie Rides Cost
What influence the price
We are factory = Our Double Decker Carousel Ride Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
02.Number of Seats

Customer Reviews for 2 Layer Carousels

So far, our carousel equipment has been exported to many countries in the world, including many sets of double-decker carousels. Most of the carousel equipment are well received by customers. Customers are very satisfied with the quality of our amusement equipment and services, and feel that the price is very competitive. They have also purchased many other amusement equipment from our company.
From the Philippines
The double-decker carousel purchased from Beston has been installed and has been running for a period of time. Its shape is particularly attractive to tourists. The quality and appearance of the Beston double-decker carousel are good. Hope to work with them again in the future.
Beston Double Decker Carousel
From Russia
Several months ago, we purchased a 68 seater double dekcer carousel ride from Beston Rides. Now the carousel ride has been installed and worked for more than about two months. Everything goes well and the carousel really work smoothly. Their sales manager are also very professional.
2 Story Carousel

What to Consider When Buying Double Decker Carousel

The purchase of a double-deck carousel ride is a big project for amusement parks. It belongs to a medium-to-large amusement equipment for the whole project. The selection will be more complicated than the selection of small amusement equipment, such as bumper cars, trackless train, etc. So when choosing a double-deck carousel ride, what will affect your choice? I hope the analysis of the following aspects can help you choose a suitable double-decker carousel.

Selection of Cabin Type
For the double-decker carousel, its cockpit options are also diverse. Customers can freely match different types of cockpits according to their needs. At present, in addition to different shapes of horses and animal-shaped cockpits in our company, there are also many different shapes. The special carriage is available for double-decker carousel customers to choose.

Selection of the Capacity
Regarding the number of seats and capacity of the double-decker carousel, it needs to be determined according to the overall traffic flow of the park project. Customers can determine how many seats to choose for the double-decker carousel according to market research for investment. At present, in beston, we mainly have double-decker carousels with 46 seats and 68 seats for customers to choose from. Of course, customers can also customize according to their needs.

Selection of the Style
The double-decker carousel is a large carousel. When choosing, you must consider whether its appearance conforms to the theme of the park. Whether to choose classic style, marine theme style, or European style, you need to decide according to the overall style of your project, and see which style is more in line with the theme of your park project and more attractive to tourists.

Get to Know More About Beston Rides

As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer, Beston Rides has involved in the amusement rides industry for more than 20 years. We have different types of double decker carousel for sale with corresponding certificates. Professional amusement rides designer from Beston Rides will make the amusement rides more attractive to visitors. We have an experienced workers team to promise the smoothly manufactured of amusement rides. Choose Beston Rides to get your amusement park project from zero to one now!

Beston Service for Double Layer Carousel

Beston Services
Provide 2D and 3D design drawings of double-layer carousel according to customer needs, and make timely modifications according to customer needs to determine the final design drawings.
1. Standardized production process to promise the quality of the double decker carousel ride in our factory.
2. Short production cycle.
1. We will send two engineers to guide the installation on site (electrical engineer and mechanical engineer).
2. Equipped with operating instructions, after installation and commissioning, the installer will provide free employee training services.
3. Installation training time is 15-20 days (installation time varies between models).
After-sales Service
Provide one-year warranty, free replacement parts due to product quality during the warranty period.
Additional Service for Customer
Beston Rides is a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and professional designer, except for the double decker carousel ride, if you need other service, welcome to contact us.

FAQ for Double Decker Carousel

Can I customize a two story carousel ride for my park?
Of course! Beston Rides has professional designer team to provide amusement rides design, including double decker carousel ride, color matching, theme, size, lighting systems, etc, all can be customized according to the customer’s requirement.
How to choose single decker and double decker carousel?
You can choose the corresponding number of people to carry according to the tourist reception capacity of your venue. The common carousels include 16-person carousel, 24-person carousel, 36-person carousel, 46-person carousel, 68-person carousel, etc. Large amusement parks can choose a carousel with a large number of people, such as a 36-seat carousel or a double-decker carousel, or customize a carousel. Small amusement parks can purchase 16-person carousel or 24-person carousel.
Why double decker carousel ride is necessary for my park?
A double-decker carousel ride is essential for your park because it increases capacity, adds visual appeal, offers variety, appeals to all ages, and creates an iconic attraction.
Required voltage for double decker carousel?
Just like the common carousels, the voltage of the double-layer carousel is 380v/220v. If you need 220v double decker carousel ride, it needs to be customized.
Overall requirements for FRP?
FRP parts should meet the following requirements: defects such as poor impregnation, poor curing, air bubbles, delamination of the cutting surface, and uneven thickness are not allowed; cracks, damage, obvious repair marks, exposed cloth lines, wrinkles, unevenness, etc. are not allowed on the surface. Inconsistent color tone and other defects, the transition at the corners should be smooth and free of burrs; the direct connection between the FRP parts and the stressed parts should have sufficient strength, otherwise the metal parts should be embedded; the mechanical properties of the FRP parts should meet the national regulations.
Requirements for the interior of the carousel cockpit?
Defects such as small holes, wrinkles, air bubbles, poor curing, poor impregnation, cracks, and defects are not allowed, defects such as poor curing, poor impregnation, defects, and burrs are not allowed on the back, and defects such as delamination and burrs are not allowed on the cut surface.

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