Amusement Park Train for Sale

Want to buy amusement park train for sale with high quality in competitive cost? Welcome to Beston Amusement!We have small, medium and large size amusement train ride in our factory. If want to invest some amusement park rides which can bring you high return, these amusement train rides will be your ideal option. If you want buy park trains, contact Beston right now!

Classifications of Beston Amusement Park Train Rides

Beston, a professional amusement trains manufacturer and supplier, supply many different kinds of amusement park train rides for sale. Some of amusement park train can be used at indoor play centers as a mall train rides and some other amusement parks. The Beston amusement trackless trains can be divided into two categories according to the power supplying modes: the diesel fuel trackless trains and the electric powered trackless trains. Let us know more details about Beston amusement park train for sale. If you have any problems about our amusement park train rides, please contact us right now!

Electric Amusement Park Trains for Sale

Electric amusement train has become the most popular trackless trains in the amusement parks and theme parks. It is economical and environmental friendly. Compared with the diesel amusement trains, it is much cheaper and request lower cost when you want to invest in a train. There are many different types of electric powered amusement trains in our factory. Welcome to contact for price!
Electric Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale

Diesel Amusement Park Trains for Sale

The diesel fuel trackless train for sale is powered by a twin cylinder internal combustion engine with electric start. Additional options include a PA/ipod player system with speakers in each car, a smoke machine for realistic smoke from the chimney, seat belts, and many others. We can also customize your train with your own colors and paint schemes.
Diesel Fuel Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale

Usage of Amusement Park Trains

Amusement park trains are great amusement rides for amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, shopping malls. These trains can be operated on cement, grass, fairground and other indoor and outdoor places. They can go without track which is really perfect for amusement parks. Especially when you use it for an indoor or outdoor activities, you can operate it freely and there is no need to prepare a track in advance.

Amusement Park

Kiddie Funfairs


Shopping Mall



Amusement rides for city parks

City Park

Theme Park
Amusement Park
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City Park
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Beston Amusement Train Videos

We are a large professional amusement equipment manufacturer, we have our own factory for manufacturing amusement park trains, our trackless trains for shopping mall use has a separate workshop, here we show you our trackless train workshop.

Amusement Trains Successful Cases

We are leading amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, we had exported many sets of amusement trains to different countries, USA, Canada, Kenya, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and more than 120 countries. Follow us to get more information about our cases:

Beston Trackless Train to Australia

Amusement Train Used In Australia
Here is the amusement train ride that is sold to Australia. It is used in a shopping mall for carrying passengers from one place to another. The customer find us on the internet and send us inquiry on our website. Soon our sales manager contact with the customer, after several days discussion, the customer place the order. We arrange the production soon.

Two sets of trackless train rides to USA

Two Sets of Trackless Train Rides to USA
These two sets of amusement train are purchased by a customer who is from America. We got the inquiry on our website and our product manager reply with quotation as soon as possible. He needs the train in a hurry, so our sales manager recommend the customer the trackless train in stock in our factory. Soon, the customer set the order to us, and we arrange the shipment immediately.

Customized trackless train ride for Canada

Customized Amusement Train to Canada
This is a type of customized amusement train that is delivered to Canada. The customer find us from the interest and send the inquiry on our website. We know that the customer need to purchase a trackless train, but they want to get a special train that is customized according to their requirement. Check now to see more about the design.

Features of Beston Amusement Train Rides

FRP body, marquee decoration under the carriage, smoke generator at the front which can spray white mist,colorful lights, MP3 player.
High-quality steel, traceable to the source; fiberglass three felts and two cloths, strong and durable, with strong bearing capacity.
Well-known battery brand, proven by the market, long service life.
Emergency stop button, multiple safety locks, body safety tips, compartment door protection locks.
Luxury leather seats, ergonomic, wear-resistant tires, equipped with tires.
The number of carriages can be adjusted, the color can be adjusted, and stickers can be added.

Price of Amusement Park Trains

When start business on amusement park trains, price will be the most important factor. Here in Beston Amusement, the price will be affected by many factors, such as the size, theme and customization.
Kiddie Rides Cost
What Inflence The Price of These Trains
We are factory = Beston Trackless Train Rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON Amusement supply much better Value
01.Size/Capacity of the Train
03.Power Type

Customer Review About Amusement Park Train

As a professonal amusement rides manufacturer and supplier in China, Beston Amusement has exported many sets of trackless train rides to different countries in the world. Some of them are used in the amusement parks, funfairs and other outdoor places, other of them are used in the shopping malls and other indoor places. We had got many positive feedbacks about these train rides from our customers.
From Canada
This is Lisa from Canada, we had just bought a new amusement train from Beston Amusement Equipment. It is a customized model with new version. It is customized according to our requirement.
Trackless Train for Shopping Mall
From USA
The two set of amusement train that we bought from Beston Amusement works well now. No need to say that the delivery and packing is really good and as we need the train urgently, we bought the in stock models. It is a good purchase trip from Beston.
Trackless Train for Amusement Park

Leading Amusement Park Train Manufacturers – Beston

Beston is one of leading and famous amusement park train manufacturers and suppliers from China. We supply different kinds of amusement park trains for sale. With more than 20 years experiences in manufacturing amusement park train, Beston Amusement become a famous brand in China. In recent years, our amusement park train rides have received many good comments and feedback from many other countries. If you want to buy good quality amusement park trains, please contact Beston right now!

FAQ for Beston Amusement Park Train

Do you accept customized order?
Yes, our amusement train do accept the customized order about themes, color and logo.
Max speed of your amusement train?
Different train has different max speed, but it is 20km/h(take the 42 seats amusement train as example).
What about the installation of the train?
Our trains are generally shipped as a whole set. But if they shipped in separate, we will send installation videos, pictures and manual.
Can you send wear parts installation tools?
Yes, we will send some useful wear parts and installation tools.

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