Water Park Rides For Sale

Water ride is a kind of amusement ride. As its name shows us, water park ride mainly refers to all rides that can be operate in the water. There are many kind of water ride, for example inflatable water slide, water slide, Proslide ride, Free flow boat rides, Log flume rides‎, water bumper boats and so on. It is very popular during summer vacations among people and kids. These water rides really cool people in the hot summer.

Water laser bumper boat from Beston

Bumper Boats For Sale

Bumper boat, the wave shocker, is the dominated ride in water. Crashing in water and shooting water by the water ...
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Plastic Garden Slide For Kids

Kids Slides Playground Equipment For Sale

Slide belongs to the integrated sports apparatus which mainly designed for kids. It is made up of three section which ...
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Beston quality thrill surf up ride for sale

Surf’s Up Rides For Sale

Surf’ Up Amusement Ride is a kind new ride that is popular among the amusement park and funfairs, it is ...
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Water Park Swan Paddle Boat For Sale

Paddle Boats For Sale

Paddle boat is popular amusement park and water park ride for kids and adults. Sometimes we also call it the ...
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Here, as a professional amusement mechanical ride manufacturer, Beston mainly produce these following water park rides for sale:

Water bumper boats

compared with the bumper car, the bumper boats is more popular in summer. With its character of corrosion resistance and long life span, water bumper boats will bring more profits for park owners. There are two kinds of bumper boats, the electric and the dynamic bumper boat.

Laser water bumper boats

It is a high tech water amusement ride with beautiful appearance and remarkable performance. Passengers could use the steering wheel to make the boat move by its own mind. Each boat is equipped with a laser gun, riders will enjoy this water ride.

Mechanical water slides:

It usually made of engineering plastic, PVC plastic, fiberglass plastic and other materials. It is a perfect water ride which will provide more thrill feelings for riders in the amusement water park.

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