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Trackless Trains Promotion

Trackless trains promotion is coming now! In preparation for the Christmas and other end-of-year activities, Beston Amusement company arrange this trackless train promotion in advance.
If you are looking for trackless trains, please contact us in time to get more details about this promotion, there are many discounts and exquisite gifts is waiting for you!
Event Date: 2022.8.22 – 2022.9.30
Products: 16 seats, 27 seats and 40 seats trackless trains with different shapes.

3 Popular Trackless Trains for Sale in Beston

Beston Amusement produces many types of trackless trains for different scenarios, selling different themes (not limited to Christmas themes), shapes and capacities, including Christmas themed trackless trains, Thomas trackless trains, national themed trackless trains, etc. We also accept customization on colors, themes and logos according to your special requirements. Here is the modeling diagram of our three sizes of trackless trains:
16 Seats Trackless Train
Beston 16 seats trackless train for sale
1 locomotive + 4 Wagons
Locomotive Size:
Wagon Size:
Power Type:
4 Persons / Wagon, 16 Persons
27 Seats Trackless Train
27 seats trackless train rides for sale
1 locomotive + 3 Wagons
Locomotive Size:
Wagon Size:
Power Type:
Electric / Diesel
7.5KW (Electric)
9 Persons / Wagon, 27 Persons
40 Seats Trackless Train
40 seat trackless train for sale
1 locomotive + 2 Wagons
Locomotive Size:
Wagon Size:
Power Type:
Electric / Diesel
15KW (Electric)
20 Persons / Wagon, 40 Persons

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Trackless Train Videos from Beston Amusement

16 Seats Trackless Train
27 Seats Trackless Train
40 Seats Trackless Train

Trackless Train – Production Cycle and Delivery Time

On one hand, regarding the production cycle of trackless trains, different capacities, different sizes and shapes will have a certain impact on the cycle. What we can guarantee is that after receiving the customer’s order, we will arrange production within 24 hours. On the premise of ensuring the quality, we will deliver the train to you as soon as possible. On the other hand, the delivery time will also be affected by the delivery distance, transportation methods, port, etc., So please contact our sales manager for the specific production cycle and delivery time. The following is the ideal time arrangement that you can receive the train.
Trackless Trains Small Trackless Trains Medium-sized Trackless Trains Large Trackless Trains
Production Cycle 10 – 15 Days 15 – 20 Days 15 – 20 Days
Continents North America South America Africa Europe Oceania Russia
Delivery Time 15 – 30 days 20 – 60 days 30 – 50 days 30-50 days 20-30 days 25-60 days

Why Should Purchase Trackless Trains in the Third Quarter?

Many events are scheduled to take place at the end of the year or Christmas, so in order to ensure the event goes on, you need to receive the trackless train at least one month in advance. In addition, purchase trackless train in this season, just in time to participate in our company’s promotions, the discounts are very large  and at the same time, you can also receive many beautiful gifts from China.

Reasonable Purchase Time
Recent purchases can reasonably avoid the procurement peak period, and the delivery time is more guaranteed, which will not affect your activity arrangement.

More Time to Customize
By purchasing trackless trains in advance, you can have more time to communicate with us to customize the exquisite train shape and attract more attention for your event.

Lower Shipping Costs
The transportation cost is lower and more stable in the near future, which can save you the expenses you don’t want.

Huge Discount
Just in time to take part in our promotions, get even bigger discounts and more great gifts.

Long Warranty Period
For recent purchases, we will extend the warranty period to 18 months free of charge for customers, eliminating your worries.

Guaranteed Shipping Time
With the recent purchase of trackless trains, transportation and voyages are more stable, which can ensure that you receive trackless trains as scheduled.

Return on Investment for Trackless Trains

The following investment income analysis table is based on the approximate budget under the holiday state, and the results may be slightly inaccurate. You can calculate the daily income according to your actual situation.
Trackless Trains Type 16-Seat Trackless Train 27-Seat Trackless Train 40-Seat Trackless Train
Passenger Capacity 24 kids 27 persons 40 persons
Daily Passenger 400 kids/ day 500 persons/day 800 persons/day
Ticket Price $2 $3 $5
Operation Time / Cycle 15 min 15 min 15 min
Actual Runtime / Day 4.5H 5H 5H
Rated Operation Time 8H 8H 8H
Average Daily Salary $800 $1500 $4000
Total Holiday Income $11200 $21000 $56000

Trackless Trains Promotion Plans

Customized Available

Economical LCL

Ocean Shipping Coupons

Fast Production

18 Months Warranty

Recruit Agent

Online Factory Inspection

More Gifts

Customized Available
The trackless train rides from accept customization on theme, color, and logo.
Economical LCL
Beston offer LCL service to reduce your sea freight. On one hand, you can find your friends LCL by yourself. On the other hand, you can also provide the port to receive goods, and Beston will match the suitable person to LCL.
Ocean Shipping Coupons
You can get a Ocean Shipping Coupon that worth $500 which will reduce your cost.
Fast Production and Delivery
We offer production green channel for trackless train rides, no need to queue with fast delivery.
18 Months Warranty
18 months warranty, during the promotion period, the warranty period is extended by 6 months than before.
Recruit Agent
Beston plans to recruit agents in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Oceania and Russia.
Online Factory Inspection
Customers can watch our factory and inspect trackless trains online at anytime.
Exquisite Gifts
Ocean Freight Coupons, Toolbox, Plush Toy, Family Use Inflatables, T-shirt, Bluetooth Headset, Smart Bracelet, Mobile Phone, Tea Set, Tea, Chinese Style Ornaments, etc. More exquisite gifts are waiting for you!

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