Shopping Mall Trains for Sale

Different types of shopping mall trains for sale from Beston Amusement with innovation design. They are easy to operate. We have electric and diesel mall trains for customer to choose. Their appearance is designed according to the antique shape, which is very beautiful and has a relatively high ornamental value which will bring good long-term benefits to you. Want to purchase trackless trains for shopping mall use? Send your inquiry to Beston now!

Beston Trackless Train for Shopping Mall Use

As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, you can find different types of trackless trains in our factory and workshop. There are electric, gas and diesel trackless trains, there are small, medium and large trackless train, there also have many different types of trackless train with different appearance, such as Elephant, Thomas, Clown and some other classic trackless trains for mall use. Let’s learn more about these trains now!
Classic Trackless Train

Cartoon Trackless Train

Thomas Shopping Mall Train
Elephant Shopping Mall Trains
Clown Shopping Centre Trains
Electric Trackless Train

Shopping Mall Train By Power

Steam Shopping Mall Trains
Diesel Shopping Mall Trains

Trackless Train By Size

Small Shopping Mall Trains
Large Shopping Mall Trains

Classic Trackless Trains for Shopping Mall

Classic trackless train refers to the trackless train rides with a classic appearance, they are much more popular than other cartoon trackless trains. They are common use for the shopping centre. Each of the wagon could accommodate about 6 passengers and the whole train usually made up of one locomotive and 4 wagons. But we also accept customized order on the theme, logo and color.
Classic shopping mall use trackless train ride

Thomas Trackless Trains for Shopping Mall

The prototype of thomas train comes from the protagonist in “Thomas and His Friends”. It caters to the tastes of children very well, turning the protagonist in the anime into a small train that can actually run in reality. Our Thomas train consists of four carriages and a locomotive. Its power source is electricity, so its energy consumption is small, and the energy is clean with low investment and high return.
Beston thomas trackless train rides for mall

Elephant Trackless Trains for Shopping Mall

Elephant trackless train is a electric trackless train with unique shape, exquisite decoration and gorgeous lighting. Its shape is according to the animal-shaped design. It is very beautiful and has a relatively high ornamental value. The body is made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is durable and can bring you long-term good income.
Elephant theme shopping mall train rides

Clown Trackless Train for Shopping Centre

The “clown model” trackless train is attractive in its appearance and shape. It is much more popular among kids. It is suitable for the shopping malls. It is easy to operate and driven by pure electric power with a silent DC 48V motor, without emissions. It is made of high-quality fiberglass, it is durable and can bring you good long-term benefits.
Kiddie clown shopping mall use trains

Electric Trackless Train for Shopping Mall

Electric power trackless train is the most popular train ride that is suitable for shopping mall use. It is economical and environmentally friendly than the diesel trackless trains. Electric type trackless train are much more cheaper than other trackless trains. They are easy to operate and really convenient for shopping mall use. Do you want one?
Electric powered shopping mall trains

Steam Trackless Mall Trains for Sale

The steam trackless train has become more and more popular because of its simulation. Kids in the steam trackless train will have a feeling that they are travelling on a real train.
Steam power shopping mall trains

Diesel Shopping Mall Trains for Sale

Fuel-fueled trackless trains are fuel-driven, with higher horsepower, stronger driving force, stronger climbing ability, and more convenient use. They can run and be used around the clock without worrying about running out of power. But for the interior of the shopping mall, the battery trackless train is more economical and applicable.
Diesel powered shopping mall trains

Small Trackless Mall Trains for Sale

The smaller size trackless train for shopping mall use it much more popular in our factory. Their coaches mainly have a capacity of 4 to 6 passengers. Usually, each set of trackless train will equipped with one locomotive and 2 coaches. But the coaches quantity can be changed according to your requirement.
Smaller size shopping mall use train ride

Large Trackless Mall Trains for Sale

Large size trackless train mainly suitable for super large shopping centers. The size is very large and each coach of the large trackless train can accommodate about 20 persons at one time.
Large size shopping mall trains for sale

Where Else Can These Shopping Mall Trains be Used?

Shopping malls are places with a large flow of people, so investing in trackless train rides will definitely make money. The shopping mall itself can bring lots of people. Coupled with the novel shape of the small trackless train, it can attract the attention of customers and bring a lot of income than before. Trackless trains are a popular amusement equipment nowadays. They are widely used in shopping malls, scenic spots and squares. They can play the role of transportation and can also bring entertainment to children in the shopping mall.

Shopping mall trains suitable for square


Shopping mall train rides can be used for city park

City Park

Shopping mall train used in the indoor park

Indoor Playground

Shopping mall train can be used for theme park

Theme Park

Shopping mall train can be used for funfair


Shopping mall trackless trains used for business district

Business Districts

Beston shopping mall trains suitable for residential area

Residential Area
City Park
Indoor Playground
Theme Park
Business Districts
Residential Area

Beston Shopping Mall Trackless Train Rides Videos

We are a large professional amusement equipment manufacturer, we have our own factory, our trackless trains for shopping mall use has a separate workshop, here we show you our trackless train workshop.

Successful Cases to Different Countries

Beston trackless trains has been exported to many different countries, such as Australia, USA, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and etc. Here is a part of our successful case:

Customized trackless train for Guyana

Trackless Mall Train for Guyana
Here is the trackless train that is sold to Guyana. It is used in a shopping mall. The customer find us on the internet and send us inquiry on our website. Soon our sales manager contact with the customer, after several days discussion, the customer place the order. We arrange the production soon.

Two sets of trackless train for the USA

Two Sets of Trackless Train Rides to USA
These two sets of trackless train are purchased by a customer from America. He want to use these trains in the shopping mall business. He need the train in a hurry, so our sales manager recommend the customer the classic trackless train in stock in our factory.

The customized trackless train for Canada

Customized Train Shipped to Canada
This is an order of 1+4 train to Canada. It is used in the shopping mall in Canada. The customer purchased the most classic trackless train from Beston Amusement. The picture show that the customer is testing the trackless train on the street. Now the trackless train is running well.

Benefit from the Trackless Mall Train

High ROI
The greatest benefit of the trackless mall train is low cost and high income.
Low Maintenance Cost
Its batteries are generally maintenance-free batteries, which greatly reduces the difficulty of work for everyone’s vehicle maintenance, and there is no need to dismantle the front of the car to check the battery.
Widely Usage
It is widely used in squares, shopping malls, scenic spots and many other places.
Reduce Cost on Training
Beston trackless trains for mall use train does not belong to the equipment that exceeds the standard.,so it does not need a certificate to operate, it only needs to have a venue.
Long Life-span
High quality materials: high-quality steel, traceable to the source, fiberglass use three felts and two cloths, strong and durable, with strong bearing capacity.
Fast Payback
All-round operation service for shopping mall use trains from Beston which will provide you a fast payback.

6 Features of Beston Trackless Train for Mall

Attractive Appearance
FRP body, beautiful in appearance, marquee decoration under the carriage, smoke generator at the front of the car, which can spray white mist; colorful lights, MP3 player.
Exquisite Craft
CNC cutting, precision welding, complete rust removal of steel, no corrosion from the inside, long equipment life, strong paint surface adhesion, FRP multiple grinding, smooth surface.
High Quality Materials
High-quality steel, traceable to the source, fiberglass use three felts and two cloths, strong and durable, with strong bearing capacity.
Luxury leather seats, ergonomic, wear-resistant tires, equipped with tires.
Product Customization
The number of carriages can be adjusted, the color can be adjusted, and stickers can be added.
Power & Battery
Well-known battery brand, proven by the market, with long service life.

How Much Does It to Invest In a Train for Your Mall?

When you want to investing in a trackless train for the business in a shopping mall, you may want to know the cost of investing in a new trackless train from a professional manufacturer. Here Beston will introduce more about the price of these trackless trains.
Kiddie Rides Cost
Factors that influence the price
We are factory = Beston Mall trains Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value

Customer Reviews for Trackless Train

Trackless train is a popular use and hot sale amusement ride in the shopping malls. Most of our customers want to start business in their shopping mall will choose a trackless train, now let’s learn how people comment on Beston mall trains:
From USA
Hello everyone, this is Lisa from America. We bought two sets of trackless trains from Beston Amusement a month ago. Now we received the train. We had tested and both of them are running well. We have to say that the production and shipping of Beston is really professional and timely. Maybe we will add another several amusement rides to our amusement center soon, we will consider Beston Amusement again.
Beston Trackless Train
From Australia
This is am Daniel from Australia. We had just customized a trackless train from Beston amusement for shopping centre use in our city. Now the trackless train is running well and really goes smoothly. This train is particularly attractive in terms of color and shape. We are satisfied with this equipment. And the designer and sales manager are all earnest, responsible and timely reply. It is happy to corporate with Beston Amusement.
Beston Mall Trains

3 Aspects to Customize a New Trackless Train for Your Mall

Want to buy a new trackless train for your shopping mall business? Do not want to buy a train that is in stock? Want to buy a special one? Welcome to contact Beston team to customize a special one now!

Theme Customization
The content of theme customization mainly refers to the appearance customization of products. We can customize trackless trains suitable for Christmas, birthday parties, ice and snow themes, etc. according to customer needs.

Color Customization
The content of color customization mainly includes that customers can determine the color they like before placing an order according to their needs, including red, yellow, green, macaron, gradient, and so on.

Logo Customization
The service content of logo customization mainly includes that customers can spray the company name, national flag and other logos on the train according to their needs. You only need to send us the logo style and tell us your needs, and we can customize a special trackless for you. train.

Why Choose Beston?

Beston Amusement is a professional amusement rides manufacturer, we have various types of trackless trains for sale that is suitable for shopping center use. We have trackless trains in stock, you can get a train fast. We also accept customized order, you can get a trackless train according to your requirement. Want to buy a trackless train for mall use? Here is the step:

5 Steps to Get a Trackless Mall Train

Beston Services
Place an Order
Tell us your special requirement about the trackless train, then place an order to us.
Once received the deposit, we will arrange the product production soon.
1. The packaging is completely in accordance with the export packaging standard to ensure that the product is not damaged.
2. Secondary reinforcement in the container.
3. The delivery is compared one by one according to the list of accessories to avoid missing and wrong delivery.
1. Equipped with operating instructions, after installation and commissioning, the installer will provide free employee training services.
2. Installation training time is 15-20 days.
After Sales
1. Provide 18 months warranty, free replacement parts due to product quality during the warranty period.
2. Respond to problems within 12 hours and provide solutions within 72 hours.
3. Regular engineers will make return visits to provide training, maintenance and other value-added services.

FAQ for Mall Trains

Post-service for your trackless train?
We supply complimentary parts and maintenance tools. The factory can provide free operator training, including daily equipment operation, troubleshooting and machine maintenance.
Can we see your trackless train workshop videos?
Yes, this is the video address on YouTube, you can also send us inquiry, our sales manager can send you related videos about the trackless train.
Warranty time?
The warranty period is one year to one and a half year, and the warranty period is free to repair and provide non-wearable parts.

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