Trackless Train for Australia Shopping Mall

Warmly congratulations to Australia customer that their trackless train has put into operation! This is a customized trackless train that is designed for the shopping center use in Australia. We received the feedback video from the customer not too long ago! Let’s learn more about this case:

Requirement of the Customer

The customer want to invest in a new trackless train to their shopping mall. It mainly used for tourist sightseeing in the shopping mall. Then they find us through the internet. They send us inquiry on our website. Our sales manager get in touch with them as soon as possible. After get their requirement on the trackless train, we design a new scheme for the customer soon. After a few days’ communication, we confirmed the finalized plan and arranged the production soon.

Final Desgin for Australia Trackless Train
Final Design of Trackless Train for Australia Customer

Ship and Installation

In December 2019, the trackless train set has been shipped and arrived at Australia. They are attached with the installation video and manual, and we also have installation engineers to provide them remote video assistance. Soon, the trackless train is installed and put into operation in the customer’s shopping center.

Feedback Picture from Australia Shopping Mall

Trackless Train Feedback from Australia Customer
Trackless Train Feedback from Australia
Trackless Train In Australia Shopping Mall
Trackless Train In Australia Shopping Mall
Beston Trackless Train in Australia Mall
Beston Trackless Train in Australia

Customer Reviews for Beston’s Mall Train

After the small train has been operating for a few days, our after-sales service has made a return visit to the customer and learned about the operation of the small train in recent days and the customer’s satisfaction with our products. Generally speaking, the customer is very satisfied with the quality of our equipment, The customer also praised our sales manager Alice Zhang. We sincerely wish the customer’s business to be better and better.

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