Swing Ride has Installed at Tajikistan Park

Several days ago, we received the feedback from a Tajikistan customer that the swing ride has been installed at their amusement park. But other 4 amusement rides are still installing. We are look forward to having all equipment installed and looking forward to the start of operation of the amusement park. Now let’s learn more about this project:

Requirements of the Customer

The end customer does not speak Russian and English. At first, they request their translator left us a message on the website to express that they need some bumper cars. But after obtaining the contact information of the end customer, we learned that they are planning to build a park.

According to the customer needs, we give them some recommendations, and the customer finally confirmed one set 36-seat flying chairs and other 5 types of family equipment which including 16-seat pirate ship ride, 8-arm autonomous plane, 12-seat pendulum ride, trackless train, bumper car and bouncy castle.

36 seat swing chair ride to Tajikistan park project
Pirate ship ride customized for Tajikistan park
16 seats self-control plane rides for Tajikistan
Thrill pendulum rides for Tajikistan park

Overview of the Project

This is a new park with a site area of 8,000 square meters in Tajikistan which is under construction. It is located in a third-tier city in Tajikistan. The park’s tourists mainly include family, and kids. They have no requirements for drawings and product customization. Our sales manager showed Uzbekistan office and local related cases to the customer. Due to the epidemic, the customer could not visit our factory in China, and then through the communication, our sales manager suggested the customer to visit our case site in Uzbekistan.

Final purchase plan of the Tajikistan customer: After communication, they set an order to Beston Amusement which including a 36 seat flying chair, a 16 seat pirate ship ride, an 8-arm self-control aircraft ride, a 12 small pendulum ride, a 13 seat trackless train, 12 set bumper cars and a bouncy castles.

Shipment and Installation

In August 2021, all the equipment has been shipped to the customer’s city. And now they are under installing. The installation of all amusement equipment from Beston has not yet been completed, and it is expected to be completed in April. Now, we just received the feedback of a 36 seat swing ride. If there is no accident in the installation cycle of the above products, it will take more about 20 days to install other remaining equipment.

Installation Details of 36 Seater Swing Ride to Tajikistan
36 Seats Swing Ride Installation Feedback from Tajikistan

Customer Reviews for Our Amusement Equipment

Now, only the swing ride has been installed. Other 4 amusement ride is still installing. So we just got some reviews about the swing ride and our service. Till now, the customer is quite satisfied with the quality of our products, our sales manager’s communication and install service. The specific feedback needs to be further communicated after the equipment is installed and debugged. Hope everything goes well with the project.

Park Project Solution Provider – Beston Amusement

Beston Amusement, a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China, not only produce different kinds of amusement park rides to amusement business investor, but also provide whole park solution! Are you planning to build a new amusement park or other amusement center? Welcome to contact Beston team for more information now!

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