Successful Installation of the Music Bar Ride In Belarus

Latest news: The installation of the Music Bar amusement ride, exported to Belarus, has been completed. The client has also sent us feedback images and videos, expressing their satisfaction with both our equipment and service!
This order was initiated through contact with the client during our participation in the RAAPA EXPO -2023 exhibition in Russia. Due to our company’s numerous successful cases in the CIS region, the client was already familiar with our Beston Rides brand. Following face-to-face discussions at the exhibition, they proceeded to sign a purchase order for the music bar with us.

Service Process of the Order

Pre-communication with customer
Pre-communication About the Order
· Before the exhibition, Belarusian customers had already sent inquiries to us through the website. After learning that we would be participating in the RAAPA EXPO-2023 exhibition, the customers arranged to meet with our business manager at the exhibition to discuss business. Therefore, before attending the exhibition, we had already gained an understanding of the specific equipment requirements of the customers and recommended suitable amusement equipment to them.
Singing Contract On the Exhibition
Singing Contract
· Due to prior communication with the client before the exhibition, we were able to discuss the details of the equipment at the exhibition. Finally, we signed a purchase contract on-site at the exhibition.
Amusement rides production
Equipment Production and Shipping
· After the contract was signed, we proceeded to arrange the factory for equipment production. As the customer only ordered one piece of equipment this time, the entire production process was relatively quick. Upon completion of equipment production, we arranged for delivery to Belarus according to the terms of the contract. The entire process went smoothly.
Amusement rides on-site installation in Belarus
On-site Installation Instructions
· According to the agreement with the customer, upon the equipment’s arrival in Belarus, we dispatched our installation engineers to assist the customer with on-site installation. The entire installation process proceeded smoothly, and it was completed within a few days. The customer expressed great satisfaction with our installation engineers.
Music bar ride operation feedback from Belarus
Customer Feedback from Belarus
· After the equipment installation and operation for some time, we received feedback from the customer. They expressed great satisfaction with the equipment we recommended. The visitors also enjoyed the equipment, and their riding experience was excellent. We have been continuously providing the customer with additional equipment and operational services. If you want to get more about the installation details or want to buy amusement park rides for your funfair, welcome to contact Beston Rides now!

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