Successful Installation of Outdoor Park In Russia

Latest News! The Tambov Outdoor Park project for our Russian client has been successfully installed and delivered. The project is located in Tambov, Russia, with the primary purpose of providing leisure and entertainment for the local residents. Consequently, the chosen equipment focuses mainly on recreational amusement equipment for families and children. The project has been completed and is now operational, receiving positive feedback and love from the local children and families. Let’s take a closer look at an introduction to this project.
This is an outdoor park project that is invested in our customer from Russia. It is located in the city of Tambov. The park project is a personal investment by the client, aimed at providing leisure and entertainment for the local residents. Therefore, the project’s focus is primarily on children and families, with the selected equipment being predominantly geared towards children and family-oriented amusement rides.

Whole Project Solution for Russia Outdoor Park

Beston Designer Team
Communication of Requirements and Project Design Confirmation
· In late May 2022, we received an inquiry from the client. Our business manager contacted the client to understand their specific requirements and conducted an on-site visit to assess the situation. Based on the client’s needs, we provided a solution. The project plan was finalized by November 2022, and both parties signed the contract. Upon receiving the client’s prepayment, we initiated the arrangement for equipment production at the factory.
Production of small roller coaster for Russia park
Production and Delivery
·In March 2023, all equipment for the Russian client was successfully manufactured, and pre-shipment tests were conducted to meet transportation standards. Subsequently, preparations for shipment began. After packaging all recreational equipment according to shipping standards, they were ready to be dispatched to Russia.
Installation of wild mouse roller coaster in Russia
Reception and Engineer-Guided Installation
·As of July 2023, all recreational equipment for the client has arrived at the customer’s site. The client initiated the inspection process, and we dispatched installation engineers to provide on-site installation guidance and perform equipment debugging to ensure that all devices are in operational condition. The project is now open to the public and operational.
Wild mouse roller coaster ride - customer feedback
Customer Operational Feedback
·After all equipment was successfully installed, debugged, and reached operational status, a trial run was promptly initiated. After operating for a period of time, we received operational feedback images from the client, which are part of the client’s feedback on the operation. The client expressed great satisfaction with both the equipment and the installation service provided by us.
Customer Feedback from Russia

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