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Slingshot is a kind of thrill amusement. With interesting design and special feeling, many people plays it frequently in recent years. You don’t have to worried about its land occupation, because of its high height, narrow width. It is an ideal amusement equipment for the carnivals and amusement parks. So, the slingshot rides for sale become more and more popular.

Our company Beston is famous for high-quality amusement rides. We have many years of experience in producing amusement rides. Especially bungee catapult,it is our new product. We focus on its production and manufacturing.

What is Slingshot Ride?


Beston Slingshot Ride
B013-BG2 Slingshot Ride For Sale

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May be you have played a slingshot? The slingshot ride is also known as catapult bungee, reverse bungee, or ejection seat . It is one of the non-powered ejection bungee series. It is composed of tower pole, cockpit, accumulator, hydraulic system, electromagnetic suction plate and electrical control system.And do you know that? In 1978, the slingshot ride was created by Troy Griffin as a modern type of fairground ride. Later, The slingshot ride was firstly invented in 2002 at Kings Island.

Then, the ride was announced as a part of the additions for the 2014 season at Cedar Point, along with the addition of Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles, and a renovated Gemini Midway. It was built by Funtime and opened at Cedar Point on July 2, 2014 after being open to employees for a few days.

Slingshot Ride Manufacturer

As the growing uses and plays with the slingshot, it was improved by advanced technology. At the same time, it manufactured by several different companies. Since 2015, Beston amusement committed to producing and innovating different types of amusement rides.

Beston is divided into Production Center, Sales Center, Marketing Center and Technical Center. Our factory is 50000m² of professional production bases, staff of more than 200 people. Our domains are across 86 countries in the world.


Beston Slingshot Ride
B013-BG2 Slingshot Ride Certificates

Beston Slingshot Ride
B013-BG2 Slingshot Ride Certificates

Owing to these, our products are sold not only domestically, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other regions. There are successful cases in more than 100 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, South Korea, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brazil, etc.

Beston Slingshot Ride
Rocket Bungee Jumping Shipped to Russia

Among them, bungee catapult amusement equipment has been exported to Russia and other countries. About the products, you can trust extremely.

For Beston companies, based on technology and customer demand as the guide, we manufacture the best slingshot ride as we can do. Besides these, we also offer the following services:

  1. customized service
  2. Good quality
  3. 24 hours problems solved
  4. Reliable materials
  5. Any products details you want know
  6. Free repair and maintenance in our limit time

Slingshot Ride Parameters

About our products, the product parameters are as follows:

Beston Slingshot Ride
Bungee Catapult For Sale

Model: B013-BG2
Tower height:
Maximum ejection height: 36m
Equipment weighs: 19 tons
Number of passengers: 2
Number of cabins: 1
Design life: 8 years (comprehensive technical assessment is required when expired)
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How does the Slingshot Ride Work?

Beston Slingshot Ride
Details of Ejection Seats ForSale

  • First, accumulator tension spring extension. That means the oil cylinder stretches the tension spring through the hydraulic system to realize the energy storage of the accumulator.
  • Second, electromagnet work. The electromagnet is energized with a suction force, the electromagnet attracts the cockpit, and the second protection motor works to make the second protection latch actuate to achieve the protection function.
  • Third, cockpit ejection. The cockpit is connected with the accumulator through a steel wire rope, and the electromagnet is powered off after the second protection latch is withdrawn, and the accumulator releases energy to realize the cockpit ejection.
  • Last, press bar to open and lock. The plug is inserted into the support rod hole to lock the cockpit pressure bar, and the plug is pulled out to open the cockpit pressure bar.

Precautions to Operate the Slingshot Thrill Ride

But when you play it, you must obey the rules strictly. For example:

Beston Slingshot Ride
B013-BG2 Ejection Seats For Sale

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  1. The altitude does not exceed 1500m. If it exceeds this altitude, please contact the manufacturer for confirmation.
  2. The operating temperature is between -5°C and +40°C.
  3. It is forbidden to use in rain, snow, hail, thunder and lightning.
  4. It is prohibited to use in foggy weather.
  5. Ground bearing capacity: ≥150Kpa, ground flatness ≤3%;
  6. When the wind reaches level 5 or wind speed ≥13.8m/s, the operation should be stopped when the normal use of bungee jumping may be affected.

Characteristics of Slingshot Ride

In order to guarantee the safety, we have reinforced the seats. And every protective materials are carefully selected. We constantly test the amusement ride. You could visit our factory whenever you want.

At the same time, each rocket bungee equipment is equipped with an accumulator, the power of which can reach 15kw (excluding audio and decorative power). The accumulator can ensure that when the seat of the rocket bungee bounces up, its height will be higher than the height of the spire.

Beston Slingshot Ride
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So, you can see that with branches spread everywhere in China, we especially focus on the security of the reverse bungee. That is one of our advantages.

Meanwhile, satisfying customer’s play need is the other ones. Some people particularly pursuit of exciting play experience. They want to challenge themselves. So, the ejection seats could meet their needs. And the seats number is 2. If you want play, but you are worried about the amusement, you two could play together.

As mentioned above, in terms of the speed, we control it in a limited range. While feeling the excitement, we also ensure that the speed is within a safe and reasonable range.

Slingshot Ride Cost

Compared with other manufacturers, our reverse bungee prices are the most reasonable and competitive. The cost of amusement itself is determined by the materials. Don’t worry, our quality is guaranteed.

Beston Slingshot Ride
B013-BG2 Slingshot Ride For Sale

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Beston Slingshot Ride
B013-BG2 Slingshot Ride For Sale

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With the continuous research and development of our technology, the core power of the equipment has been upgraded from the traditional hoist-rubber elastic rope structure to hydraulic-pulley spring group (accumulator) structure, plus the upgrade of the control system, using microcomputer programming control.

The improved technology results the Low operating cost, simple equipment maintenance, higher safety performance, and richer return on investment and so on.

The good materials simultaneously mean that the maintenance you need maybe less. And if the products have any problems. You can contact with us at any time.

How To Choose a Reverse Bungee Ride?

Passengers who are in a static state can be ejected to high altitude in an instant. They can experience the overweight and weightlessness, rotate irregularly with the cockpit during the upswing and landing process and enjoy the unparalleled thrilling experience and senses. Shocking, thrilling and safe, it is an ideal renewal amusement facility for amusement parks.

As you imagine, the slingshot ride is a crazy amusement. We could see it at amusement park or carnivals or fairground and so on. But how do you choose a slingshot ride?

First, that depends on the different places. We have different height amusement. You should choose a suitable one according to the location.

In addition, that also rest with the different occasions. Like carnivals, the bungee catapult is easy to install and move.

Surely, if you want to purchase, we will also recommend the suited one for you.

Beston Slingshot Ride
Choose B013-BG2 Slingshot Ride

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We, at Beston, are not selling any products. We only manufacture LOVE, JOY & HAPPINESS! While improving quality, we also pay attention to customer service.

After years of development, Our main products include Ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel, flying chair, pirate ship, pendulum, tourist trains, bouncy castles, naughty castles, super trampolines, video games, VR virtual experience halls, multi-dimensional somatosensory theaters and other types of amusement facilities.

As you see, those all include thrill or kids amusement equipment. We could satisfy your diverse need.

Therefore, if you are interested in the slingshot ride or other amusement equipment, please give us enquiries as soon as possible. We would introduce more about the product details. And contact us right now!

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