Wild Mouse Roller Coaster for Sale

Wild Mouse roller coaster ride for sale, a type of compact, spinning roller coaster known for its tight turns, sharp drops, and sudden changes in direction. It typically features single-car trains with four passengers per car, navigating a track characterized by hairpin turns and abrupt switchbacks. Beston Rides Wild Mouse Roller Coaster is safe, attractive and thrilling rides that fit all theme parks for thrilling features. Want to purchase wild mouse roller coaster ride for amusement parks? Welcome to contact Beston Rides for details now!

Beston Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Rides

Being a professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides produce different types of wild mouse roller coasters that suitable for different occation. We also accept customized order on appearance, size and other configuration for the wild mouse kiddie roller coasters. Here is the presentation for our mad mouse roller coaster rides:

Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Ride for Sale

The Wild Mouse roller coaster, a staple attraction from Beston amusement rides, delivers thrills with its compact yet exhilarating design. Featuring tight turns, abrupt drops, and sharp twists, this coaster offers an unpredictable ride experience. With single cars or small trains navigating its hairpin turns and switchback-style track layouts, the Wild Mouse provides an intense adventure for thrill-seekers and families alike, making it a popular attraction in amusement parks worldwide.

Beston wild mouse roller coaster ride for sale

Cover Area 36m×28m
Total Height 9m
Capacity 10person (2p/car)(can be customized)
Slide Speed ≤38km/h
Track length 283m
Total power 15kw
Track gauge 600mm
Voltage AC380V/50Hz

Wild mouse roller coaster ride design

Application of Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Rides

The wild mouse kiddie roller coasters are popular attractions in amusement parks and fairgrounds around the world, offering a mix of excitement and fun for riders of all ages. If you’re interested in purchasing a Wild Mouse roller coaster ride, you would typically need to contact Beston Amusement Rides to inquire about availability and pricing.

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Videos of Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Ride

Wild Mouse Roller Coasters are thrilling and compact rides that deliver an exhilarating experience for thrill-seekers. These coasters feature sharp turns, sudden drops, and unexpected twists, providing riders with a heart-pounding adventure from start to finish. Videos of Wild Mouse Roller Coaster rides capture the intense excitement and adrenaline rush as passengers navigate through the tight corners and hairpin turns of these dynamic attractions. Want to get more about Beston wild mouse roller coaster ride? Let’s check these videos together:

Successful Cases of Beston Wild Mouse Roller Coaster to the World

Being a professional wild mouse roller coaster manufacturer and designer, Beston Rides has exported more than 10 sets of wild mouse coasters to the world, such as Russia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, etc. Our mad mouse coaster has got lots of positive feedbacks from our customers from all over the world. Here is a part of successful cases from Beston Rides:

Beston Wild Mouse Roller Coaster In Russia

Wild Mouse Roller Coaster In Russia
This is an outdoor comprehensive project we recently completed in Tampere, Russia. In addition to the Crazy Mouse roller coaster equipment, the client also purchased a variety of amusement equipment from our factory, including bumper cars, children’s excavators, elephant kiddie trains, VR devices, rainbow slides, and more. The project is now operational.

Kiddie Roller Coaster Installed In Nigeria

Kiddie Roller Coaster Installed In Nigeria
This is an outdoor amusement project for our client in Nigeria. We provided a one-stop solution for the client, including site design, equipment selection, installation, and other services. The client mainly purchased equipment such as the caterpillar slide, carousel, self-controlled airplanes, double-sided children’s observation cars, and the Flying Saucer, totaling 7 types of equipment.

Dragon Roller Coaster to Kenya

Dragon Roller Coaster to Kenya
The Slide Dragon equipment is one of the devices purchased by our Kenyan client for their existing amusement park. The client also purchased two other devices from our company. Currently, all three devices have been manufactured and are ready to be shipped to the client’s site in Kenya.

Top 6 Product Advantages of Beston Wild Mouse Roller Coaster

Novel Design
Beston Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Ddesign with unique control system and great music.
Quality materials
Manufactured with fiberglass reinforce plastic and Steel, very durable and firm, environmental and erosion-resisting.
Innovative Track Layouts
Beston Rides’ Wild Mouse coasters often feature intricate track layouts with sharp turns, tight corners, and unexpected drops, providing riders with an adrenaline-pumping experience.
Customization Service
Beston Rides can customize the color and control system according to requirements of customers.
Efficient Operation
Beston Rides’ roller coasters are designed for efficient operation, with features such as smooth transitions, quick loading and unloading processes, and minimal downtime.
Exceptional Safety Standards
Safety is a top priority for Beston Rides, and our Wild Mouse roller coasters are equipped with advanced safety systems and mechanisms to protect riders throughout the duration of the ride.

Cost of Wild Mouse Roller Coaster

The cost of purchasing a Wild Mouse roller coaster can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the size, complexity, location, materials used, labor costs, and other associated expenses. However, a rough estimate for a smaller, standard model Wild Mouse coaster could range anywhere from $1 million to $5 million USD.
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Reviews of Beston Customers

With years of development, Beston’s wild mouse roller coaster has undergone three upgrades, including updates to the track, cabin design, and more. As a result, the ride now operates much smoother, earning rave reviews from customers. Here is a part of customer reviews:
From Indoensia
Customer Review from Indonesia
Playground Project
From the Philippines
Customer View from the Philippines
Carousel Rides

3 Benefits of Investing In the Wild Mouse Roller Coaster

The Wild Mouse Roller Coaster apply the unique mechanical process for your amusement park business needs. Beston Rides technical professionals offer an innovative awareness that will lead you to the most suitable amusement equipment for your individual park situation. Here are 3 benefits of investing in the wild mouse roller coaster ride:

Popularity and Appeal
Wild Mouse roller coasters are known for their compact layout, sharp turns, and sudden drops, which provide an exhilarating experience for riders. These coasters often have a high appeal among thrill-seekers and families alike, leading to increased ticket sales and foot traffic in theme parks or amusement centers where they’re installed. Investing in such a coaster can attract a diverse range of visitors, thereby enhancing the overall profitability of the park.

Compared to larger, more elaborate roller coasters, Wild Mouse designs typically require less space, construction materials, and maintenance. This translates to lower initial investment costs and ongoing operational expenses, making them an attractive option for parks with limited budgets or space constraints. Additionally, their relatively simple mechanical systems make them easier and cheaper to maintain over time, contributing to higher profit margins for investors.

Market Differentiation
Installing a Wild Mouse roller coaster can help differentiate a theme park or amusement center from competitors in the industry. Offering a unique and thrilling ride experience can attract visitors who are seeking something different from the standard roller coaster offerings found elsewhere. This distinctiveness can boost the park’s brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, and drive repeat visits, ultimately leading to long-term financial success for investors.

Beston Rides – Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Manufacturer

Beston Rides is a leading manufacturer of Wild Mouse roller coasters, and also known for high-quality amusement rides and innovative designs. With years of experience in the industry, Beston Rides has established itself as a professional and reliable provider of thrilling roller coaster experiences. Our Wild Mouse roller coasters are designed with safety, excitement, and durability in mind. Additionally, we also provide one-stop park project solution for customers from all over the world.

FAQs for Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Rides

Service life of Beston wild mouse roller coaster ride?
The service life of the Wild Mouse roller coaster equipment is 8 years. The entire machine and key structural components are designed for an 8-year service life, and important pivot axles also have an 8-year service life. Replacement is required after the design service life expires, and extension of use is not allowed.
Are Wild Mouse roller coasters safe?
Yes, Wild Mouse roller coasters are designed and engineered to meet strict safety standards. They undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the safety of riders.
What is the height requirement to ride a Wild Mouse roller coaster?
Height requirements can vary depending on the specific ride and location. Typically, riders must be a certain height, often around 48 inches (122 cm) or taller, to ride alone.
How fast do Wild Mouse roller coasters go?
Wild Mouse roller coasters can reach speeds of up to 38 miles per hour (≤38 km/h), depending on the design and layout of the ride.
Are there age restrictions for riding Wild Mouse roller coasters?
Age restrictions may vary depending on the park or ride operator’s policies. However, children typically must meet the height requirement to ride, and younger riders may need to be accompanied by an adult.

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