Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale

Dragon roller coaster for sale is a type of amusement ride that features a train designed in the shape of a dragon’s tail, with both front and rear sections driven along two spiral-shaped tracks. It spirals upwards at times and descends rapidly at others, offering entertainment, fun, and excitement suitable for all ages. Want to add a dragon roller coaster ride for your park project? Welcome to contact Beston Rides!

Different Models of Dragon Roller Coaster Rides

We have many different types of dragon roller coaster rides for sale now, they are red dragon roller coaster, yellow dragon roller coaster, golden dragon roller coaster and double ring dragon coaster. We also accept custom order about the color, track length and etc. Welcome to contact us if you are interested in this kiddie dragon ride. Here is our single-ring and double-ring dragon roller coaster ride for you to preview.

Single-ring Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale

Single-ring Dragon Roller Coaster offers simplicity compared to the double ring and affordability relative to the dragon coaster. Ideal for smaller kids, it provides a thrilling yet safe experience. With its smaller scale and lower cost, it’s perfect for amusement parks looking to cater to young riders without compromising on excitement and entertainment value.
Single-ring dragon roller coaster ride for sale

Double-ring Dragon Roller Coaster Ride for Sale

Double-ring dragon roller coaster comes with two tracks, the length of the track is longer than the single-ring dragon roller coaster, of course, passengers can stay longer time. It is expensive than the single-ring dragon roller coaster, but it is much more interesting than the single-ring dragon roller coaster.
Double-ring Dragon Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Technical Parameters of Dragon Roller Coaster

Name Dragon Roller Coaster
Rated Capacity 20 persons
Cover Area 27*20m
Running Speed 3.5r/min
Equipment Size 25*16m
Power 3kw
Voltage 380V/220V
Dragon themed roller coaster for kids

Application of the Dragon Wagon Carnival Ride

Dragon roller coaster ride, also called dragon wagon carnival ride, slide dragon roller coaster. It is a track type kiddie amusement equipment and is affectionately called a small roller coaster by us. It is different from the giant thrill roller coaster, but still bring kids thrill feelings. Other than roller coaster, it covers less area and really suitable for amusement parks, playgrounds, and theme parks, funfairs, carnivals, fairground and other kiddie parks.

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Video of the Dragon Roller Coaster

Want to know more about the dragon slide roller coaster ride? Welcome to check the video for details now! Experience the exhilaration of the Dragon Roller Coaster Ride! Dive into the heart-pounding excitement of this thrilling ride by watching our detailed video. Discover every twist, turn, and loop as the dragon-themed coaster takes riders on an unforgettable journey. For more captivating content, visit our YouTube channel, where you can explore a variety of amusement rides from our factory. Don’t miss out on the adventure – watch the Dragon Roller Coaster video now and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled experience!

Successful Installation Cases of Dragon Coaster

As one of the most popular track ride in Beston Rides, dragon roller coaster has been sold to many different countries, includes Nigeria, Pakistan, USA, Kenya and etc. Here is the details about Beston dragon roller coaster ride cases, let’s discover the details of these installations and witness firsthand the excitement and joy this thrilling ride brings to amusement parks worldwide.

Dragon roller coaster in the Nigeria park

Dragon Roller Coaster to Nigeria
The dragon coaster ordered by the Nigeria customer, has packed and shipped yesterday. The whole equipment covers an area of 27*20m meters. In order not to exceed the height limit, Beston designer specially designed the height of the track to meet our customer’s needs. Except this ride, Nigeria customer also bought swing ride, 6 bumper cars and a carousel.

Beston dragon roller coaster installed at Kenya

Kiddie Coaster to Kenya
Beston kiddie dragon roller coaster has been installed at Kenya last month, now it has been tested for more than 3 times to ensure the safety of the equipment. Soon the funfair will opening in Kenya. Beston hope the dragon coaster will boom their business.

Beston dragon roller coaster ride in USA

Dragon Roller Coaster to USA
We received an order from USA, the customer want to get a dragon roller coaster, so they find us on google and then they comes to our website, after received the inquiry, we get their requirement that they are in need of a new dragon roller coaster, our sales manager send a detailed quotation which including single and double ring dragon roller coaster.

Advantages of Beston Dragon Roller Coaster

High ROI
Beston dragon roller coaster ride will get more visitors and get more money for your business.
The equipment is safe, stable and can be sustainable to receive customers, will keep the flow.
Novel design of the dragon roller coaster will bring more visitors.
Competitive Cost
Price advantage to ensure that investors can quickly make profit.
After-sale Service
All-round post service to ensure your business running.
Easy to Operate
Running time can be adjusted according to your requirement.

Features of Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale

Wide Age Group
Beston dragon roller coaster is entertaining and interesting, suitable for any age group.
Elegant Modelling
Elegant modelling and national characteristics decorations add up more interest to passengers.
Tracks are made of seamless steel pipes which will improve the safety of the ride.
Large Capacity
Large capacity other other ride which can take more than 16 passengers at one time.
Product Customization
Beston dragon roller coaster can be customized according to your requirements.
Installation Service
We offer free installation videos for each set of ride or send our engineers to your country.

Cost to Buy a Dragon Roller Coaster

When you want to buy a dragon roller coaster ride, you may want to get the price first. But be attention, price is not the most important, you should also check the qualification of the manufacturer and the post-service and also to see if they are professional in this field.
Kiddie Rides Cost
Don’t make decision just by the price
You should also focus on these things
when you want to buy the dragon roller coaster ride for your business

Customer Reviews for Dragon Roller Coaster

Discover what our customers are saying about the Dragon Slide Kiddie Roller Coaster! This beloved kiddie ride has received rave reviews from amusement park owners around the globe. Explore the following testimonials to learn more about the thrilling experience our customers have had with this exciting attraction.
From Nigeria
This is David from Nigeria, we build a new park and get more than 8 amusement rides from Beston Group which including the dragon roller coaster. Our amusement has put into operation for more than two years. During the operation, this dragon roller coaster really popular among children in our city. The shape of this kiddie equipment is very attractive to children.
Beston Park Project
From Russia
This is Allen from Russia, operator of amusement park, we get dragon roller coaster ride from Beston not too long ago. They sent to us soon as possible. This dragon coaster is recognize as an substitute of kiddie track train ride in our park. But it gets more attentions than the old track train ride.
Beston Dragon Coaster

Tips for Choosing Dragon Roller Coaster

When you want to install a new dragon roller coaster, you should take many things into consideration, such as the track and the size of your site, the paint, delivery, installation, etc. What exactly does it include? Here, Beston Rides will make an introduction about the track, site size, paint of the equipment:

The Track
This dragon roller coaster mainly depends on the laying of the track. If the track is laid with many curves and undulations, the riding effect of the entire device will be more exciting. If the track is laid relatively flat, then when the equipment is running will appear more peaceful.

Size of the Site
When choosing dragon roller coasters, you should tell us the detailed requirement and then our sales manager will help you on make decision. Which type of dragon roller coaster to choose? These are determined according to the needs of customers and the actual situation of the venue. Of course, we will also recommend the number of tracks and cockpits suitable for customers according to the actual situation, so as to avoid customers spending more money.

Spray Paint
The paint effect of kiddie dragon roller coaster must be fresh, bright and light when it leaves the factory. For glass fiber reinforced plastic products, only the special paint for automobiles can achieve such an effect.

Why Choose Beston Rides?

All in all, dragon roller coaster ride for sale is a variation of the track train ride. It is much more interesting than the track train and mainly suitable for bigger kids. Dragon wagon coaster ride is similar with the wacky worm roller coaster. Sometimes they just comes different with the track. You can choose which one to buy according to your requirement and you can also get two of them at the same time. Several reasons for you to choose Beston Amusement:
1. We are manufacturer, and controlling the price at the source has an advantage, and the service is more comprehensive.
2. The price has an advantage to ensure that investors can quickly get profit.
3. Professional installation team to provide installation service to different countries.
4. Design of our dragon roller coaster combines market trends to create new products.

Beston Service

Beston Services
As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Amusement provide all-round service for people who get dragon roller coaster ride.
Product Customization
We provide produce customization, if you want to customized the dragon roller coaster’s color, size, you can tell us.
Installation Service
We provide installation service, if you have problems on installing the dragon roller coaster, we can send our installation team to your place.
1. Send two engineers to guide the installation on site (electrical engineer and mechanical engineer).
2. Equipped with operating instructions, after installation and commissioning, the installer will provide free employee training services.
3. Installation training time is 15-20 days.
Operation Plan
We provide operation plan for new and regular amusement parks, kiddie parks, funfairs, if you are confused on how to attract more visitors to your amusement equipment, we will make detailed operation plan for you.

FAQ for Dragon Roller Coaster

Do you accept customization of the number of seats?
Generally, there is one faucet, one dragon tail, and four middle carriages. If customized, the number of the middle four carriages can be appropriately increased or decreased.
How many days is your lead time?
After receiving the payment, it is generally within 20 working days.
Do you have installation and user manuals when the product leaves the factory?
Yes, there will be product installation manuals in Chinese and English according to your requirements.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept T/T, L/C, Western Union, D/P, PAYPAL and other payment methods.
What is your warranty period?
In addition to the one-year warranty for the motor and control cabinet, maintenance and technical guidance are provided for all life.

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