Main Steps for Investing In a New Funfair

When planning to invest in a new amusement park or funfair in your local place, in addition to sufficient funds, you will also need a comprehensive business plan that includes site selection, procurement of amusement park equipment, construction and decoration of the site, operation of the amusement park and funfair, and hiring of staff. The specific steps mainly include the following:

5 Steps for Starting a New Funfair

Preliminary Investigation

Before investing in indoor children’s playgrounds, it is recommended to visit some more successful children’s playgrounds, and then determine the site area, target consumer groups and the theme of the playground according to your own survey results. After having this information, go to find the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will also make a planning plan for the playground based on the information you provide. At this time, we can choose the final cooperative manufacturer according to these plans.

Negotiation Venue/Land

The venue is the premise of opening an indoor children’s playground. Investors need to design the playground according to the existing venue. When choosing a venue, be sure to choose a good location, such as the entrance of a large supermarket or in a shopping mall, to ensure certain of passenger flow. For indoor children’s playgrounds, for fire safety, it is best not to choose to open on high floors. Before negotiating the venue, we need to know the area and floor plan of the venue.

Playground Decoration Design

For the design of indoor children’s playgrounds, general manufacturers will provide this service. The children’s playground brand has a professional site planning and design team, from site measurement to CAD drawing, to 3DMAX renderings, providing the most professional services. The decoration styles of playgrounds generally include marine style, candy style, forest style, space style, etc. The decoration materials choose healthy, environmentally friendly and fireproof building materials. The health and safety of children is the most important.

Negotiate the Price of Rides

For different amusement park rides manufacturers, the pricing methods of amusement park equipment are also different. Some calculate the price according to the area, and some calculate the price according to the specific funfair rides. If the price is negotiated with the manufacturer, the next step is the issue of payment and contract. It is recommended that when communicating with the salesperson from the amusement rides company, try to strive for the greatest initiative, to be able to take the lead in the follow-up cooperation.

Installation of Rides

After signing the venue, we can decorate the venue. At the same time as the decoration, we can also start some preparations for the opening, such as the opening publicity activities, the printing of various tickets and promotional pages of the playground, and the recruitment of clerks, etc. Work. When signing the contract with the manufacturer, it is necessary to determine which party is responsible for the transportation and installation of the equipment. After the arrival of the equipment, the equipment can be installed and ready for opening.

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