Kids Slides Playground Equipment For Sale

Slide belongs to the integrated sports apparatus which mainly designed for kids. It is made up of three section which include the climber, platform and slide. Sometimes, there will be a tube attached with the slide. This kind of large playground equipment is popular among little kids. It is a kind of combo ride for children which is made by quality special plastics. In order to draw children’s attention and exercise them, size and height of the climbing frame slide usually designed according to the age and height of the kids. So during the design process, degree of the climber of will set as 70 °, and two sides of the slide will be equipped with handrail. Designer should pay more attention to the loading of slide, platform and the handrails. If you want buy kids slides playground equipment for sale from Beston, please leave a message on our website.

Plastic Garden Slide For Kids
BNS-01 Kids Garden Slide


Model: BNS-01
Diameter: 13.5*16.1 m
Material: Engineering material

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Playground Large Slide For KIds
BNS-02 Kids Plastic Outdoor Slide


Model: BNS-02
Diameter: 9.2*5*5m
Material: Engineering material

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Classification of Quality Plastic Slide For Kids In Beston:

There are two kinds of playground slide according to its usage. One is the water playground slide for kids, the other one is land slide for children online. These two slides can be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

Plastic Slide For Kiddie
BNS-03 Kids Playhouse Slide


Model: BNS-03
Diameter: 11*10*5.2m
Material: Engineering material

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Kids Slide From Beston Amusement
BNS-04 Grand Climber And Slide


Model: BNS-04
Diameter: 13.1*10.6 m
Material: Engineering material

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Kids Climber Slide With Purple Color
BNS-05 Purple Climbing Frame Slide For Kids


Model: BNS-05
Diameter: 10.1*7.9 m
Material: Engineering material

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Amusement Ride Kids Slide For Indoor And Outdoor Use
BNS-06 Cheap Children‘s Slide


Model: BNS-06
Diameter: 10.5*7.55 m
Material: Engineering material

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Benefits of the Kids Slides Playground Equipments For Sale In Beston:

  1. Exercise kids and keep them healthy.
  2. Make kids braver than before.
  3. Plastic slide is suitable for any occasion.
  4. With its diversity exercise form, climbing frame slide is more attractive for kids.

For Beston, as a professional playgrounds equipment manufacturer in China, different kinds of playground for kids for sale are available in our factory, for example, the our children’s slides for sale are made of quality engineering plastic, it is perfect for lively occasions. Structure of this amusement ride is durable and safe enough for kids. With its artful design, harmonious color, reasonable combination of each part, it really bring kids safety, and happiness. This slide combo is a nice paradise for little kids. According to the interests of kids, commercial dry and water slide for sale in Beston usually consist of door, bridges, tubes, climb slider, handrail, platform, some rope and nets. Customer could also customer the special slide they like,add some images, animals, tubes or other small units.


As for its convenience and diversity, we can usually found the kids slide in the outdoor activities, for example, kiddie parks, funfairs, large squares, gardens or even backyards. We can also found some slides at some indoor sites, supermarkets, malls and inside our house. But generally speaking, outdoor slides are larger than the indoor use slide. Some of the slides are moveable, if someone need these for parties or other events, this is a perfect ride for them.

How to choose a quality big commercial use slide for kids?

Materials of Each Components:

  • Material of the dam board and slide: Use the advanced engineering plastic, it is durable, environmental, smoothly.
  • Material of the steel components: Galvanized and rustless tube make the whole set of slide for kids more durable.
  • Material of the wooden components: Use the quality eucalyptus, because eucalyptus is hard, easy to dry, waterproof and hard to deform.
  • Material of the rope and nets: Use the mooring rope which is durable and safety for kids.

When choosing the slide combo for kiddie, each parts of the slide could be combined freely, and the connection part is freely, clients who need a slide could decide which part they need by themselves. Generally speaking, commercial use slide use the double deck fiberglass, this is more durable and suitable for kids. Are you interested with this kiddie rides for amusement parks? Please contact Beston for the latest price of this kids slides playground equipment.

Please contact us for a free inquiry if you have ANY QUESTION. We will reply you within 24 hours. ALL YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT AS SECRETS STRICTLY:
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