Jellyfish Rides for Sale

Jellyfish rides for sale, another small-scale family amusement ride, similar to samba balloon rides and swing chair rides. Not only does it have a small footprint, but it also accommodates a large number of visitors. If you are looking for a new children’s amusement ride, consider this colorful amusement ride. Contact us for a price quote now!

Different Models of Jellyfish Rides for Sale

The Happy Jellyfish amusement ride consists of colorful mushroom-shaped jellyfish and beautiful rotating cup cabins combined together. It is like a miniature version of the swinging chair ride, but with distinct features. The equipment integrates lifting, rotating, and self-rotation. The upper rotating disc tilts and rotates, while the jellyfish cabins revolve around the center with a rocking and spinning motion. In addition, the cabins of the amusement ride are composed of individual rotating cups, allowing passengers to freely control their spin. This way, passengers can experience various riding sensations, including self-rotation, revolution, and vertical movement. Currently, we offer two different models of the jellyfish rides for sale: one with 24 seats and another with 32 seaters.

24 Seats Jellyfish Rides for Sale

Capacity 6 Arms 24 Person
Cover Area 8m
Voltage 380v
Power 10kw

24 seats Kiddie jellyfish rides for sale

32 Seats Jellyfish Rides for Sale

Capacity 8 Arms 32 Person
Cover Area 10m
Voltage 380v
Power 12kw

32 seats happy jellyfish rides

Application of Happy Jellyfish Rides for Sale

The Happy Jellyfish amusement ride is suitable for a variety of occasions, including indoor spaces, shopping malls, plazas, parks, amusement parks, gardens, shopping centers, children’s playgrounds, botanical gardens, scenic areas, exhibition areas, and more. Additionally, it can be customized according to the specific requirements of the customer’s venue.

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Peak Amusement Park

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Amusement rides for city parks

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Theme Park

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Video of Beston Jellyfish Rides

Welcome to the world of thrill and innovation with Beston Jellyfish Rides! Crafted by the leading amusement equipment manufacturer, Beston, this ride is a testament to our commitment to quality and cutting-edge design. The video showcases the ride’s unique features, vibrant lighting, and captivating music, highlighting the unparalleled experience it offers. Beston Jellyfish Rides redefine entertainment, bringing joy and excitement to amusement parks worldwide.

Successful Installation Cases of Beston Jellyfish Rides

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, Beston Rides has successfully assisted clients from around the world in establishing thousands of indoor and outdoor amusement parks. Our clients are highly satisfied with both our equipment and services. Below are some notable cases:

Happy jellyfish rides in Chile amusement park

Installation of Jellyfish Ride in Chile
This is a medium amusement park project in Chile. Except the 24 seats kiddie jellyfish ride, the customer also purchased carousel ride with 24 seats, pirate ship ride, pendulum ride, kiddie plane ride and more than 8 amusement rides from our factory.

Jellyfish rides in Brazil Amusement Park

Kiddie Jellyfish Ride in Brazil
This kiddie jellyfish ride is installed in a outdoor park in Brazil. Our Brazil amusement park customer want to update their regular project with new rides, at last they choose the kiddie jellyfish ride and other 3 amusement rides for their project.

Kiddie jellyfish ride in Nigeria

Happy Jellyfish Ride In Nigeria
This is a medium Nigeria funfair project. The customer want to start a new funfair in their local place. We provide whole park solution from project design to amusement rides installation. Except the 32 seats jellyfish ride, the customer also bought other 7 kiddie rides from us.

Top 6 Features of Jellyfish Rides

Immersive Design
Beston Jellyfish Rides boast an immersive design that replicates the enchanting ambiance of the ocean. Vibrant colors and intricate details create a visually stunning experience.
Cutting-Edge Technology
These rides are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring smooth and exhilarating movements. Advanced engineering guarantees a safe and enjoyable experience.
Captivating Lighting Effects
Stand out with mesmerizing lighting effects that enhance the overall ride experience. The LED lights embedded in the Jellyfish Rides create a dynamic and visually appealing display.
Dynamic Music Integration
Beston Jellyfish Rides come with a music system that synchronizes with the ride’s movements. The dynamic soundtrack adds an extra layer of excitement, immersing riders in a multisensory adventure.
Safe and Reliable Construction
Safety is a top priority. Beston ensures the rides are constructed with high-quality materials and adhere to strict safety standards. Riders can enjoy the thrills with confidence in the reliability of the Jellyfish Rides.
Versatile Entertainment Solution
Whether for amusement parks, carnivals, or family entertainment centers, these rides offer a versatile entertainment solution. Their unique design and features make them a crowd-pleaser, attracting visitors and boosting the overall appeal of any venue.

How Much Does the Jellyfish Rides Cost?

The cost of Jellyfish Rides can vary based on several factors, including the specific model, features, customization options, and the manufacturer. Typically, prices can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per unit. For an accurate and up-to-date cost estimate, it is recommended to directly contact Beston Rides.
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Hally jellyfish rides Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Whole Project Solution (Design + Operation)
02.Accept Customized Service
03.Keep Innovation
04.Park Investment

Customer Reviews of Beston Jellyfish Rides

Beston Amusement, as a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, has exported many sets of jellyfish rides and other kiddie rides to the world. The customers are all satisified with our amusement rides apperance, design and quality, now let’s see how does the customer say about Beston Rides.
From Nigeria
Customer View from the Philippines
Park Project
From Saudi Arabia
Customer Review from Indonesia
Multiple Equipment

3 Reason to Purchasing the Jellyfish Rides

Jellyfish ride has been one of the most popular kiddie and family rides that is similar with the samba balloon rides and octopus amusement park ride. Do you want to get a ride like this? Here are 3 reasons for you to get this ride.

Visitor Attraction
Investing in Jellyfish Rides can significantly enhance your amusement park or entertainment venue’s appeal. The unique and visually captivating design of these rides attracts visitors, setting your establishment apart and increasing footfall.

Revenue Generation
Jellyfish Rides offer a thrilling and memorable experience for riders, making them willing to pay for the entertainment. This investment can lead to increased revenue through ride tickets or passes, contributing positively to the financial success of your amusement business.

Versatility and Popularity
These rides are versatile and suitable for various venues, including amusement parks, carnivals, and family entertainment centers. Due to their popularity and the joy they bring to riders, Jellyfish Rides have the potential to become a key attraction, drawing repeat visitors and creating a positive reputation for your venue.

Beston Rides – Jellyfish Rides Manuacturer

Beston Rides is a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality amusement rides, including Jellyfish Rides. As a leading player in the industry, Beston Rides focuses on innovation, safety, and design excellence. Our Jellyfish Rides are characterized by immersive designs, cutting-edge technology, captivating lighting effects, and dynamic music integration. Beston’s commitment to safety is reflected in the construction of their rides, ensuring that they meet stringent safety standards. For specific information about Beston Jellyfish Rides, including pricing, customization options, and any additional details, it is recommended to directly contact Beston or their authorized distributors. We can provide comprehensive information based on your specific needs and preferences.

FAQs for Jellyfish Rides

What age group is suitable for Jellyfish Rides?
Jellyfish Rides are designed to appeal to a wide age range, making them suitable for both children and adults. However, height and safety restrictions may apply, so it’s advisable to check with the ride operator for specific guidelines.
Are Jellyfish Rides safe?
Yes, Jellyfish Rides are manufactured with a focus on safety. Reputable manufacturers, such as Beston, adhere to strict safety standards in the design and construction of these rides. Regular maintenance and inspections further ensure rider safety.
Can Jellyfish Rides be customized?
Many manufacturers offer customization options for Jellyfish Rides, allowing buyers to tailor certain aspects such as colors, lighting effects, and music. Customization options may vary, so it’s recommended to inquire with the manufacturer about available choices.
How much space is required for installation?
The space requirements for Jellyfish Rides vary depending on the specific model. Manufacturers typically provide guidelines regarding the recommended space for installation. It’s important to consider both the footprint of the ride and any safety buffer zones.
What is the maintenance schedule for Jellyfish Rides?
Regular maintenance is crucial for the safe and smooth operation of Jellyfish Rides. Manufacturers usually provide maintenance guidelines, and operators are advised to follow these recommendations to ensure the longevity and reliability of the rides.

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